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I write poems as graffiti
Not by way of keeping score
No, my words are given freely
They will cost you nothing more

But now and then a thought will root
To grow there in perfect soil
And blossom as a perfect Truth
To become your inner voice

As one or two so came to me
They'll become yours as you write
From page to page our poetry
Is a gathering of Light
Three verses 8,7,8,7. Half rhymes ABAB CDCD EFEF
hypnopunk Apr 18
we hid
under the ramp
when it rained
it was made
out of splinters
and stained
with graffiti

we sat
and didn't speak
just looked
at grey puddles
on grey concrete
and dry grey stones
under our feet

we waited
because the ramp
was a shield
battle scarred
and wet
with graffiti
that we made
a memory from a few years back
Jon Thenes Mar 23
Glorious wounding of the efficient decline
plugged into darkness
the catastrophic say ;

Cancel the cure
and let The Cancer mature
Rule only the Unruly
make Gangsters of us all

- ignite [tag signature]
Kellin Sep 2018
Some memories are just graffiti to the soul
Father time's hands can try to scrub the artwork away but some
images will forever  be tattooed a woeful masterpiece
Rizna M Rameez Jul 2018
Graffiti is when we paint
Our screams across your walls
Trying to express what we really feel
Seanathon Feb 2018
Beauty in a subway station
Is often called
A crime

But contained within
Such an cavernas system
No right to move
Or way to judge
The intricacies of the human mind

It's what we do
And even why
Bend as we will
Be it by purpose
Or abandoned principal

In design we stand
Vexren4000 Feb 2018
A notched piece of wood,
Part of a picnic table,
Sitting in the local park,
Names of forgotten loves,
Scrawled into the wood,
Graffiti from forlorn souls,
And immature children scrawled,
Insults and garbage,
A world of drawings and memories,
Sitting in the field,
Of a simple and sometimes forgotten park.

Delta Swingline Jan 2018
When I leave this world...

Stencil graffiti on my gravestone. There is no greater way to tell that people have touched your life unless a mark was made in reflection of it. I will personally see to it that the words etched into my gravestone are "Permission Granted".

When I leave this world, know that I did panic in my last moments. I am a thanatophobic which means I am both afraid of death and dying and always running away from it. So watching doctor shows and cop reruns with my family seem a little less comforting.

When I leave this world, plant the brightest, most purple orchids you can find around the patch of land I own that is my gravesite. I don't even like the colour purple that much, but when I googled the top 10 most beautiful flowers, number one was roses and that is too **** fancy for my dead punk body.

When I leave this world, pray for the sky to cry rain enough for all of you. I was not famous enough for people around the world to cry over me, but rain is as close as it gets.

When I leave this stupid world, make sure people knew I was also pretty stupid. I once told my mom that I realized "Hey water isn't blue... it's clear!!". I clearly didn't drink enough water as a child.

When I leave this world, hang a sandwich board on my gravestone that reads "I will continue to sell lemonade as long as the world keeps giving me lemons."

When I leave this disastrous world, publish everything wrong about me, and then make a sequel containing only things I said about myself during my worst hours. Compare the two and decided for yourself if the way we judge ourselves is too much to argue over.

When I leave this world and Sara is still out of the city, tell her I'm sorry. Tell her I don't want her to dig. Tell her that I wanted to talk to her so badly, but I was always scared of interrupting, or being an inconvenience, or dying suddenly without her knowing. Tell her that I wanted her to remember me so well that she knows exactly what our last conversation was about. That she won't have to dig for answers...ever.

I dug myself into a grave I do not need others to dig for my past.

Death is never one to discriminate against anyone. But it is selfish, it takes, never gives, and is always consistent when giving the final sentence for everything we do wrong.

I will constantly run from it, and it will always get me.

When I leave this world, and if you're there, tag my gravestone. I get to say that I was here... you might as well tell me that you were also here.
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