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Does it always go this way
I mean you suddenly text
outta the blue
after you threw our friendship away
You erased me , blocked me
Shattered me
Yet here you text
and I can't walk away
I can't ignore
I want to trust you
I want to believe you
feel sorry
or you actually realize
our meaning to each other
Who am , I kidding
**** here , I go again
don't you dare
play me !!!
it will be you hurting
this , I promise you !!
© Jennifer L DeLong 🦏4/3/2021
miki Feb 13
you can trust me
all kept under my lock and key
they can’t hurt you
not unless they take my entry
and steal what was ours to keep
i would never betray my own word
only if you abandon me
the depths of my own knowledge
are often so bittersweet
filled with the voices of a thousand murmurs,
sayings that are mine to keep
admit it once,
i’ll lock it away
never for anyone to peek
Alexander Feb 2
Things will be different,

  Once I change.
Here I am being wishful again,

Wising for it hard

Bearing in mind, also the odds.

Yearning for it

Sometimes almost reaching out to it

To all that I aspire

Almost feeling it

A moment surreal

And then

Snatched back to the instance

By a blink

A snap

A blow yet of the softest touch

Create waves inside the head

It rises

It descends


It soothes


Into the nothing.
Megan Oliver Dec 2020
When I say I miss him, I'm not saying there is something missing with us.
This isn't the scramble for the final piece of the puzzle we're determined to finish on Christmas day,
Every part of you is perfect for me in every single way,
I just miss my friend who I would spend every day, with.

And when I say I still love him, I'm not saying I'm in love with him.
If I was in love with him I probably wouldn't have left him because that would have been an odd thing to do.
I just loved the man and really still do,
In the same way I love my friends and family too.

And when I say I want to see him still, I don't mean every day.
I understand that isn't realistic and would probably take the **** a bit,
But I'd just like to sit, have a coffee,
With the man I use to love.
Caleb A Johnson Dec 2020
Red white and blue
Red white and blue
How my heart wanted
To be true
But your devotion to me
Is not what mine was to you
Red white and blue
How I wish I could be true
if I could just
how I feel
would you still be here?
Samual Hidden Nov 2020
"Lover boy", the unheard whisper across the pillow.
The beautiful grey eyes that draw you in
The silver toung to rival the devil himself
My lover boy
My Anarchist so clad in black
Let the world roll like water off a ducks back

My lover my angel my fae
Please stay till the break of day
Let me be awoken in your arms,
knowing that to you, there is no harm.
Please my lover boy.

Please my lover boy come back to bed
Least you fall and crack your head
Please my gorgeous angel you must understand
the responsibility falls not in your hands.
Inspired by an over heard convorsation
Liv Sep 2020
I had three cups of coffee for breakfast.
I slept in a t-shirt two sizes too big,
and I took one too many Adderall (i think).
I sat at the table with the same book
I opened a few months ago,
reading the same few pages from yesterday,
hoping that today would be the day
it all made sense (much like you).
I started to wash the dishes,
but I only got a quarter
of the way done
before I ran out of soap,
much like my effort, or lack thereof.
On these days, my anxiety
is less of an adjective
and more like a state of being.
Everything has become exhausting,
waking up, going to sleep.
Yet, I do it all so well, and nothing
seems to satisfy the insatiable
hunger of the constant chatter
in the back of my head
that screams, “Go”
leave this place with dishes
in the sink, and half-filled
coffee cups behind
and never return.

I [think] I took one too many Adderall.
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