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When I think of you,
I think of the color purple.
Maybe it has something to do with the fact
That people say purple is royal,
Or maybe it's just because purple is you.
The grass may be green,
But people walk all over it.
The sun may be yellow,
But the sun goes down at the end of each day.
The sky may be blue,
But the blue fades to black.
Every other color I can think of is this way.
But purple...
Purple is royal.
Purple is a beautiful color;
Like the hues of that in a rare sunset
Only showing on the most elegant of evenings.
The sky is blue.
The grass is green.
The sun is yellow.
But purple is you.
THIS IS NOT ABOUT BARNEY!!! I`ve had 10 people ask if it was about that ****** purple dinosaur!!!
Elegant roses with petals so bright.
I think about you often you left in the night.
You said I didn't care but you didn't either.
I'm tired of being sick.
Am I running a fever?
I was once a strong beliver in someone above.
Now I can't see past the stars.
I think about love.
I'll drink in the night; sing in the morning.
I have a lot of problems, but cant start the mourning.
Warning signs keep me awake all the time.
Because I don't wanna be alone when I die.
So I have made a goal.
I think about it often.
It's already been done.
Believe me it's important.
The key to my sadness is what drives my life.
Metaphors and smiles are what I show outside.
I cant sleep alive, and I dont dream about death.
Maybe one day I can see you again.
It could be the first time, but its probably the last.
I won't know until the time has past.
So I'll sit around with my pack of Turkish Royals.
Thinking of you.
Thinking I'm Royal.
Manan sheel Jan 18
There is sweetness in my life,
that is balanced by me,
in the middle way,
by the meeting of my breath,
and my heart,
but time and again,
my mind wants to take
the royal path.

Who will hold me, then,
when I fall from the heights?
And haven't I fallen before,
walking in the path of thorns,
maddened with that,
which I don't have,
and cried like a child,
in utter grief?

Why, even then,
my mind wants to
burn itself again?
Or, is it in the burning,
that it becomes beautiful?
Or, are these royal talks,
just words?

This seeker is sincere.
He wants answers,
that are within him.
May he find them.

© Manan sheel.
Simon Soane Jan 18
The shape
of you
goes fast,
as do dreams
of everlast:
please stay baby,
please stay
a second with you,
I raise The Crown.
n Jan 8
She’s highness, deaf but not muted.
Still dignified, past perfect, but still pushing.
Withering tea addict,
laughs at her own sophisticated and immature jokes.
How the highness gracefully descend.

Relaxed, reclined,
hands placed still on abdomen, yet they’re itching.
Noisy breaths lift her sinking body,
till she’s plastered to the bed,
not quite motionless.
Can’t decline.
Sits up. Peering, active, but stunted.
This one's about my grandmother. She used to be this royal lady and she still is but with deteriorating hearing.
Maxim Keyfman Aug 2018
the huge lightning sounded
in that instant well that
in that gloomy and dark sad
in that where the water on the walls creeps
in that where the groves and alleys are round

the lightning came
the royal fell into pieces
what is now where now and how
this is where the lians grow in the bathroom
where the cucumbers lie next to the window

Ilunga Mutombo Aug 2018
One does not need to be born of royal birth
to realize their nobality
Their existence alone shows great triumph
Over life’s pain and reality
Deep inside our hearts
we are all Kings and Queens
Destined for a greater good
To serve and protect humanity
We are all of royal blood
Coming from a nation called earth
Fighting for peace and tranquility
While we objectify the laws of gravity
Letting our souls fly into a deep blue sky
As angels kneel when we Fly by
Lyn-Purcell Jul 2018
How happy I am
To see the Kings and Queens smile
in the poet's court
Thank you every so much for the support and the kind messages!
Truly, you're all amazing!
Love you guys and this poetry page so much!
Lyn ***
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