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Kellin Jul 20
Sometimes I think I was not supposed to live past 21.

Thinking back on that night when me and death were tongue kissing.

Was I  destined to die that night?

Now most days it seems like the world refuses to accept me.

Like the fire in my brain, this world does not have a place for me.

Mentally, I don't think I was ever equipped to handle this life I was given.

Perhaps the next life will be kinder.
Kellin Jul 12
Night changes nothing
when she's as beautiful during the honest hue of the day as she is to me bathed in moonlight
Kellin May 31
Thin skinned
Like I grew up in a childhood to recover from
Christ the savior
pinned against white walls
and if you're not careful they'll nail you up there too
Kellin May 31
She told me
that the air tastes of
nostalgia and arsenic
Kellin May 31
I found her green in the face
Sick on half hearted lovers

Oh and a puff bar
Kellin Apr 14
In my mind there is a house

And I have flung the doors wide open

Only to find it empty

In the distance, I  heard rubber against the pavement

But it wasn't your car
Kellin Apr 14
I think....

I think

I am   wasting my life    away

Because all these  hands   have   ever
built is destruction

And  they are  


weighted down    by  many forgotten  dreams

Many     unlived lives

And I   am so tired...
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