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Feb 2018
After the heart stops there are seven minutes of brain activity left. Seven minutes, where the brain plays back movie memories of what shaped it- like a homage to the *****, like a final goodbye to the restless dreamers that lived by it, and the unwavering capacity by which they loved through it.
During the first minute, I saw you. I saw you as if it was the first time, and my god you were perfect. I saw the coy smiles, the terrible dance moves, and the genuine laughter. I saw you lean in for our first kiss. I saw me beaming on my way home, spellbound thinking, "This is something big. This is going to ruin me."
Minute two and three I saw the flicker of our flame, saw the way your bones played with moonlight, saw the endless letters you wrote me, scrawled in graphite along the surface of my skin. I saw the person you were working towards, awe-inspiring.  I saw the clock, as we counted down the the days, gripping tighter and tighter within our within our false reality, until I saw goodbye. The colours of every sunset I had ever witnessed, come together to build the contours of your face. I saw the purples of your under eyes. I saw the whites of your teeth. I saw the pink of your lips, and the reds that made the flush in your cheeks. I saw the person who had shaped me, the person who dig my heart up like dinosaur bones.I finally saw the person you were and the person I had made you become. But more importantly, I saw me, the dark shadow in the corner of your mind. I saw you whisper goodbye and god i wish there wasn't a billion souls because all I see in them is ur absence and it that moment, in the beauty of your night sky I finally closed my eyes and with my last breath your poison escaped my bones.
Written by
Kellin  M
       Steven A Fowler, J and Kellin
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