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Aidan Feb 9
It’s amazing, it is
How people can go about life without a care
How people can say one thing then the next
It’s amazing, it is
You think that you know someone
And then they turn around
Saying the opposite of what they told you
Why does it happen you think?
Why does this confusion happen?
Why does anything happen?
It’s amazing, it is
How can someone hold so much inside?
How can someone be so bottled up?
Bottled to the point where they may burst
Bottled to where they may blow any time
How can someone be so isolated?
Maybe it’s by choice
Maybe it’s because they feel it’s the only way
Maybe because they haven’t found someone
Someone to confide to
Someone to trust whole heartedly
Someone they know will be there
Someone they know will support anything
It’s amazing, it is
How some people find it so easily
How some people can be a group
And then be so close with a few
It’s amazing, it is
How someone can feel so alone
When they have people around them
When they have ears willing to listen
But the only ear they want
Is someone pushed away long ago
Someone that offered but the way panicked
It’s amazing, it is
How an opportunity can go by so fast
How an opportunity may not come again
How small the time limit is
But you know what’s really amazing?
How we can contemplate this in our heads
But never verbally
Because of this is ever put into words
Then something has become real
Something has been put into the world
Something that one may regret in the future
Now that’s amazing
I want to experience the world
But I don't want the world to see me,
I don't want to touch it,

I want to know the whole of the world
and the whole world to know of me,
Without it really knowing me at all,

I want to have it
without it being had,
And love it,
Though I'm in denial that it could feel so
Or I could be
Jordan Ray Aug 2022
You reached out to me again
And I felt your touch
Like a gentle shower to a wilted rose

You looked at me again
And I felt complete
Like the final puzzle piece slotted into place

You embraced me again
And I felt a delightful glow
Like the clouds had finally parted

You kissed me again
And I felt my shoulders unburden
Like nothing could bring me down

When morning set in like our initials to bark
And final call had sounded
The flurry of soft moments formatted into dreams
Retreated back into their sanctuary

I wilted,
Appeared empty,
The clouds drew like curtains
And I hit the cold callous reality
I had a dream in which you showed me how great life could be.
My Dear Poet Feb 2022
I fell asleep
on Valentine’s Day
I’m sorry
I didn’t write you
I was choosing a card
in my dreams,
I slept right through
Dreaming of a pen
to write
I woke the day after
too late to be my valentine
I sign
‘Your sleepy admirer’.
Sometimes I just want to give up on life
These past 3 years have blasted me with so much strife
No one truly understands what it's like to be me
They talk down to me and that makes me so angry
Saying whatever they **** well please
I'm forced to just put up with it; geeze!
Since life is so unfair
I think to myself "Why should I even care?"
Nobody else does and its warped my mindset
I no longer give the benefit of the doubt.
I assume the worse of everyone.
So many of my "friends" had shown me their true colors
And I hate that I gave them my friendship in the first place.
They certainly didn't deserve it.
Giovanna, Olivia, Melissa
You three girls affected me the worse. I wish I had never met any of you.
You did me so ***** when you unfriended me.
I constantly wish you regret your decision but it's not likely.
I don't even want to mention the women that scammed, extorted and blackmailed me.
They are not worthy of still being in my head
I keep them there tho so as not to repeat my mistakes.
Been a minute since I wrote a poem so I just wanted to get out just about everything I've had on my mind. Some of this goes further back than the 3 years I've been in this state.
Sweet Rain Sep 2021
Stories swirl free
Memory fantasy dream
Constellating stars
Blurring transposing like art
Lonely snowflakes weep,
Wishes for gifts meant to keep
It's about things held deep inside swirling, shifting, dissolving, and then starting to clarify. I'm hoping the meter helps illustrate that?
miki Aug 2021
i was so foolish back then
seeing you in a perfect light
it blinded me
your unfulfilled promise became my only hope
i let you drown me in your own pity
your own insecurities
i let them define me, i let them break me
you got to play magician
always pretending you could snap away my cracks
when i was the one mending yours
always making me worry
disappearing for days at a time
but always finding a reason to be upset when you would return
i was your toy
a pawn in your game
and i never even read the rules
you let me believe you needed saving
when i was the one living in the nightmare

the ghost of who i thought you were still haunts me
but i could never hate you
Landon Keys Jun 2021
It's days like this
It's worth remembering
It's not the end of the world
It's the bittersweet beginning
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