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At first it made me happy
But now it makes me feel ashamed
My Christmas tree in February
Blue and green
Side by side
glittered in the dark
Achromatic leaves on the trees
Golden yellows
Glowed in the back
Festive lights glow through the night
Colours never fail
In their journey of spreading light
Inspired by the decorations on the streets
Paul Butters Dec 2020
Thank Goodness Santa was exempted
From Covid Travel Rules,
So he could go and deliver
All those presents and shimmering jewels.
My great nephew and niece all smiles:
Look at their happy faces.
Santa did all those miles
And got to so, so many places.

He even brought me mine
Disguised as mail delivery.
Giving his reindeers time
To rest, for a while,
In their Lapland livery.

Top of the Pops at noon.
It was on so very soon.
Some nice tunes and jingles
Like a box full of Pringles.

Not quite Rock and Roll,
But still a hint of Soul.
Meaningful lyrics
And some atmospherics.

The Queen gave us Hope
With her speech at three.
No time to mope
Here in the land of the Free.

Trust you all enjoyed this festive day some way.
And let us all pray
That things get better
From New Year’s Day.

It’s time to conquer Covid:
About time I hear you shout.
It’s DNA decoded,
Vaccinations all about.

So twenty-twenty-one
Is coming very soon.
When this year is all done,
Let’s fly up to the moon.

Let’s fill the world with Love,
Holding hands again.
Goodbye to twenty-twenty,
Goodbye to all the pain.

Paul Butters

© PB 25\12\2020.

(Last two lines changed at the suggestion of Norman Stevens 27\12)

(Original final two lines were:
“It’s not a matter of whether,
Only a matter of when.” ).
Jade Wright Dec 2020
I pop open the blister pack and poke the pill through,
dip it in sugar to mimic an advent calendar.
The doors are endless, a childhood dream.

I can’t get used to the lightness of despair.
I’ve mastered depression- damp, bell-heavy,
but despair?
It’s almost ethereal. Fairy lights in the breeze,
a brief twinkle
the wink of a tealight before it concludes.

The children hand me treasures they’ve found in the mud
Forest School, or playing outside as it used to be called,
before everything needed branding.
I smile, another leaf for my hair
more stones for my pocket. Anchors in open water.  
‘Are you okay, Miss?’

I sink into mauve bubbles, not trying to drown
only grounding my weight again.
Lilac shimmers the water and I trickle it over me,
smearing life across sallow skin.
My Rudolph earrings hang florid
tinsel etches my scalp. It’s the Nativity today
and my beaming face will echo that of the angels.
Naveen Malhotra Nov 2020
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Eat, drink and dance
Have some romance
Be an interesting person
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Embrace and kiss partners
Who are free from Corona virus
Maintain social distance
Two yards with face
Covered with mask
Dine and dance with
Spirit enhanced
Be an interesting person
Maintaining social distance
This is a festive season
For all restive persons
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2020

Fair and bright beauty
Light feet revel with swift song
Joy blooms in her soul

New day, new haiku!
Feeling better today, haha!
I'm onto the last of the three Charities, Thalia. (Not to confused with Thalia the Muse, haha!)

Again, there isn't much on her as she is depicted with her sisters dancing.
But she does have a connection to spring. Her name, Thalia, comes from the Ancient Greek word, 'θάλλειν.' The Greek word 'thállein' means"to flourish, to be verdant - hence the connection to spring.

I also found that her name is also an adjective used to describe festivities, banquets and such.
Now that the main three Charites are done, I will be moving onto the younger ones! ^-^

Anyway, thank you all for growing followers, I'm forever humbled and grateful for the support 🙏🌹💜
Here's the link for the growing collection:
Be back tomorrow with another one!
Much love,
Lyn 💜
Diksha Prashar Dec 2019
Another year
Another prayer said
Holy day of
To fest,

The gifts
Love notes

The message of being
It projects,

Merry Christmas
To all dear lads!
Nick Strong Dec 2019
Talk to me, talk to me of Old St. Nick
Talk to me of Sinterclaus
Of Mikulas, Pere Noel, or Babbo Natale

Talk to me of candles, christingle and a silent night
Talk to me of crackers, carols and calamities
Talk to me of snow, sleighs, and stars
Talk to me of Christmas cards, wrapping paper
Talk to me of gold, old spice and mice
Talk to me of icing, icicles
igloos, ivy
Oh sweet Hollie
Tots of Drambuie
Marmalade and toast

Talk to me of Philip Scholfield
Carols From Kings
Mary Poppins
Festive films
Radio Times
And things that are too pretty
Lights, nights
Hark, Dark
barking dogs
Tinsel Town
Wolves at the door
Salvation Army playing once more

Talk to me
Talk to me
Cream Crackers, cheese
Frosty mornings, old knees

Talk to me of snow covered alpine forests
walnuts and berries
Festive fun,
A seasonal run
Of All Gold telly
With a full belly
Farts, sprouts
Turkey that tastes just like chicken
Oh talk to me of
Terry Wogan
Rosh Jogan
Grogan Josh
Last minute deals
Black Friday
White Friday
And all the Cyber Mondays

Talk to me of
Happy Mondays
Dancing Bez
In a Festive Fez

Talk to me
Talk to me
Of Festive time
Late nights
Early mornings
All in entertainment

Oh talk, TALK to me
Of hangovers,
sleep overs
and cute kittens

Oh talk to me of
fake Chanel
Faux Fur and underwear
Celvin Klein

Talk to me , Talk to me of
Jonah Lewie
Bony M
The Pogues
and all those rogues
Fairy tale of New York
Stop the Cavalry
Mary's Boy Child
And the
Spaceman who came riding by

Oh talk, Talk , Talk to me
of places, and spaces We all know
Christmas markets
Tesco, Aldi and John Lewis Adverts showing
Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming
Christmas is coming
Oh talk to me
Oh talk to me of old St. Nick

Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Talk to me
Bah humbug
Talk to me
Talk to me
Happy Christmas
Read aloud at speed. Enjoy!
Jayantee Khare Sep 2019

neither party nights
nor the shining lights
neither music loud
nor happening crowd

neither flaunting clothes
nor updated wardrobes
neither make-up showy
nor glittery jewellery...

love my comfort zone
in my way own
an evening with moon afar
a night under twinkly stars

give me a peaceful corner
and a pen with paper
in a candle dim
the thoughts sing

the words dance
a poetic chance
a divine romance
the onset of a trance...

not sad
not even mad
all scars healed completely
with the time and distance
but undergone a metamorphosis
to transform my inner self
to reform my being
While the world is in festive mood,
I'm enjoying the solitude...
She does nails
she's got indomitable *** appeal
a lunging sort of a walk
a swagger sort of a talk
when she's on the up and up
but a straight lace face otherwise
hurling enigmatic hellos
sweeping up confetti good mornings
blowing merry christmases
swaying in then out
long-time-no-see like
it's that end of the year ear to ear
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