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Xcstasy Oct 8
I am a royal potato whose shape is a perfect oval,
My fame is so widespread that everyone knows me from the stars to Mars.
This uncontrollable charm I exude is so novel,
that even the queens and kings before me grovel.

Even though this tale may not seem real,
I would still appreciate if you would go to my palace just to say hello.

These days, times have been hard, for the invincible McDonalds has
been winning countless victories.
My young comrades from the north have been skinned and stripped to pieces.
My amazing xylophone that would make the zealous moon jealous has been
burnt in the fire and trampled in the mire.

We must push for the rights of potatoes
Just like the tomatoes
Whose fire and concept of equality
Has driven hungry humans to see reality.
If it was them in the frying pan,
Would it still excite them to ignite
The fire that burns so painfully bright?
Rozey Mar 26
I am not the weak little girl you recall
I am the girl who got up even after the roughest fall
You pushed me when I didn't shove
You hurt me when I would help
Now I will not stand to be thrown
So try to push me now.. I sit cheerfully on my thrown
Queens feel the pressure to be this beautiful individual and to set an example. They are pushed to perfect their image and on days they want to be at peace, they are seen as lazy. Days where they can't deal with the chaos, they are seen as weak. Nothing they do makes them perfect enough but, they still sit on their royal chair and smile because they know it is their choice to run how they choose to run their kingdom, their life.
Aa Harvey Mar 20
Pretty Please With Cherries On Top.

I wish to feel, I am King amongst the worms;
I wish to feel, I am the Prince of the peasants.
I wish to feel, I am a King of losers;
I wish to get, a taste of your Heaven.

But who am I, to dream of such riches?
Who am I, to ask for more?
Who am I, to presume to reach for you?
Who am I, but a walking, talking, creature of contradictions?
Now I am simply, your poor *****.

So let me be free, to make a choice,
Let me be free, to turn up the noise,
Let me be free, to scream it out.
Please don’t tell me, to keep my thoughts for you quiet.

Here I am, begging at your feet,
Here I am, under your thumb.
Here I am, if you look down you will see,
I’m simply sat with caring arms, needing to hold someone.
Here I am, tell me something,
Tell me a lie, say something comforting.

Can I bring you, down to Earth?
Can I give you, all my love?
Can I show you, Heaven is still out of my reach?
Can I show you, your Heaven could be ‘Us’.

You have not lived, long enough to die,
So you have not found, your so called Heaven yet.
But I can show you an illusion, of you and I,
Living here on Earth, in our man made pure bliss.

Love me now and this illusion will become real,
Love me now and I can begin to feel.
Love me now and I can be your steel,
Sword of defiance, against this cruel world.

Say yes to me and I’ll not ask again,
Say yes to me, promise me you’re not lying.
Say yes to me and I shall bring you sunshine,
Say yes to me and you shall never again be alone.

Give me a mirror, to reflect your warmth,
Give me a smile, to ease my sadness.
Give me a dream, of being truly loved,
Give me you and I shall have my happiness.

(C)2013 Aa Harvey. All Rights Reserved.
Xgaizer Mar 5
You look at me like I was everything
You follow me like i was a King

You treated me like I was your Queen
You smiled at me like I'm the only one you seen

You see me like I was your Prince
Save you in so many evil whence

You see me like i was your Princess
That can save you on so many curses

So I give you so many kisses
build an empire with those sadness

Let us make a promises
build walls with those pieces

I put you inside my chest
And love you for all the rest
whence means a place at least for, just bare with it. thank you so ,much :)
Queen of the skippers
Silken flower petals call
Crown her with a kiss
@LadyRavenhill 2019
Haiku 87
Manan sheel Jan 18
There is sweetness in my life,
that is balanced by me,
in the middle way,
by the meeting of my breath,
and my heart,
but time and again,
my mind wants to take
the royal path.

Who will hold me, then,
when I fall from the heights?
And haven't I fallen before,
walking in the path of thorns,
maddened with that,
which I don't have,
and cried like a child,
in utter grief?

Why, even then,
my mind wants to
burn itself again?
Or, is it in the burning,
that it becomes beautiful?
Or, are these royal talks,
just words?

This seeker is sincere.
He wants answers,
that are within him.
May he find them.

© Manan sheel.
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