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Kellin 3d
Use your
to make a
Kellin May 25
Beauty does not fade, yet, instead it manifest into a contrasting concept society is unable to perceive
Kellin May 24
Give this breath that once breathed
life into me and give it to someone more wanting, deserving
Kellin May 24
I just want gaze into the eyes of the unknown and hear it whisper  
you belong here
Kellin May 16
There are times when the ghost of memories echo through this town, I drown in the nostalgia
Kellin Apr 26
I do not want the sun
I'd rather have the moon

I want my world to be filled with the echos of crickets or soft howls of the wind or dim firefly light

Our skin could dance upon candle light as our shadows paint the walls

We could swim in the moonlight
Kellin Apr 2
A swiss army knife in an unwelcoming God toolbox is how I would describe myself
Versatile but cheap.
Not profound at anyone thing.
Illusionism of quantity that is mistaken for quality
Many books started but never finished
A vast resume both musical and medical
Many half played sheet music
Many diplomas full of emptiness
If started but never finished adventures could be considered hoarding I would be the sickest on earth.
The addiction of rebirth, restarting, and creation swallow me whole
Me the addict of wanting to live many lifetimes
I am the backspace bar of life
The blank sheet of paper on an empty desk resting beside a newly sharpened pencil
This, the description of the feeling I so desperately crave- absolutism

My shakey addict hands hunger for words like; blank, clean, fresh

These fuel my unhealthy obsession for second chances
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