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UA Jan 12
My scales hold my Journey,
My glory and pain,
My love's an eternity,
All men, it tames,
Of all of the poetry,
These words are true,
Sung hypnotically to fully trance you,
As hungry as humans,
A thirst like Lampreys,
I'll gobble you whole,
Mist the path, come my way,
A siren has wishes,
That always come true,
A sea full of missions,
Some vast and as blue.
Danielle Mar 2018
I’ve toyed with fight or flight,
Had it freeze me in a nitrogen bath.
At the very innocuous sight of a face.
But the face just denoted
The crushing fear, that swallows me whole.
So I’m a runner and
I’ll hide in anything, including a frozen mind.
If I could I’d fight
One of these days I will fight.
But, battles of the self, need to be chosen carefully.
So I’ll just keep toying with flight
Until I’m sure that fight won’t end me
Needs some work I think, but not quite sure what. Ideas and comments welcomed! Part one of two
FRITZ Mar 2018
not morning but a yellow gleam
encases my surroundings
developing the world
in a faded nostalgic glimmer.

last night i wandered around a club having ditched my friends
just for a bit. it was i needed some space to fill my lungs with
something like impropriety. i ran into a woman who said she loved
my style. she had heavy but well-done eyeliner on, black lipstick
and a serious spray of piercings or diamond studs lining the right side of her face. i gave her a nod and my best i'm-not-drugged
look. i noticed she had a platter so she must have been a server. i clicked my cigarette holder in my tongue and stumble off.

i walk on the other side
im pumping blood to a body that doesn't experience to a body that
cannot relish or feel. both liberating and damning it is.

slaughtered fruits, abandoned plastic, clothes like rags on the floor.
what filth is this
what time has come?
caught and corrupted and cornered.

will anyone read this and will anyone make sense of it?
the importance or the symbolism? the intimacy?
but a poem is just words.
and a cigarette is just smoke.
just floating.
Zeus Nov 2016
It all started in a dark room, the smell of dying flowers, burning skins and the screams of condemned souls, this is hell nor purgatory, the laughing voices, asking if I was lost, asking why I cried, teasing chants that mocked every step I took, i stood at a path of two ways, one lead to a cliff to jump off, the other was a shaky bridge that leaf into what I couldn't see, the voices screamed for me to jump  they laughed and laughed and I still hear those laughs, I still feel the heat, I followed the bridge and walked on it, winds blew shaking it even more but I walked and found where it lead to, the souls kept crying telling me to turn back, the voices laughed and said this is where I die, I was covered in bruises and scars and they began to hurt even the old ones began to burn, I was on my knees the pain was too much the pain was so much that I just gave up and laid there, no reason to scream too many voiced were doing that, no need to run, too many souls where doing that, nothing makes me different or special. Then this black smoke came in and surrounded me, the voices started to scream with joy, I didn't know what was going on I didn't care, the dark smoke spoke and said I should run I asked it why, it asked if I loved my life, I told it what life. The smoke lifted me and promised a long painful death, I had all the time in the world, the smoke began to fall and let me go, I stood and as the smoke fell s body began to show, a woman began to show herself, the voices seemed to be in shock as they said they'd never seen her in her human form, the noise grew even more, she swung her left hand and there was silence, in a room alone we stood,
She had long hair she was tall, she was beautiful with soft light skin her body was slim and well shaped her eyes sparked but that was just the souls she was keeping, her voice was smooth and her lips where full and soft, She was naked she said she didn't want to hide anything she had a halo and a tail,
She said she has only met someone like me once before and that was herself, every soul feels pain but not like me, she moved close to me and hugged me, putting my face in her breast and he wrapped my hands on her waist, she whispered that she was going to take care of me and help me fight the pain, she pulled me to her bed, we spent the night together and she said she's never leave, I thought she did this to everyone but when we became one she gave me herself and she got half of me and I could feel her heartbeat I could hear her mind move, she told me I was her new knight to always protect her forever..
from Confessions..... coming soon
NeroameeAlucard May 2016
Hey I wrote this one, what'd ya think?

I was on the plane
I had my music on
Just people watching on the flight
I kept to myself,
Then she caught my eye.
She was on the flight, but escaped my sight apparently

I looked up and flashed a smile and I got one in return
The plane landed, and we got up to leave
But we received an unexpected announcement
There was a problem with the plane, so we'd have to stay here until the engine was pronounced fixed.

So I gathered my things and got out into the gate
There she was again, my eyes hypnotized as she walked by, my heart began to quake,
She was perfectly curvy, supple and understatedly ****.
It was crazy how she grabbed my lustful mind,
Sometimes I wish someone would come along
and brake my heart so bad
I couldn't feel no more
If your going to hurt me make it the last time for real
don't promise me that you'll stay and treat my heart just pore
don't give me something to say im yours and treat me like a joke
I know you don't like drama
so what was the point
you meet me while I cried
your eyes numbed pain like a joint
but as I thought I was ok
and I had someone to hug
you looked at me and walked away
like I was acting smug
If you would like to read part #2 then pleas share re-post or like Ill be uploading it soon so let me know follow to see Part #2
Rosie Dee Sep 2014
I saw you once across the street,
And all I did was stare.
For seconds after seeing you,
I realised you weren't really there.
Theres more to this poem then meets the eye, and more of the poem to be finished. But I like this little section on it's own so there it is.  And yes i know it's boring and highly uncreative but hey it is wat it is i guess. Part two to come.
Raven Jul 2014
My soul is nervous, desperate
My fingers burn with a familiar itch
Ink pushes, trying to bleed out
Frantic to cover the pale white paper

— The End —