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I don't know who I am exactly...

and I think I'm ok with that.

Because I get to choose who I'm going to be every day

when I wake up in the morning.

As far as tomorrow goes,

I hope the sun shines through my window...

I need a warm reminder that brighter days lie ahead.

I need help to rise with a pep in my step,

hopefully with productivity and a plan in mind.

Because this year...

I will brave the treacherous aisles of the grocery store in the days before thanksgiving.

And I will be nothing if not gloriously triumphant in my quest.

I hope.

I pray.
Amanda Oct 30
Without you I am lost

How do I navigate winding emotions alone?
What is needed to direct my feet forward instead of backwards?
Which way is North?
How do I know without owning a compass or even a vague faded map?

Sobriety is quite a puzzling place to lose your way
I need assistance

Someone to help me solve
The riddle I have become
I am in the process of discovering my true self and it is challenging to say the least
Sueño Oct 3
Who have I become .
A stranger with no love
Mind that races
At chilling paces
Why am I so numb

Can’t feel my pain
Another silent day
Forever in your blood
Something I have done  
Emotional vain
Hoping it’s okay

One day I had a dream
You were next to me
On a expedition at sea.
No one around for days
And I was kicked off
A raft I helped build .
You sailed to your destination.
I was hanging on like an Anchor.
Being dragged in the sand
A helpless whisper . Not given a hand
The weeds entangling me,
Around my neck, strangling.

I saw you from below.
The true feelings you refuse to show
But baby you can’t
I’ve used all my might
To try and pry myself free.
But you came back to me.

Here’s my heart.
Broken apart.
You show me no mercy.
You won’t let got of me
Please  set me free .
Don’t do this to me

Remember who I am
The one in the sand
Couldn’t get a ahand .
Give me my life
And don’t think twice
Gods1son Sep 10
How do I handle this pressure
Pressure of secretly competing with my mates
They seem to be growing at faster rates
Never appreciating my current state

In my head, it's all a race
Call me a competition ace
The competition that I never won
Only leaves me worn out

Maybe I know the reason for the pressure
Could I be using the wrong measure

Maybe I've been running another man's race
Maybe I need to live my very best
Maybe that's where I would find my rest
Maybe that's my real quest.
Sometimes, we get caught up in comparing ourselves with the next person. Maybe we have a different path and assignment
Amanda Aug 9
Seeking happiness in the wrong places
Then wonder why I am not
Blame fate for most my problems
When I am chasing my tail in the same spot

Sit and watch the world spin circles
Wait for opportunities to drop into my lap
Neglect health in the process
Realize I'm about to snap

Ready to give up this quest
Staring at a looming distant goal
Contemplating if I am the only one
Emptied of happiness, a hollow soul
My happiness is never enough to stick around
Nishu Mathur Jul 20
I coloured my world today
my hands smeared in pastels
canary yellows
ripe peaches and cardinal ochres
pink from a flamingo sunrise
a passionate cerise
an array of feisty blues
a flamboyant turquoise
a topaz tango
a twinkling periwinkle
Streaked it with
contoured lilac smudges
lavender tipped edges
in custard pineapple floats
splattered emeralds, toned pistachio
fern greens with swift finger strokes
Tempered it with
muddy crusty earthy browns
rock coloured sandy mounds
reined in royal purple
the sensual blaze of a flaming sunset
the dark indigo of a gloaming sky
agate drops a few
a silver sliver of a crescent new

I coloured my world
with my eyes
my fingers, hands
my hues
just the way I wanted to
An old poem
I won’t bother much, my friend
Whether it’s a secret treasure hunt,
Pilgrimage to the mountain shrine
Or just a jaunt along the scenic trrrain
There certainly would be surprises
Experiences to lighten one’s steps
Meet many otherwise I won’t see
Unless I chose this one journey through
Prestine roads that kept their character intact.
Rubbing shoulders with folks
Keeping abreast of their stories,
Shaking  hands with people with heart!
Each face is deeply etched in my memory!
After parakeets I ran,wondered  at
The  rainbow  colors on butterfly wings!
Orchids had a blend of fragrance and magical colors.
Once at a stop a girl sat with me,
And credling my heart told stories  of ethereal experiences,
I still trudge,pollen from flowers
make me look like
A bee in search of honey of a rare blend!
Aa Harvey Apr 28
Off to battle again.

Another day, another battle, another day to amuse one’s self.
Looking out into the shadowy forest, in search of an acquaintance.
Wolf howls signal the return of the Princes and all is well.
The war has been won and the undead soldiers have been demolished.

Moonlight hovers over the home of the Elves
And inside the forest I find myself,
Hunting the hunter; under darkened skies.
A wolf dives at me and I open fire.

The arrow strikes its head and it falls down dead in the snow.
Its companions will be here somewhere, so I will be ready to fire again.
An elf appears from the mist, so I lower my bow;
It’s good to see you again, old friend.

He tells me of a quest to the undead hordes lair
And after shopping for provisions,
We head off with our band of merry friends.
The healer is annoying, but he will be needed when we get there;
So we allow him his flaws and his errors are not mentioned.

Once more into the darkness; we head into war
And all around us, the skeletons fall.
We grow stronger with age, before, during and after.
At the end of the day, we are new to this no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
NewIvory Apr 17
let me dwell in dreams and search my soul in the stealth of the night
let me lay my mind to rest and release my worries and fright
in silence I can ease my fears and gratify my pride
and wallow within a gentle charm until the dawn abides

let me soar above the peaked mountain abreast with eagles
and admire the pristine splendor visible before my eyes
while sunlight bathe my skin with soothing warmth of life
let my broad wings fortify ***’s work from unending strife

let me endure blissfulness in a vivid, willowy stream
in a world of confusion where happiness ceases to gleam
and in my quest for peace I wish for that enduring power
so that I may reach the horizon where future is brighter

let my visions capture images that are blind to humans
or hear even the faintest clamor of newly born infants
let me feel a heart beating from a body bereft of breath
so I can deliver playful dreams instead of **** death

let my existence be complete and infinite in all days
with all understanding that is worthy of honest praise
let the warmth of life be felt in every whispered breath
until my journey ends in a dark unreachable depth.
copyright© bonette2002
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