Aa Harvey Apr 28
Off to battle again.

Another day, another battle, another day to amuse one’s self.
Looking out into the shadowy forest, in search of an acquaintance.
Wolf howls signal the return of the Princes and all is well.
The war has been won and the undead soldiers have been demolished.

Moonlight hovers over the home of the Elves
And inside the forest I find myself,
Hunting the hunter; under darkened skies.
A wolf dives at me and I open fire.

The arrow strikes its head and it falls down dead in the snow.
Its companions will be here somewhere, so I will be ready to fire again.
An elf appears from the mist, so I lower my bow;
It’s good to see you again, old friend.

He tells me of a quest to the undead hordes lair
And after shopping for provisions,
We head off with our band of merry friends.
The healer is annoying, but he will be needed when we get there;
So we allow him his flaws and his errors are not mentioned.

Once more into the darkness; we head into war
And all around us, the skeletons fall.
We grow stronger with age, before, during and after.
At the end of the day, we are new to this no more.

(C)2016 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
NewIvory Apr 17
let me dwell in dreams and search my soul in the stealth of the night
let me lay my mind to rest and release my worries and fright
in silence I can ease my fears and gratify my pride
and wallow within a gentle charm until the dawn abides

let me soar above the peaked mountain abreast with eagles
and admire the pristine splendor visible before my eyes
while sunlight bathe my skin with soothing warmth of life
let my broad wings fortify God’s work from unending strife

let me endure blissfulness in a vivid, willowy stream
in a world of confusion where happiness ceases to gleam
and in my quest for peace I wish for that enduring power
so that I may reach the horizon where future is brighter

let my visions capture images that are blind to humans
or hear even the faintest clamor of newly born infants
let me feel a heart beating from a body bereft of breath
so I can deliver playful dreams instead of ugly death

let my existence be complete and infinite in all days
with all understanding that is worthy of honest praise
let the warmth of life be felt in every whispered breath
until my journey ends in a dark unreachable depth.
copyright© bonette2002
Mazen Edlibi Apr 13
Scripts has been written and became rotten…
Words are abandoned and forgotten…
Papers are withered and paled away…
Feelings are faded and hugged by lost!


Trying to find meaning was not easy…
It ends up trying to find myself…
It is not in love only…
It is not in money only…
It is not in fame only….
It is not in anything if you are not in everything in this life!

Go all the way…..

Your quest won’t be the same always!
jonni inferno Feb 2017
in silence we ponder
the vast unknown
in darkness we wander
far from home

our questions
seethe within
unbroken the cauldron
of our heart's lament

unloved we fly
from one to another
undone are the rules
by which
we were governed

unfeeling we break
the ones who would care
uncaring we shatter
the image they held

unwritten our story
unspoken our words
unbidden our longing
unleashed with our tears

unbroken the cauldron
of our hearts lament
undead yet un-living
unending torment

what if
we wonder unheard
there once was a dream
unvoiced the call
unspoken a dream
that once was a word

unwritten our story
unspoken our words
unbidden our longing
unleashed with our tears

unbroken the cauldron
of our heart's lament
undead yet un-living
unending torment

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(Meditative Psalm: quest for total surrender.)

I beheld the wind, blowing upon
The grass of the field.
Leaves swayed under the power
Of its influence.

The flowers danced
As the grass dazzled—
Its blades shimmering in the light.
That which was dormant
Had suddenly come to life.

O Lord, breathe upon me
The breath of your holy Spirit.
Quicken me, and possess my being
That, in harmony, I might sway
To the power of your perfect will.
Andreas Simic Mar 24
The Quest

Oft I ponder the quest that I have been delivered upon

Whilst laying in the midst of a field of straw

Mine eyes gazing in the sky with it’s hews of gold

Not far from here lies the battlefield

Forthwith there will be bloodshed and mayhem

But as I rest my weary bones upon the coolest of thine earth

Mind over matter is what I behest

Is it the goal to capture the king as in a game of chess

Am I the pawn sent out earliest to set the tone

For the rest of the game to follow

Or be the fortunate survivor having played a skilled match

My protector some unknown hand

Guiding my way whilst I traverse through an army ahead

Each step a calculated risk that could end in my demise

Somehow out of my control yet each of my moves

Dictating where this may all end

Devout to the King

But looking to create a new Queen

That will carry on the lineage I am here to shield

Thus I start my day

Andreas Simic©
Seanathon Mar 6
The discovery of true words
Is but one of the many mysteries we seek
Both under stones and under moon
And in the volumes of our histories, we find
That no two words were ever successfully left alone
No sentence of the mind was ever so perfect as to be
The word of God without inspiration
No, mere mortal words I find to be
The loneliest of lonely things
But true words are of a great ideal
And ideals are often shrouded in such mysteries
And THIS … Is where you may laugh at me

The quest goes on dear friends!
Curiosity killed the cat
and it's got me flaming
far past the first degree
and her secret’s in the coup d’etat;

Now viewing the reality
of the Gemini’s hereby guarantee

At combat with the Technocrats
because they’re both too headstrong
Her lust for learning might sound
an occasionally lethal song
But for now her secret’s as confusing

as her sense of right and wrong
Nice to meet you, you can call me Catt.
The human condition may be
characterized by the posing
and re-posing of this most
fundamental of questions:
For what purpose, if any
is the suffering, the fear--
indeed, the utter bewilderment--
peculiar to Earthly existence
endured? Incessantly, we search
for an answer we can live with
and die for.
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