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dv8ed Sep 23
I’m touched by desire
my chest fills with fire

You’ll feel it burn your skin
As You start to Pull me in

Breathing in my flames
You’re drowning in my waves

now you can’t escape..
You’re trapped inside my gate

I held the key
to let you free
But it’s been tossed out at the sea
Isn’t it Funny how this happened ?
You claimed me as your sinking ship
But now
the captain

-S. Giselle
I'm not hungry.
I don't wanna ***.
I don't wanna dominance.
That's my limbic system's cares.
Hearing of death kills me,
Its words cut threw me like daggers,
Yet, with a voice like honey,
I have a great fear of death yet I went out of my way to kiss it,
Its cold embraced me,
Its tounge beckoned for entrance.
Its kiss was sweet,
Only to be disturbed with a bitter aftertaste,
Battling for dominance,
is a battle for which I have one,
death has left me,
Only to fall for HIM again.
Turns out I'm not as innocent as you may have thought. Yes, I have tangoed with death many a times. (Suicidal).. This poem can also reflect love. It depends on how you look at it. They heart as well as love.. is a treacherous thing. Yes, death is a ****. (*** as well... very much gender confused.)
Jaxey Mar 4
don't beg for help
on how to get back up
from the feet
that stood on your legs
and convinced you
you couldn't walk
in the first place
only the broken will understand
c Jan 14
My father
Has been a Man
All his life
And I capitalize Man
Because his terms
Of masculinity
Include being
The Man

He doesn’t like the word
Unless it’s in his voice
And under his control

Control is his ego
I think
He likes a grip on everything
So tight it chokes us
And he wonders why
I’m slipping away
M-E Nov 2018
The Queen in castle
Surrounded by an army
Men of styrofoam

The army floated in tears
Hovered in the sky, at her sigh
Still, they had the guts
Hit her in the eye

If The Queen is broken
So it will be her army
Men of styrofoam
Fragile and breakable
To every female blooming in a dark garden
Rahama Aug 2018
Don't move.
  He already won,
   There's nothing else to prove.

Don't try.
  He's holding back your wings,
   He won't let you fly.

He's hiding.
  You need to be careful,
   'Cause he's lying there; waiting.

Now listen -
You thought he loved you,
  Remember I warned you.
   He just needed you to be there,
    To do his bidding,
     Whatever he asked,

You were enslaved by his c
He stopped you from doing so many things,
Even leaving the house.
He held you in an I.R.O.N. F.I.S.T.
He didn't trust you, see?
I warned you from the start,
But you didn't listen.

Now you see the monster,
And you run back to me for help.
But you're trapped.
You can't run from him,
You can't hide from your master.

You laid your bed in the grave he set,
And sooner or later you must rest your head.
Thank you for reading ❤.
My whole self offered up.
Like a sacrifice on an ancient stone altar.
The oldest and most pure ritual in the world,
of one human soul putting itself completely in the hands of another.
You take me as I am.
As I was.
As I will be.
You have made me yours and I will stop at nothing to bring you peace, happiness, contentment...
anything you ever desire.
This is my purpose.
The answer to all of my whys.
The quiet place that was always...
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