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Rose May 4
in my head at night
nothing to see but the thoughts
scenes of the perhaps
haiku no. 2
I could hear as the rigid solitude knocked on my window,
I stand up with my trembling legs and look out through the glazier blot.

Dark towers of the night looming, mantle the Moon's light
Of which fairies were buried by fiend  of the shadow.

The beast huddled,
And with that, solitude also forsakaned me.

Emptiness, that I became,
Like a void spirit,
Who is silently striked by the devistating fist of scarcity.

Since the Moon was locked up in a faraway cage...
Shoreless the dark night, which burns between us,
And racking me for an endless time.

I am a bird, which pursuing its warmth,
And flying trough the stiffed mainlands.

I am a sunflower, which lives for the Sun
And nervously golden colour of it
feared from others.

I am an asterisk, which devouted to the Moon
And relishing its dim beams.

But I would rather be a shooting star once,
Than a callow craven.

I would rather wait among Time's grains of sand that snaring backwards,
Than becoming a desolate corner of life.

I wish the solid smoke of darkness would just fade away,
So my blinking eyes would know where to reach for you.

Frigid the scrapering, destitute nothingness.

Only you could smelt me, like the sunny sky a bird.

Deprivation of yours is devouring me,
Like affection my sanity.

Please bring back the Moon,
Because the night is perishing my Sun.
Mae Apr 19
let us take a page from the book of the  young and innocent
like not dwelling on the days that came and went
arguing in a minute, but laughing it out in a bit
where there are no wounded hearts, just wounded knees
no evil schemes, just precious dreams
no mud slinging, no taking swings
just all good things
I wish we all start to "un-complicate"things.
Angela Rose Apr 19
I don't want to keep being your maybe
I don't want to keep being your hypothetical
I don't want to keep being your shadowed fantasy
I don't want to keep being your naughty little secret
I don't want to keep being your ***** on the back burner
I don't want to keep being your inferior alternative
I don't want to keep being plan B

I want to be the girl, the one, you know what I mean

The laugh that keeps you craving more and more
The smile that makes a day full of rain feel like a sunflower garden
The touch that makes the pains of yesterday feel non existent
The snicker that reminds you of play time as a 6 year old
The sarcasm that keeps you on your toes
The soft voice that makes you think about how good of a partner I would be
The drive that makes you want to be a better man, better future husband, future father

Instead, I am the token of *** that makes you hard
Instead, I am the moan that distracts you from your problems you pretend to ignore
Instead, I am the breath of fresh air that reminds you how suffocated you have felt for years
Instead, I am the burden that you can't seem to ignore
Instead, I am the voice in the back of your head telling you that you need to make a decision and you hate me for that

I don't want to fall for you. But I think it's five months too late for those emotions
hannah Mar 23
Sleepy but not tired
Eyes closed but not asleep
I see you when I daydream
Wyatt Mar 19
Look at me
Sacrifice all previous thoughts
Open your eyes and just look at me
I know it’s selfish but your gaze I crave
For your words I cannot live without
Your eyes
Your smile
Your laugh
The way you speak
The way you puzzle together sentences
You and your existence
Makes my heart play hopscotch
Let my dive into your infinite mind
To find how you work, what makes you tick
Maybe then I could figure out
What’ll get you to look at me
GreenWitch Feb 6
While everyone is busied chasing the light
I take my strolls in darkness
Yes, I wish I was like you...
I wish I was that positive light shining
Attracting those around me like moths to the flame
A shining beacon of hope and love

But I will forever be a shadow...
Delight myself in the dead and dying
The sick and twisted and hurt and broken
I contain just enough light to lead them
A flickering candle to follow
Until you see the light at the end of the tunnel
The opening to this dark cavern
The silver lining past these dark stormy clouds

Follow that light, but I remain here
Knowing my place and my purpose
I am in limbo between the dark and the light
I am like the ferryman, the gatekeeper
I am the shadow that can sometimes be
Barely perceptible, or darker than nightmarish dreams...
Seanathon Jan 26
Desire of being
Give me your name
And a photo to match so that I can see past
The flatness of this absent meaning
Give unto me
Yesterday - Tangent, Wishful, Desire To Know
Amanda Dec 2019
I raised my hopes amazed
From dust to package and ******
Blinded by charms into your arms
Forced to watch now without affecting the how
Twisting restlessly beneath sea
Doesn't matter if they scatter or drop and shatter
Heard them fall and not hurt at all
Crashing is nothing new in fact it's why I grew
Another crack won't cause a heart attack
If my hopes weigh too much that's okay
Let them go to be swept below
I will pick up the pieces and use glue to stick
Until every single hope I own is ready to once again fly
Day 18: a poem with no end rhyme scheme. Only internal.
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