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I can't decide,don't know what to do,
I look around but I find no clue.
Is it some other quest of life too?
I can't decide,I can't even move...
Longing for answers to all of the questions related to life and future...
OpenWorldView Apr 27
Love, essence of life.
Kind, patient and innocent.
Quest for a pure heart.
You are gifted he said
Made for this quest.
I was young and green,
So I started to go.

I went on and on,
Toward what I believed the goal,
A decade of wandering,
And I felt lost.

You are gifted he said
Made for this quest.
I was young and green,
So I started to go.

I reviewed my journey
And made a new plan
10 years is not much
For such a great quest
Jason Lingaya Feb 17
For you I’ll learn to fly

High up high

Above the skies

Past the limits

Of the mind

To the serene siege

Of the soul

Where light is dim

And time is still

You are my pride

My Odyssey

My everything

Ghosts and Demons behold

To mine fears I command

Coz today coz of you

My quest is within.
Talis Ren Mar 7
In this life
There are no quests
No adventures
No tales of old

Here in this life
I will die with no honor
Nor sword in hand

I die in vain
OTP Jan 29
With you, I try my best
'Cause you mean more than the rest
To keep you with me is my quest
So I fight and put up my chest
In my heart, you're my main guest
And every time I see you it's a fest
God, I swear I'm blessed.
© 2019 OTP All Rights Reserved.
Matt Sol Jan 20
so juxtaposed
I feel, I feel
on a fulcrum
in a stasis
at the nadir
and the return
and I demur
A play on words, Pure lyrical content, good joo joo
There once was a prince with attachments to matter
In search of a way to make enemies scatter
Deep down in the well
He learned a new spell
And when he arose all illusions did shatter
ashley lingy Nov 2018
I don't know who I am exactly...

and I think I'm ok with that.

Because I get to choose who I'm going to be every day

when I wake up in the morning.

As far as tomorrow goes,

I hope the sun shines through my window...

I need a warm reminder that brighter days lie ahead.

I need help to rise with a pep in my step,

hopefully with productivity and a plan in mind.

Because this year...

I will brave the treacherous aisles of the grocery store in the days before thanksgiving.

And I will be nothing if not gloriously triumphant in my quest.

I hope.

I pray.
Amanda Oct 2018
Without you I am lost

How do I navigate winding emotions alone?
What is needed to direct my feet forward instead of backwards?
Which way is North?
How do I know without owning a compass or even a vague faded map?

Sobriety is quite a puzzling place to lose your way
I need assistance

Someone to help me solve
The riddle I have become
I am in the process of discovering my true self and it is challenging to say the least
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