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gleck Jul 2017
I laugh,
since there I stood
sand running through my fingers
thinking I could hold you close.
gleck Jun 2017
we call it love
our lips merge together in promises
steady heartbeats long lost
laying there hand in hand
keep mine if you want
Does it last?
gleck Mar 2019
If we could learn to be patient with ourselves, then maybe the world would do the same.
a quote from my last poem, important enough by itself - as you are too
gleck Mar 2016
This is who I am.

Do you like it?
You like it

You saw a butterfly.

Do you like it?
You like it

I mentioned a butterfly.

Did you like it?
You did like it

You just thought about that.

Did you like it?
You did like it

It's wings are your favorite color.

Do you like it more?
You like it more

It's a happy peaceful being.

Do you like it even more?
You like it even more

There isn't actually a butterfly.*

Do you still like me?
gleck Jan 2017
Pretty girls lifting up their skirts, while the moon is out.
Coming off strong the night still young, a mix of alcohol and doubt.
Ring around the torches whoever ***** on the porches, took a different route.
gleck Feb 2016
She remembered my name.

Second time I heard it from her it was a whisper.

After we got to know each other it was a quiet mumble.

As we grew closer it had made it's home between her always freshly kissed lips.

Years had passed before it was replaced by a simple  "I do "

But big days pass and it came back, a fond sound to my ears.

It brought a new start, yet also an unexpected end.

Like a disc stuck on repeat it became a shout.

Broken it was like the speaker itself.

Turning into a rare sound.

No longer uttered with a hidden meaning.

But big days pass and it left, now a rare thing to hear.

Until it got forgotten.
gleck Feb 2019
however scary
whisper out your doubts
confess to your mistakes
into an empty room by your lonesome
to the most understanding of audiences
Is this what it feels like to be independent?
gleck Jan 2017
Born into this world,
Tears at the end, tears at the start

Never going back,
My story becomes a piece of art.

Unprepared and free-handed,
Keep the paint flowing.

Cover up any mistakes,
Who knows where this story is going?

Do I love? Do I lose?
Do I laugh at the pain?

Do I bite? Do I bruise?
What does my heart gain?

How will you decorate it?
Choke a bit on glitter.

Have you ever tasted paint?
*It tastes bitter.
gleck May 2016
Let's be tied together.
Give me the suitcase.
I'll give you;
weak knees,
***** sheets,
good dreams,
make you bleed
Take me to your place,
Keep me here forever.
gleck Jun 2016
He comes in with sword so sharp
Prying the princess away from the harp
She is bewildered by his arrival
Guards try to stop him in a fight of survival
Without mercy he chops them down
One by one they fall to the ground
All of them defeated
With the same sword I am greeted
So I break the castle to ruins
Killing all remaining humans
The princess is gone
This is all wrong
I was only trying to keep her safe!
Then the stranger came in thinking he was brave...?

Oh no--

All alone now
Still in awe how
I now understand
The play is grand!
There was one more blank spot to fill in
My role as *the villian
gleck Feb 2016
Stardust dusted across your cheeks
Light brown ones, hard to see
The sun peaks

The warmth of the sun in your embrace
Your gravity is keeping me down
Unfamiliar space

Are you the milky way?
Am I the lonely astronaut?
Led astray

You are making my head spin
I am no moon, this isn't love
I can still taste the gin

From Mercury to Neptune the colors are all there
And time goes by, measure it by light years
Just stare

Sort of a single slingshot gravity
Keeps me from shooting further away.
The beauty, over your capacity

If the whole galaxy was in front of you,
would you come near it? Could you?
** When you are only allowed to enjoy the view
gleck Jun 2017
Your eyes are rough, warm, divine
Close them, for a while  
put out the fire in me.

Together we are brittle, new, fools
In heart, or my mind
the warmth it still lingers.

But when we reach the end
I'll close mine too; then we can be beautiful.
gleck Mar 2019
surrounded by brick by brick
those that form these walls
alone with dull pain in my wrist or hip
now my eyes unwillingly half-closed
taking in the light of the screen
ignoring the sun creeping up in the window in front of me

holding my breath again and again
unbeknownst to me why
but I only remember to exhale or inhale
when my body asks for it
and it's so serene that
I don’t want to break the silence
so I mumble low that this is the place for me

getting so comfortable bit by bit
to belong must be this
learning not to hate yourself or habit
after my imagination sprints away
not wondering what might have been
acknowledging the memories that keep me awake are precious to me

I'm not tired of this.
If we could learn to be patient with ourselves, maybe the world would do the same.
gleck Mar 2016
Dehydrated skin, like leather
You being here doesn't make it better

Forehead against forehead
I feel my temperature rise

You make me sick to my stomach
Dear -
Darling -
My little stomach bug
gleck Nov 2016
“We could be gods amongst mortals"*

“Why be a god when the earth gave me you?”

His slight whisper
Another’s warmth on my hand
Body sculpted like those of gods
Engraved into my own
He is very humane; -

He is gravity;
Retain me against ascending
Pummel my sins

He is water;
Take away my thirst
Drown me when greed takes over

And I am grounded,
I am thirsty,
Lain earthbound onto the ground at his side
Heart aflame far away from Mount Olympus
I am still only  *
gleck Feb 2019
In the world of man
any woman could be it
and though it was you who was enchanted
blame it on her;
her wits, her charm, her garment.
Make a bonfire, we're branching out  
truth hidden by the sound of chants
joined in a primal dance, inner circle only
she’ll be the one burned alive.
A bit of controversy never hurt anybody.
Witch trials seem to be a kept up tradition.
gleck Jun 2019
If you need to,
Then you can break me too.

