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Love Prelude
She is so beautiful that words can not explain
Her charm increases in sizzling dazzling rain
Beauty is to spare and love is definitely to gain
In love my love there is no loss and no gain
Whispering cold winds tell me to take ,detain
Your rainy figure let me accept and to detain
My sweetheart be gracious and to entertain
Let me love you ,embrace you again and again
My eyes see you all in a realisti sweet mood
My sweetheart accept me don't be just rude
Your blooming beauty is so beautifully crude
Allow me to get love to feel me just renewed
With love and affection I feel really dratitude
Mt sweetheart this love sonnet is a prelude
Muhammad Khalid Khan
Copyright Oct 2020 Love Remains
Mia Feb 2019
I'm in love with a ghost .
His name is hope .
Whenever he's near i become enlightned.
My ex sometimes appears .
He gets in the way .
He stricks me with fear.
He goes by depression .
Messing with my love is his obssesion.
Just when i think he ruined a good thing.
Hope has lived in my soul and he  spoke
"for eternity"
Brandon Conway Aug 2018
Boundaries pushed for lights and dance
America so eager to imitate gave you no chance
So you moved to art nouveau France
Where you twirl, spin, ignite leaving crowds in a trance

How that silk captures the flame so bright
Tricks of mirrors and stroboscopic lights
You strobos angel of the night
The crowd watches as you twirl in dizzying flight

The silk rose opens and morphs to flame
As you spin and dance your way to fame
All those impostors you have put to shame
The opera house now pronounces you a grande dame

All that training, all that tiresome work
Damaged eyes and mind driven berserk
Has created a new form of serpentine artwork
Exploding luminescent colors, a dancing firework
Love is a colourful City
Where Citizens are colour blind,
I have visited it too many times in one second,
Last time I went Seeking refuge the City was evacuated.
Amanda Francis Oct 2016
What If I was to write you a poem?
Free of metaphores and similes.

What If i was to write you a poem?
Where the truth lay without fear or expectation.

What if I was to write you a poem?
Where every simple word made you feel at home.

What if I was to write you a poem?
That said your heart is safe with me.

If I could write you a poem,
There would be no strings attached.

If I could write you a poem,
You'd know what I was trying to say.

The simple words of that poem would read,
Put simply, I love you, I'm hoping that you stay.
Isaiah Ajang May 2016
And for a moment... I felt at ease...
Unbuffered by the thoughts that haunted me so relentlessly°
But alas... It was just, but for a moment
I **** myself so slowly
No cut's or burns thou on me
Its my heart the ones that's braking
now all I want is for my life god to be taking
All over what a few word
Maybe I could of pulled threw
but damb they hurt
Now I'm lying awake looking up at the stars
I'm starting to think about all the times I cried
I want to go back to heaven I don care if I die
But no you don't hear me ad make me go threw this
how can you do this
why do I have to go threw this?
Silent are the words that run threw my head but I don't care now
im already dead
chuckae Apr 2015
(a poem)*

Tell me the thoughts you bear
And the words you whispered
to her.

Tell me that she doesn't matter
That she isn't someone to care

Tell me that I have nothing to fear
No reason for the tears
i shed.

Tell me that the words I heard
And the note left in the drawer
didn't matter.

Tell me that I'm not alone
That you will always be there
like before.

Tell me that you are still here
Please still be hear, please swear
you'll stay.

Tell me everything you want to
Tell me anything and I swear
i'm listening.
I am back with the longer poems! I guess... maybe XD
~ Fiona <3

— The End —