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I think of you
Way more than I should,
But in this case;
I have to.
Because my voice
Doesn't do me any good
I wish it could
Oh I wish it would
Wishful thinking
From just an inkling
Of attention from you
I'm a distant guy
And shy
But I can't hide
That deep inside
I find
No other has lit my soul
On fire
This desire
I feel is coming to a head
I look ahead
And wonder
My heart drops
Derailed by this dread
I ponder
Your energy
It just...
It brings me to my knees
And I feel weak
I can't contain this much longer
With every day
Every word
Every single
Little smile
This feeling grows stronger
At first
I thought
Mere infatuation
But your presence is nuclear
And I bask in your radiation
You're an inspiration
For this dedication
Could not stop this
War torn
Two souls
Terribly Tormented
To totality
Tediously Traveling
Tempest tossed terror
Just to find
Each other
The air around you
But inviting
But not biting
I stand and wait
As my breath abates
Taking in this winter chill
Before my eyes
Flecks of snow
Intricate crystal
A blizzard
Terrifying and blissful
The only thing that makes sense
But I have to hold back
UA Jul 19
Maybe I'm just wishful
Pondering a concoction of questions
Desires dueling with my consciousness
Thinking maybe I'll do something out of routine today
I don't want to live in a way where I regret what I didn't do
push me
pull me
Often times I'm wishful at this time of night, a thought for actions
Nothing but me and a candle, my laptop, and the large lack of light
What a way to wonder what I could do rather than not do
Considering dreamt up realities perhaps
Maybe it's just thinking
Breanna W May 13
I will always love you
in the way that the insomniac
dreams of sleep.
Whispers through the trees caused by summer breeze sometimes sounds like Helen voice calling
me somewhere so very
Distant memories carried on a cooling summer breeze weaving pathways gently through the trees but carried on that
breeze thought I heard my sweetheart's voice calling from
Or was It just the cooling summer breeze weaving pathways gently through the trees or perhaps just Imagination maybe wishful thinking of a now so broken
Was Helen calling my name or was It just the gentle cooling summer breeze weaving pathway through the
I feel so much passion,
Stirring inside,
I open my heart,
And close off my mind,

I follow the feeling,
That shows me the way,
Through the dark night,
To see the new day,

I needed to find You,
I searched far and wide,
I'm grateful to have You,
As a part of my life,

You make me so happy,
You make me so sad,
You make me so angry,
You make me so mad,

I wish I never found you at times,
I wish I never had,
Because I have fallen in love,
I have fallen so bad.
Rambling on.

Poolza Jan 31
We'd be in a room alone
Where no one can see our deeds

Your lips land on mine
Embracing each other

My hands go up your blonde hair
Your hands go to my void-black hair

I taste your saliva in my mouth
The space between us thins

I look into your eyes
and get lost in the blue

I feel the muscles on your arm
I lay myself on them

I fall asleep next to you
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