I got lots to share,
And you have a greedy mouth.

Filthy, those private filthy whispers,
My name sounds better when it's said by you.

Paint, how this craving paints us,
The type of colour you can never quite wash off.

I don’t scrub,
And you smile at the new stains.

If you want to,
Then you can love me too.

Together we’ll once again scrape the remains of us off the floor
Mold them into fine art
People might say it’s messy
But I know how beautiful we are

After all, I got an eye for beauty
I have an eye for you.
gleck Oct 2019
What makes a name "beautiful"?

Is it the letters?
The origin?
The lenght?
Is it the sounds?

I don't find name's "beautiful";
lest there be no meaning to the people they belong to.
gleck Mar 2019
your hubris, your naked, your touch
how wonderful that I get to see you like this
behind my eyelids anywhere we go

those nights where your nails dig into my neck
how wonderful that I get to feel you like this
without anyone really needing to know

those days where I count your every freckle
how wonderful that I get to keep you like this
secure that every time this isn’t all for show

your sweet, your delicate, your kiss
how wonderful that I get to adore you like this
always devoted to you, my permanent bedfellow.
Stay, at least long enough for the bed to remember your shape
gleck Jan 2017
Believer or not, there's always someone or something that stops you.

Others pushing you so you almost push yourself off, but they have no clue.

And you know you can't go to heaven if you cause others grief.

And suicide is only seen as a way out for the weak.

I don't judge those who left this world, they took their fate into their hands.

There are other ways to do it though, they could have made future plans.

But those were determined last steps, hard choices to leave life behind.

Still, instead I hope people continue to express themselves with tears and rhymes.
Today is not the day, my friend
gleck Mar 2016
I feel my outsides crack.
"Please-" I beg. "I take it back."
A set of white teeth glisten.
Bad words, mad words, I still listen.

With your fingers you paint me purple and blue.
Each spot a slightly different hue.
Then in front of others I wear a mask.
"I'm clumsy" - I tell those who ask.

You are all bark- yet you bite.
I shiver in fright.

You tell me I'm small.
What am I to you, a nut?
Mr. Nutcracker.
Not based on  any of my experiences
gleck Oct 2019
you **** into my heart
just that makes it hard to breathe sometimes
under your dead-weight

maybe I should move
but you settle into my limbs that cling tight around you
I suffocate myself to I inhale your heavy

I like this pressure on me
Fingers find the pressure points on you
I keep you so close
and maybe you feel smothered

a goner or a lover -
whatever; pick you poison.
gleck Mar 2016
Aren't we all a little full of it,
full of ****,
creating more negative thoughts for the emotional kids.
gleck Feb 2016
Sand and stones between my bones.
Today the sun never shone.
Look how beautiful I am.

Chop, chop, chopped wood in the fireplace.
Don't get too close if you want to keep your face.
Be careful not to burn yourself.

It gives a certain warmth
And brings a certain want.
I would, yet I can't enjoy it by myself.

Royal blue like the winter hue.
My skin is merely bruised.
Can you still see how many times I've been hurt?

That winter depression.
Makes me want you as my new obsession.
Come in even if it's colder than outside.

Melt, melt me, I'm a letdown.
Having a meltdown.
I am melting under your fiery touch.

Snow flakes the skin.
I am in for a win.
What a special snowflake I am, wouldn't you say?

My heart is surrounded by splinters,
It shouldn't, yet it get's me through the winter.
Between my arms it's chiller, why don't you come hither?

Take a bite of me with your ice chipped teeth.
Swallow me up like a leech.
Red blood gauges from my blue veins.

Guess I'm not that royal anyway.
Hide it before you can complain.
Too late.
You already know the taste.
gleck Mar 2016
Bleach me like the whitest hair
I long to feel the burn under my skin

Darling your claws are sharp
But they don't reach within me

I hope you leave marks
I hope it leaves scars

So that I may remember you;
- when we eventually part.
gleck Jan 2016
People say that growth is a lifelong journey.
Talk about the scheduled trip like it's to the most holy place.

I can leave I had a talk with my attorney.
I have packed my bags and I'm ready for the new taste.

Where is this fantastic place called the future?
gleck Sep 2016
Children get handed things easily,
and they learn
that it's easier to throw away
than to hold on and keep it.

Adults are very different,
they cherish things
and would not objectify others
since humans are not things.

But right there,
throwing you away
like an object,
the man who was no longer a child said;

"I don't want you anymore"
gleck Feb 2019
The pleasant lingering smell of rose hips,
feels almost healing,
as we tread through the garden -
together barefoot and vulnerable.

I won’t shy away from the prickly green grass,
then in the same way,
let me tickle you with my stubble as we laugh -
together joyful and crude.

One has to be careful not to lose themselves completely
to rub your intricate fingerprint away into another's skin in patterns,
because although the body feels heavy when weak kneed -
the weight of another’s soul is too much to bear alongside your own.

I won’t hold your head underwater in the fresh lake
then in the same way,
let me breathe when we lay by its side -
together entangled and safe.

The passing time made you my involuntary complex,
feels nearly daunting
as I adore this so shamelessly -
us together - balanced and in love.
gleck Jan 2018
senses stumped by your shine
the loud rumble of a motor
sided with a drizzle of trust
cologne and oil as the main odors

you take me without me knowing
by muscle memory I hold on tight
and we laugh and cry like lovers
long and deep into that dark night

we haven't even passed the start line
and I still feel like a winner
but only if you invite me out later
for some ***, gin and maybe dinner.
for whoever, a one night stand or someone to wake up to every morning

— The End —