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Sep 2015
Sometimes I want to forget how to feel
I don want reality to b real
Douse noting sound so bad when this is the alternative
we fight for love, and die for it
im sorry if I've had enough of all of it
I don't want to love and lose
but you cant have one without the other
So I don't want any of it
what do we  do when our hearts are not in it
what is worse? Loving and leveeing
Or never loving and liveing a lie
Now all I want is to forget
all the feelings that run threw my head when I see you
My hearts not in the battle
my mind in the war
i cant help it when i fall to the floor
I became a **** to be played as you pleased
I was so ignorant i couldn't see
why is my heart so hallow
So tell me dear now what do i do?
I don't want to feel i don't only want to miss you
That's the reason i want to forget  
That's why i hate reality when its real
Im sorry i have to cut this one short
I cant make it this time so im sorry
Don't be real oh pleas be a lie
I cut myself out not cut out for this life
Im no saint
but take this one like a bible verse
You have to listen even thou it hurts
Remember me Oh' pleas don't forget
feelings are real and reality's ****
Andie May ostrander
Written by
Andie May ostrander  inside of books
(inside of books)   
     anonymous and Andie May ostrander
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