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Karijinbba Aug 26
My heart flat lined today.
No ICU needed.
it's the only way to go on.
Transformer Cimi Death my other name says my Mayan zodiac
birth chart and I go flat,
in a terrible amnesic shock.
when reality hits I no longer remember nor feel pain
I am sustained by a strange
heart rhythm beat.
I did it once before
very long time ago and
it worked for years.
phychogenic amnesia
There's no feeling no love
no hate no hope no dreams
no waiting for love to be real.
No bridal chambers no gold key
exists to open this gold lock.
My cave of wonders is sealed.
In essence it's another
kind of passing on.
I need it here,
not to stay flat on line.
By: KArijinbba
Most everyone craves,
Wealth and beautiful things,
During this life,
As long as we travel here,
Want to see a miracle,
Look into a mirror.
Your soul traveling, in your body,
From a life, in the past,
You are here, to help it grow,
Never knowing,
Which life, will be it’s last.

                                                                                           Tom Maxwell © 3/15/2021 AD   6:55 PM
Life Soul Traveling
Liam C Calhoun Nov 2015
He coughed in the corner,
With a mangled leg.

He smirked under stars,
With a bowl pocked rice.

They’d spit, they’d scoff,
With their children in tow.

I’d drop change,
With lint left a pocket.

But he’d buy beer knowing –
All’d be well tonight.
There's a new pauper on the bridge come the walk to work - so the story of the poor continues.
I got a call from heaven
and I got a call from hell
they said they needed me
that I would do well
but I chose the worse of the other because I knew him
I chose the devil for he did hold me when I cried
and said he would give me a home when I died
he was always their bye my side the only thing that I couldn't hide
so I chose the devil for he did call as I breathed no more
Think Feb 2015

— The End —