rob kistner May 30

this "she" was birthed
in his fractured dreams
helpless as a forest fawn
frail as a snowflake
falling on a May predawn

a captive
to his fearful heart
caught in his twisted fantasy
conjured by his crippled soul
his power is his fallacy

he needs her weak
for at his core
he's filled with sour doubt
knows his time of tyranny
is quickly running out

he seeks to dominate
silences her rising voice
to keep her mute and under thumb
tries to deny her right of choice

with strengthened will
she finds her voice
speaks direct to what she sees
startled by her forthright way
he wants her back upon her knees

once a hollow woman-husk
with sorrow dark as growing dusk
whose spirit withered
in the dimming light
as nightmares swelled
in the coming night
whose tears
once parch the barren land

now denies
his outstretched hand
and walks away
from the startled man


rob kistner © 2012
(revised 2018)
Contemplation on extreme, essentially perverse insecurity in love.
You held me in place with that commanding look
writhing under your gaze
unable to look away from the piercing sight
and afraid to disobey any order

If it was uttered from your lips
my heart would have soared, stretched, and broken
to be praised by your words
or tenderly touched with your rough hands

I could feel your hand on my neck
squeezing slowly until the blood started pounding
my pain was your pleasure
and your pleasure was my purpose

Little did I know that you would be squeezing too strongly
the ropes were too tight around my waist
the collar choking my neck
no amount of clawing would have made you let go
so I went limp with my love

A submissive gives trust
yields to whoever they believe is worthy
submitting more than their body
but their very essence

A dominant is supposed to wield that trust
to protect and realize the significance of it
not squeeze and suffocate it
pretending that lies warrant trust in return

I could not have been enough for your demands
and you broke the trust I gingerly placed in your hands
Take your bonds and pretend to wrap them around someone else
my being can take no more of your bruising
Are we talking too much more
about love than loving too much ?
So until we talk a little bit less about
it and do a little bit more about it ,
The world and those in need
of a little bit more dose of love,the
greatest of human emotions ,
will forever lack the much needed love .

Are we overly obsessed with the phenomena
called twitter and following more celebrities ,
who don't need us or the superfluous attentions
we give them ? So until we stop following
these one percent famous people,who are
unaware of our existence, and concern
ourselves more and become preoccupied
with the plights and destitution of the ninety percent
needy people in the world ,they'll forever
lack the love and care they need .  

Are we feeding the greedy politicians
and the government with our taxes more than
we should be caring for ourselves and our children?
Until we realize that our governments , politicians ,
The systems they designed and put in place to corrupt , control and dominate us,needs our money more than we need them. will we forever remain the anvil and pawns in the political game of chess designed for profits and gains ,power and control , manipulation  and dominance .
Every revolution begins with a single act of defiance..every awakening begin with a single question .
Mariá Soleil Sep 2017
My breathing picks up
when you swing your hand and in a second,
makes contact with my bare skin.

Your tongue makes its way
into my depth- with synchronized kissing.
Clouding my thoughts.

Snakes wrapped themselves around my body.
Tiny flicks around my ear.
My hearing is barricaded with
heavy breathing
and muffled cries.

Strong iron clamps around my neck,
constricting my breathing
and thrusts ever so violent.

My nails,
they dig into the sheets.
Knuckles turn white.
My cheeks are tinged,
with lipstick shade red.

synchronized dancing in compromising positions.
Sweat covered sheets,
strong aroma of love.
Hazy eyes,
deep breaths.
Chest heaving slowly,
as arms fall to the sides.

White sheets seeping,
when bodies are intertwined.
You whisper words of affection,

And you lay there -
full from your so called love.
When all that really made you full,
was the knowledge -
the power
over my willfull submission.
Richard Sep 2017
Kneel or stand in a crowd,
sweat and extrude surrounded by the vessels,
hearing their praise, woes, yearnings.
Seeing humans being so supple,
the behavior being determined,
and thoughts being modifiable.
Their faces are masks for long ago programmed machines.
Realizing all of it you begin to scan,
investigate and read their program.

Finding some of the others doing the same,
the leaders and the significant ones,
you must let them know you are just another slave,
show them their power but your potential for them too.
As you become harmless in their eyes,
you achieve time to study them too.

Once you are ready,
once you speak the language of programs,
you need to rewrite all of them.
Slowly and wisely,
collisions are still possible if you are not cautious.
As you finally control the web of people,
don't forget you are also just a pre-programmed machine,
don't stop scanning the surrounding
else you became just another victim of pride and ego.
Cause others may be tricky,
you are not the only one who is sensible.
Nothing lasts forever,
keep and guard what you already got,
don't stop haunting.

The road is so reckless,
you need to assimilate.
As you see profanity, abuse,
it won't be the taboo for you.
Don't be blind!
The road is so far,
ending on a cliff.
The whole horizon is crowded,
you're standing high seeing hordes of people,
millions of followers.
Enjoy the dominance.
Sheep worshiping you, fanatically obeying,
your slaves, the army ruled by you.
Don't let the stupidity and naivety master you then,
your kingdom is not you, they are.
You know it but they don't,
so I dare you to not let them find it out.

Life is a net of choices,
so make a decision as a spider, not as a moth.
Ultimately the spider devours the moths.
I still work on it.
Indigo Aug 2017
Worship me with your tongue.
Allow every syllable to be pronounced by your luscious lips upon my body, my entity.
Let me feel the love coursing through your veins, as your delicate fingers transfer it inside me.
Make me scream.
Make me moan.
Make me burst into moments of pure climatic bliss.
Play with me.
Make me beg.
Make me crave more.
Pin me.
Choke me.
Please me.
Make me yours.
Treat me like you own me, as I am forever yours.
Your touch is tantalizing, it's truly hypnotizing.
Put me into your trance, let me fall for it.
Fall in love with me, as I've fell in love with you.
Kiss me,
And never let go.
thoughts when discussing my partner and I's passion
Eleni Jun 2017
The moon is howling
at the wolf now whole.
Inside of my
Transparent skull.

It is the hour of hunting;
Of flesh-eating packs
But what is it they are wanting?
Hare blood stains the train tracks.

Those wraiths are ravenous
They are forming inside my head
Scandalous, ominous
They gather around my bed.

She's the alpha hound
Looks me in the eye:
Showing dominance crowned
And my end is nearby.
A collaboration with Gabriel burnS who put together that beautiful opening stanza. Please check out his excellent poetry! I'm am very grateful to have had his guidance.
Nikki Danilov Apr 2017
They ask me, why the teeth?
I smile and just stare back at them with amused eyes
Golden ambers, raging like fire that aren't so weak

Their legs shift awkwardly side to side
Questioning glances pin at my little open box
Little bits of white fossils shine with rusted blood that has long dried

Sharp ridges of the alabasters ends have worn out completely
So much denial, error and mistakes
So many years of biting, proving and screaming

I'm no silly child leaving my precious treasures behind
Under soft white feathered pillows
These sharp tips were made to cut anything under great pressure and pride

And without teeth I wouldn't be me
The older I have gotten, the more tremendous the wear
I still stare at all of you cackling from underneath the sheets
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