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Kellin Sep 26
Adulthood will sink into my skin
it will decay my bones to sand
it will ease the memories from my head
it will make me feel dead
Kellin Sep 11
The lonely child in me will forever search for you in the blue eyes of  strangers that show me an ounce of kindness
Kellin Aug 26
The mind can deceive and control, yet the heart can sway and destroy. Where does the truth lie?
Kellin Jul 29
My bones will decay in this unwelcoming body as the word home will echo in some distant euphoric land
I am a trespasser in a country where I was born in to
as my outward appearance reflects the non-conformity that rages in my soul much like the hell fire they  condemn me to
The same inferno that will greet them
Kellin Jul 23
I squeezed my eyes shut and felt time slipping through my fingers like sand
Kellin Jul 6
with the
blue eyes
caught me
by surprise.
Kellin Jul 4
They say it takes seven years
for your body
to become new,
maybe then the imprints
of your fingertips
will no longer be
burnt into my skin
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