MU 17h

When the breeze announces
‘Her Majesty, the Queen!’
Flowers and branches bend
You enter the garden...

Spring is a kingdom, she rules it, and I have been exiled...

Ask lone questions that were made for a King,
one who was born mute, blind and deaf.
He'll express the most breathtaking things,
only coming from this final breath.

LCappo Apr 7

a system of life
where i shall follow your orders,
your majesty
I'm startled from your cruelty
danger is looming ahead
excuse my charisma
but you should beware
'cause I'm the SIGMA
the sigma
the knight
who stands up
the mighty sword
in his hands
against the King
fighting for the good

A queen was new
where she's vividly in blue
only hands read nine then
these real story escapades must always begin
their allure and beauty with skin
and the final stroke aft-midnight again
whether she was hedge hunting indeed
semantically dialed her phone there in need
and endowed her own again tonight.

where is the
self appointed king
courtiers have noticed
the absence
all subjects
of the realm
await his not so
fond return

a royal
didn't reach
the town crier
which hasn't caused
any concern
to they who live
in the kingdom's shire

the regent
grace them
with his presence
they wont be
feasting on
the finest ducks
and pheasants

two days
spent away
from the crown's
summer lodge
could the
trumped up one
be doing
a sidestepping dodge

(Tr)aveling w(i)th the younger I
With her on your back
She gazed at intricate diamonds of the dark.
Never facing an ounce of (um)brage.

With age, her knowledge flourished
Growing from the water of your trunk
Her brain was nourished with ex(p)erience
Following in your trail

Strengthening over time
She (ha)d no i(nt)erest on your back
Nor the night sky
Rather clouds and the outside
Away sh(E) wa(l)ked from your shadow
With your trunk raised high

Lions and crocodiles swarmed her on s(e)a and land
With no trunk or tusk
Adrenaline rushed
She shook in nerves til dusk

Continuing days with no shade
Skin cells accepting harsh sun rays
With the storm of your stom(p)s
She awaited your presence
(h)yen(a)s laughed as you came
Splattering blood on your name

You laid with your wheel
As she wailed with no trunk
She wept
For you sculpted her i(nt)o who (s)he was

Long, Long down the road.
Buying from an old bookstore
Finding a binder filled with the Royal Animals

Turning the first sheet
She noticed a stamp
Reminding her of her stuffed friends
Triumphant  Elephants

A "hardcore" poem of a stuffed elephant who goes through life with this once little girl
Silverflame Jan 7

The golden leaves have said their final goodbye,
as they slowly fall down the trees.
But never have corpses of nature looked more beautiful,
than the crown they made on the top of your head.

Alan S Bailey Dec 2016

She sits upon her royal chair,
eating a donut, drinking coffee, smoking a plume
smoke rising like a phantom menace in the air.

She calls upon her royal friends she sees,
the batting false eyelashes to a perfect stranger
asking the "gentleman" only for his "hand" by all means.

She drives in her royal chariot,
A red and orange one, flaming stripes at the sides, singing
Songs about the battles and triumphs of wartime's "great" merit.

One day this lovely newborn bird will fly the coop,
the child I know by rights was a born queen! She'll
win first in pageants and then we'll drink to soul's soup.

Glass Dec 2016

crimson gold you're a royal scream paper cutting
your own fingertips that my core is slicing its own arteries
like vicious ink smearing unforgiving skins
because the stars no longer luster the  luminous mesmeric night sky
& every blemish is breathing
" beautiful sapphire don't you remember me?"

why does everyone ignore me ?
Meg Nov 2016

she wore her pain like a crown
and she was the queen

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