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Amanda Jan 15
We are afraid of alone
Love too much or not at all
Other person becomes our addiction
Without them caring go through withdrawal

You will not be whole without them
Who you are alone
What you regret
For which you cannot atone

Not today
Not tomorrow
Or the next
Have I made wrongs right?
Never felt a sense of conviction
I have been wasting words I write
I think this is lacking something but not sure what
I feel like everyone's letting me go
Like they kicked me out their minds
Like they ripped me out their heart
its sad
like u push them away
but did they ever even wanna stay
Austin Jan 2019
I am nothing more than a boulder sunken into the shore against the sea.

Each wave cracks against my surface taking fragments and pebbles from me, devoured by the sea.

Over the course of time I slowly crack and waste away until I am nothing more than a pebble in the wash.

The final wave takes me away from the gritty sand I’ve called home.

Finally swept away and swallowed by the dark abyss.
Jemevic Dec 2018
Days and night pass by
Your smile couldnt switch on my bedroom light.
I gulp down my inner voices;
Burning my throat and body.
I can just say," i like you"
Needing not to beat around the bush.
But it's so hard,
To move my tongue and say it bravely.
My words are not smoke
Dont put out with your cold heart.
On my happy moments,
I wanna share my joy.
On my sad moments
I just want to lie on your chest.
It is just a sick fantasy!
I hurt myself
With these fantasy.
I neglect my family and friends.
I hurt them.
Dont let crushes destroy me. Self note
DancingEntWrites Dec 2018
We only see each other
Through pixels on a screen
But the way you live your life
Makes me want to scream

Once beautiful and pure
You've given into drugs
And now your arms are too thin
To give out your famous hugs

Eyes glossed in every picture
It's enough to break your heart
Your smile and your aura
Were once a work of art

And I know that you are struggling
It's something we all do
I hope someday you reach out
And stop destroying you.
Old friends die hard.
I'm always early
You're always late
Time is wasting
Beginning to dissipate
And into the ether we sway
In blue velvet
And softer kisses.
Johnny walker Nov 2018
If I knew then what
I know now would
things have any
different maybe
If I knew then what
I know now, maybe
I could tried little bit
If I knew then what
I know now, I would
loved Helen much
If I knew then what
I know now, would
have made more of
the days Helen was
Making more of the time together
not wasting days
stopdoopy Aug 2019
Now I see it's you not me
Don't say your same old lies
I'm tired of hearing it all the time

I never wanted this.
Thought that it was always going to last
But now it's failing fast

Wasting my life
It's too much for me to forgive
Knowing how much you hid

Who needs the night
Sick of the fight
You can never find me

Memories swayed
Had I stayed
I wonder how things would've changed

Now that you see what I did
All that's come undone
I just had to run

Not that it was gonna last
I'd've never said goodbye
But all I ever did was cry

Never say I don't care
You were never there
I felt so uncomfortable
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