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ME 5d
The Queen in castle
Surrounded by an army
Men of styrofoam

The army floated in tears
Hovered in the sky, at her sigh
Still, they had the guts
Hit her in the eye

If The Queen is broken
So it will be her army
Men of styrofoam
Fragile and breakable
To every female blooming in a dark garden
laughter stressed, shadowed, and slaughtered
bloodbaths on blanketed - frost bitten walls
prowling Paralysis cripples perception
intaking insanity: intrinsic draws

splattered across the blood - bloodied walls

sharp and sinister; faces of the cylinder
wounds - angry on wounds
pardon no attune
salt beneath the under-eye: pain in the guise
dismissing the alcohols violent call

fearing the drip
drip of flammable walls

guilt in each parasite
contagious as they ooze
steaming walls of carmine
inky blue boiled a bruise
painting heart in its ash
on the faces of dolls

h e a v i n g behind these
infe . . .
infected walls

these suffering, ignitable, alienating walls.
these are our personal "walls"
Rahama Aug 26
Don't move.
  He already won,
   There's nothing else to prove.

Don't try.
  He's holding back your wings,
   He won't let you fly.

He's hiding.
  You need to be careful,
   'Cause he's lying there; waiting.

Now listen -
You thought he loved you,
  Remember I warned you.
   He just needed you to be there,
    To do his bidding,
     Whatever he asked,

You were enslaved by his c
He stopped you from doing so many things,
Even leaving the house.
He held you in an I.R.O.N. F.I.S.T.
He didn't trust you, see?
I warned you from the start,
But you didn't listen.

Now you see the monster,
And you run back to me for help.
But you're trapped.
You can't run from him,
You can't hide from your master.

You laid your bed in the grave he set,
And sooner or later you must rest your head.
Thank you for reading ❤.
My whole self offered up.
Like a sacrifice on an ancient stone altar.
The oldest and most pure ritual in the world,
of one human soul putting itself completely in the hands of another.
You take me as I am.
As I was.
As I will be.
You have made me yours and I will stop at nothing to bring you peace, happiness, contentment...
anything you ever desire.
This is my purpose.
The answer to all of my whys.
The quiet place that was always...
RBWhite Aug 4
Take it,
Come on,
Open your mouth,
Just like that...
Don't choke,
Do you like it?
Open your legs,
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