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Jim Marchel Oct 2018
I waited in line at a gas station today
Behind a rowdy crowd of people shouting numbers, throwing hands in the air
And causing a scene
Like an auction gone awry
Just so I could put $30 on pump twelve.
When it was finally my turn at the counter
I heard my phone ring.
I looked at the screen
And saw your name.
I answered
And heard your voice.

I drove away from the pump
With a gallon of milk
And a full tank of gas
And went home to collect my jackpot.
I would have forgotten the milk if she didn't call me, but I love her more than there are dollars in the Mega Millions.
Kellin Nov 2017
Love was a casino
I continuously kept putting in
Hoping I would get a jackpot
Megan Zhao Jan 2016
O what
an exhilarating
for something that meant to
happen but never did
O what
a stimulation
to the mind with blowing
solar wind
Who says that dream has to be
solid like gold with wings
Mercury, Mercury
that planet nearest to the Sun
volatile and sensitive
charged with heat
my messenger to the God
Now my world is cold
full of silent sound
So gone with my opulent  
submarine boat
But someone in California
is whooping it up
and living it large
His sun will always be
with those balmy breezes
Let me lament then
to my sunken submarine
My titanic pontoon
My Mercury's cavernous
moaning echoes
My love
for only in grievance
and sorrow, we suddenly
grow old and
Haha everyone was buying tickets yesterday for the 1.5 billion Powerball Jackpot. I wrote a poem in Chinese last night dreaming to win and buy a submarine thereafter to build a castle inside it and write poetry everyday while traveling the world. Haha, I didn't win, so I came up with a different tune today.
Everytime a guy asks me what I prefer in a woman
They normally ask me if I like the front or the back
But honestly I think class is what's lacking
I don't judge a woman by her body
I think her personality is really what matters
I know we men would be angry if a girl asked another girl if she liked guys with a Maserati or a Ferrari
Not all of them are about money
That's when you know if she's really your honey
She doesn't except to take your money and run
You can get fired from your job and have your car get towed
And she'd still offer you a ride home
Isn't that funny
She wants you to get the hint and you still react like nothing has happened
Ain't it frustrating to be a girl
Not wanting to come off as desperate, but you desperately want him to see
What it could really be
Going through all the **** and still wanting to be with him
That's a real woman
That's what I want
A strong woman who puts up with my stupidity and still sticks around
With no possible reward to be found
The real jackpot is having her instead
Any woman like her is a lottery
Just make sure you treat her right
And be there for her when she's giving birth to your children
If you ask me, I wouldn't of made it so painful
But the pain is a little easier
When you're holding her hand and refusing to let it go
She'll remember that forever
Only being glad she decided to have kids with you
Just remember that when you **** her off
And you're sitting there with dozens of beer bottles on the floor with a few empty Doritos bags
Eating till you become dizzy
Regretting that you made her mad
And she let's you suffer with no response on your apology calls
We all make mistakes
But make sure letting her run away from your life isn't one of them
Basically an apprication poem from what life truly has to offer.
I heard you broke the cassino
I heard you made them pay
I'm sure that many
Lost their jobs that day

Now I hear you are flying
In your brand new Lear jet
Somewhere to the south of France
Hoping to make the set

"So how's my little girl now
Do you still remember me
Or am I now just your
Distant . . . memory"

We grew up with all of nothing
That you could ever want to buy
But on nothing' sake
We did give it a try

Now you've hit the big time
I hope you never fall
Your pedastal rising upward
Ever . . . so tall

"So how's my little girl tonight
Do you sometimes still remember me
You gave me your locket
I gave you my key

Do  you ever . . . remember me"
JW Harvey May 2014
Each turn of my life
is a play for thrills
remnant of the games
we'd throw our dice:
a couple of chance,
hoping for the jackpot
but settling for change,
living for the spin,
'till it's our role again;
a **** shoot fallen,
two die alone.

— The End —