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My quote. We all are imperfect in some way
thesa Jan 20
i know
you are scared
because you feel unsafe
i know
you are in pain
and that you feel misplaced

take my hand
and trust me

there will come a time
when you will know
what happiness felt like
there will come a time
when you will receive
the love you give to others
but most important
there will come a time
when this pain will stop
and these tears will dry

let me tell you
you will recover
from the thoughts that drown you
and from the ways
you were used to handle them
you will learn
to not think of everything
as your fault
but to find beauty
in the imperfection
and you will understand
how much you matter

let me tell you
you will be healing
as the scars
on your body and soul are fading
you will be grateful
for building up your place
in life's majestic maze
and you will become
the person you wanted to be
strong and wonderful
loving and loved
by so many others
however by yourself at first

you will discover
how to put together
all the shattered pieces

you won't be perfect
and neither will you ever
want to be it again

- because now i know
i'm perfect just the way i am
Paras Bajaj Jan 14
Someone pulled me closer,
when you pushed me away.
When you told me to get lost,
someone asked me to stay.

Tell me what I did wrong?
Tell me what I did right?
One threw me into the dark,
and the other, into the light.

While you counted my flaws,
someone loved me anyway.
While you ruined my nights,
someone saved my day.

Tell me what I did good?
Tell me what I did bad?
One made me the happiest
and the other, only sad.

—Poetry by Paras.
‪who am i?‬

‪nothing more than a‬
‪shallow adaptation‬
‪of who i wish to be‬

‪a saboteur,‬

‪of my own making,‬
‪consumed by the obstacles‬
‪i seem to manufacture ‬
‪for myself‬

‪all on my own. ‬
BEK Nov 2018
There's something incredibly southing about taking in this frigid air
Its chill flows through me
Dispelling the tired leaves of a long sweltering season
I'm left bare
An opportunity to appreciate the strength of my roots
Admire my branches
Though they be crooked, brimming with knots, and countless broken branches
Will I survive this time of reflection and blossom in time for Spring
Or cower in fear of yet another snapped limb
WordsHelp Nov 2018
I want to learn every detail
That I plan to fall in love with.
I want to understand every imperfection,
So I can love those parts even more,
          to teach you why those are your greatest perfections.
I crave your story,
So I can add my own notes in the margins,
          to remind you where you came from and to show you
          how incredibly far you've come.
I want to savor every piece
Of everything that you are.
Mufini She Frost Nov 2018
Fully blasted scenery, where i once called home
Tweeting of birds resting in the tree as a tone
Another chaos has to began
Cover! Hide! —said the woman to her son

Clear water turned into red, how could we conquer the world with no more dread
I wished the i could repent
I wished, I didn't left

Messy world I created,
Are once the world I wished I have painted.
Random thoughts. Come and share yours with me.
Victor Espoir Nov 2018
I don't know how to start,
Believing with this beginner's luck,
With you here inside my heart,
which I haven't sealed with lock

I don't know what to say
When you're always mouthing, you're okay.

At the end of the day,
Our smiles definitely fade away.

I don't know why we had to end our story
When everything I did, I was not really sorry.

I don't know where did I pulled out this guts
-To try once again
Despite of what you said I've already lost your trust
-Pain, we both gain

I really don't know when we fell out of love
Or maybe we haven't felt it from the start
Dedicated to those who fell in love for the first time.
FallenKing Nov 2018
Like the petals of a flower
Different in size, fragile and thin
And yet they remain unique and beautiful

Like the God who created us
The world we live in

No one is perfect in this imperfect world
But being imperfect only makes this world more beautiful
And that's perfection
OpenWorldView Oct 2018
I found you.
Different. Imperfect.

A sad and sickly child
alone in a faceless world.

Bland with naïve thoughts
and clumsy manners.

I found you.
Alike. Perfect.
You are not alone in this world.
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