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Amanda May 2019
All that's left are empty pages
Words I can't bring myself to write
Stuck in a pit of self-loathing
Telling everyone that I'm alright

I roam empty hallways alone
Scared things will never be the same
Wish I could take everything that once was
Set all the memories up in flame

I am free-falling into nothing
Disappearing into thin air
Cannot exist without you
You remain okay and unaware

Although you cannot see it I'm bleeding
From wounds you opened within
The purest form of sadness escapes
Seeping ike the melody of a violin

Though you are the cause of my pain
Know you didn't do anything wrong
Have only myself to blame
Believing you could stand me for long

Clearly I was foolish and naive
Thinking you loved the things I do
Even though I'm hurting now
I will never regret being with you
No matter what happens between us I could never regret loving you. Because I never thought I deserved your love anyway.
Katie Miller Jan 2019

I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Who has walked through them?
And where were they walking from?
A broken desk
Or a secluded bathroom stall?
Memories and laughter or
Tears and sobs evermore?
Have these hallways heard confessions?
Or witnessed just depression?
Have they made memories of laughter ?
Have these windows shown truth of all of the lies?
Or only a glimpse of an aggravated sunrise?
Are the walls shrines of the past?
Holders of all questions asked?
If the curtains wave in the gentle autumn breeze
Is there still an ill wanted disease?
The dilapidated ceiling watched over inhabitants
Still built perfectly built but falling apart
And visitors that were seen as contaminants
The unwanted one
The one no one would notice if they were gone
The same one that screamed for help here
For anyone to be near
Or the one who was popular
A class A top gossiper
The one with a sharp tongue
But no one knows that it’s wrong
The hallways whisper the secrets
Of their strongest weakness
The halls tell the stories they may
Of friends on their departing highway
And the friends who are just meeting
Smiles, laughter and a warm greeting
I’m walking through the halls
Trapped in by suffocating walls
I’m walking through the doors
Over the decaying floors
Waiting for a voice to hear
For anyone to show they're near
Waiting here forever
I won't leave this place, never
I wrote this poem after someone in our school committed suicide. I didn't know him too well, but it was still upsetting and shocking. As I was walking down the halls, I realized all these different things: he walked through that door, that was his locker, he laughed in this hallway, he ate at one of these lunch tables. I'm hoping that this poem describes all of this with just words.
Kellin Dec 2017
You saw museums
in me
I saw empty hallways
luci Nov 2017
as soon as the
last bell rings
i go around classes,
slowly walk downstairs
and finally go home
once i’ve seen you

once i’ve
observed who you’re with,
analyzed how you walk
and the way that you smiled
as our eyes met

i walk around
the hallways
to walk around
your mind

you were able to
smell the blue
of my presence
just like I listen to
the gray of
your absence

i don’t walk around
to see you,
perhaps i do it
for you to see me
Brianna Jul 2017
They like to keep me up night--
creeping around, haunting sounds, and pale figures in doorways I can barely make out.

They like to keep me on my toes--
Small phrases that make it sounds like they care and then they turn around and stab in me the back.

They try to remind me how to move forward--
but all they do is hold me back and keep me trapped between getting out and staying there.

These ghosts aren't the ones who haunt my hallways at night.
They are not the ones you can banish with some spell or some pretty knick knack you find at the store.

No, these are the ghosts of my mind.
They are the ones who remind me everyday I am in the same place.
They are the people who forgot me.
They are the loves I have lost.

The ghosts I cannot hide from.
Vexren4000 May 2017
As the pencil dreamily hits the paper,
The student dreams of freedom,
Drawing world of fantasy,
Times faded away,
An escape from reality,
The ticking of the clock,
And the pain of boredom,
Dulled by the point of the pencil,
Pouring graphite onto the paper.

Delta Swingline Apr 2017
You ever walk from place to place with your earbuds in and music turned up? I do that a lot. I’m a hallway walker myself, used to run everywhere at first but not anymore.

So since you’re a hallway walker, where are you going? You got somewhere to be? I find myself walking halls a lot. Sometimes it’s for absolutely no reason. And sometimes we all just need to walk out our problems or feelings.

You get used to seeing the same walls and doors along the way. Sometime that halls are empty and hollow, and sometimes you’re trying to walk through a crowd...

Have you ever wondered about where other people are going? Maybe they’re walking the same way you are, or maybe they’re walking to nowhere. Either way, we’ve all got somewhere we have to go. I hope you make it there safely.

And hey, don’t forget where you’re going, but don’t forget where you came from either. The journey is just as important as the destination. Thanks for finding my letter. Now keep walking, I mean, don’t you have somewhere to be?

~Letter Writer
Walking through life, or the hallways of life I guess.
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