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preston 6d

Is it asking  too much
to want to hide away  safely?
I never should have met you

yet, I have been  looking
for you all of my life--


You are in me now
so deep;  our spirit's gears  perfectly
synced- each gear a pre-honed..
  precision fit--
                even when we clash

                Especially-  when we clash;
                and somewhere,
                in the depths of  my love

                I hate you for that

      In a broken world...
      dreams were  n e v e r  meant
      to come true.

      I think I read that  somewhere,
      or maybe someone told me..


              or something.

Alya Adzkia Sep 10
when you choose to fall in love,
make sure you know that there will be

when you choose to have string attached,
make sure that your wasted time
will be precious.

when you choose someone to fall for,
make sure that person is
don't be too late to reconsider.
chi Sep 1
i stared at your beauty
with perplexity
how can a person be so perfect
with her imperfections
a reminder that you are beautiful! <33
Sirad Aug 1
When you look at me

I’m Looking at you

You tilt your head

I tilt it with you

Throwing your body back

Scatter the surface light

Onto your polished face

What are you inspecting?

I see you searching with your eyes

Overlooked imperfections

Overcooked in your mind

My purpose abused

Are you perfect today?

Are you good enough tonight?
Khadeja Jul 29
● Atelophobia ●
Fear of imperfection
Fear of things going wrong
Fear of failure
one simple word
haunts my life
Surkhab kaur Jul 25
She felt like the defective product
being compared to the
flawless ones.
Everyone was perfect around her...but she...
how did she feel?

Tip-toe to the basin in broad daylight
Look at your reflection in the water carefully
What do you see on the surface, my child?
Yards of skin, paths of lips, rivers of hair...  
Millions of atoms that make you you
Now, look closer


Deeper into the irises of your orbs
Can you see an odd twinkle in the depths?
Can you see your soul burning in the pits?
We're not merely human, my love
We're spirits behind a mask
Of mortality.

My best friend came over today and was asking me really deep questions. So, if you're wondering, that's probably why this poem is deep, ha ha!

As you can see, I am getting pretty creative with the format of my poems. I am really happy with how they're turning out. Aren't you?
MoDavid Jul 5
No paper has no folds. Look closer and it will be apparent;
A crease, hidden beneath its purported smoothness—
Though blatant once told of, a fool, sir, will not see it patent,
And seizes within a denial of but his faulted blindness.

No paper is of even thickness. Feel it and it will be known;
A bump, then a sudden thinness somewhere on it—
So whether his benevolence hides it, he hides it from his own,
And dumb as he may’ve been, will never confess of it.

No paper is of ideal quality. The fact cannot be denied;
No man can ever craft a sheet of paper beyond half-perfect—
And thus, sir, do accept readily, for it has to be resigned, that
Likewise, no man is of perfect character, nor hasn’t defect.
I wrote this last Dec 8 2019.
Niharika Jun 16
Don’t give up

Just talk , don’t give up
Share a thought, make sure ‘tis heard
Lean on as it gives you strength
To bear and sail through the flood

Don’t let the despondency rule your emotions
For every breath you take , there should be no hesitation
A trifling smile can bring much hope
For any being who’s just trying to cope
Though the world is harsh and at times it seems
No one is there to confide and speak
It’s a perception we carry by the night when no one can see what’s in our  plight

Remember the golden rule that in no way it’s uncool
To share and talk with your tongue as a tool
Don’t let imperfections affect the vivacity of a bloom
As each flower responds to a mother’s croon.

........……….                 Niharika
Emotions# share# talk# # affect# imperfection #bloom#confide
You are a rooted tree
Tall and strong
A rooted tree with many branches
With roots that run deep within

When a branch breaks
The birds find another branch to sit on
You have many
You are still here

Your roots are still deep
The birds may have scattered but
They come back and are never scared
They come back to that branch
They embrace the imperfection

Because you are the rooted tree
You are tall
You are strong
And your roots run deep within

remember always.....
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