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Millie 2d
I did all my homework and studied for hours
Did I make you proud?
I cleaned my room and mopped the floor
Did I make you proud?
I ran my lungs out and got a new pr
Did I make you proud?
I helped all the customers and cleaned all the drawers
Did I make you proud?
I’m craving the approval I used to receive
Have I made anybody proud?
I am becoming
stirring the flames that I subdued for you
cultivating the embers
that ate away at my innards

When did I allow
my fangs to produce honey
when venom was what I needed
to stand up for myself?

Too long I’ve tarried
in the shadows
shedding one skin only to don another
caught between a disguise of who I am
and who they want me to be

Esther L. Krenzin
Bella M Jun 9
Do whatever makes you happy

(Must be pre-approved by society. Terms and conditions apply)
Shelby Marler May 18
Make me an ocean
Before I’m lost to the torrent,
And all’s well that ends with a whimper
In the wells of the people,
Even if they love me for my popular songs
For the sake of not growing so bitter.
Amaris May 13
Walk a tightrope as thin as a wire
Practice until your feet are on fire
Perform amazing feats, hear the applause
Smile and feel proud your life has a cause
Everyday I reach for the same thrill
Without it I just can’t feel fulfilled
If I’m not making people around me happy
Then what’s the point? My heart is empty
I am
who I am
and your approval
is not needed!
I am me!
Denise Uy Feb 13
i sat with the company of an absent mind
and while my brother bent over paper,
his hands carefully making strokes with a pencil
i watched and heard my mother ask him,
"what are you writing?"
and i thought, "when will you ever ask me?"

when i was hunched over my chicken-scratch-filled
notebook, you didn't even bother looking.
when i proudly read the feelings i turned into words,
where was your question: "what are you writing?"

i think i just missed when back then she read my stories
and waved it at my father.
i think i miss the grins that came after.
i think i miss when i wrote and you'd
find my childish plot and still think it's great.

but ma, ive written 40 poems this year
and when im hunched over another
chicken-scratch-filled piece of paper,
i want to hear the question again -
"what are you writing?"
i think this is the most truthful thing ive written
Quinlyn Feb 11
He was always seeking approval.
But at the end of every week,
He was still unaccepted.
shamori Jan 7
Walking Running sun down...Yes I'm Pursuing

Turn around Lock Eyes...I knew it

Drag me by my soul...Whisper in my ear

Tell me what's real
shamori Jan 7
I have something to tell you but I don’t think it’s important to you

What is it?

I’m thinking of leaving this place.

Why wouldn’t that be important news to me?

I don’t think you want me here much longer.

I don’t. But who else will I take from?

So you need me?


Thank you.
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