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About time,
I've paid my dues I've crossed the line,
This moment I thought would never come,
Is in my grasp, the deed now done.

Don't get me wrong, I loved my Mum,
But all that passed would surely stun
Even a saint or the Lord above,
So tiring being an aimless dove.

Now I'm ready to take the world by storm,
Show them my worth, no longer act forlorn,
The wife I always wanted by my side,
I can finally get into my Kingly stride.

The Little ****** that remains,
Harry's willful character that pains,
I've summoned experts to hear what they might say
To finally obtain a sample of his mysterious DNA.

I'm not claiming he's not mine,
But as Americans would shout, ‘I wouldn't bet a dime’,
Thank goodness I've got my other boy,
A stand-up chap that brings me nothing but pure joy.

As to Camilla, my soulmate from the start,
From whom they never could tear me far apart,
She now stands by me as my Queen,
You saw me beam with joy like a lovestruck teen.

Don't get me wrong,
I'm painfully aware my reign may not be long,
But while I'm here, I plan to make my mark,
Understanding this job is no cakewalk in the park.

I've got the Aussies wanting to jump ship.
The Canadians on their own perennial trip,
The Scots plotting for a Clansman King,
And Parliament seeking me do next to nothing.

Yet I've got a plan,
Something that will surely stun,
Become a multimedia star,
And thus take them all across the bar.

I can jig, dance and sing,
Fly helicopters, do pretty much of anything,
Plant trees, help save our World
How can all of this be thought absurd.

Politicians just blow smoke,
Send their countries near flat broke,
I instead bring Billions in
Collecting smiles from wheresoever I have been.

That said let me enjoy my moment in the sun,
Reflecting on all that's been and done,
My resolve is firm, my duty clear,
My life's work is aimed at all, both far and near.

So rest easy, enjoy the ride,
Sailing smoothly on a flowing tide,
Over a thousand years in the making
My oath is one of giving and not taking.
Steve Page Sep 2022
I look into her face, curiously more familiar, more frequent now on her departure. And particularly more prominent in profile.  
I look into her face and see the easy smile that comes with age and with the assurance of knowing herself and her place in the bigger scheme of things, particularly in the scheme of relatively earthly royalty and the ultimately heavenly King.
I look into her face and recall it in prayer at her husband's funeral, and imagine it now at rest, in darkness and in joy, in a brighter light.
I look into her face, on my pound coin, in the corner of my letter, on the street bill board, on the front of the paper, on every channel, an image etched in my mind's eye, a loud echo of a lifetime of consistency and service.  
I look and then in a prayer thank her God and my God for gifting us this servant queen, who lived well and only fell once she had done enough to help ensure others' lives were better for her being there.
And I pray for our king, that his long apprentiship in her firm serves him well and serves us well as we walk on together, into the unknown, in thanks for the service of leaders.
Queen Elizabeth II, 1926 - 2022
Simon Piesse Sep 2022
We thank you for our Queen,
For all that she has been!
By generations seen
As steadfast and serene.

Strong champion of the Arts,
She played so many parts,
Although our mourning starts,
She’ll live on in our hearts.

She counselled countless politicians,
Showed a loving disposition,
‘Service not self’ remained her position,
The Christian faith, her life-long mission.

She walked with the rich;
She talked with the poor;
She re-formed a nation
Broken by war.

Her Christmas messages
And kaleidoscopic dresses
Gave us hope,
Took away our distresses.

Above all, though she led our nation
She stayed down to earth, our special relation.
Now her train has left our station
We offer our humble adulation.

We thank you for our Queen,
For all that she has been!
By generations seen
As steadfast and serene.
Emanzi Ian Jan 2022
Kings are born Kings
Princes and princesses are born this way
The king selects the queen from whatever status and elevates her to the position
Mere attraction can turn the daughter of a local fisherman to a royal
From grass to Grace
Rags to riches
The lion cannot dine with hyenas
The eagle can't flock with the ravens
Haves and have nots
You can't have what's not yours
Mind your interactions and connections
Watch who you keep close
Some of them are wolves in sheep's clothes
They say your network is your networth
What's the worth of your network?!
Watch them closely,some of them in the network won't work
They are just work,so whack
Don't lose your focus,stay woke
The rich man just won't go broke
The poor man just won't get any richer
It's the aim of the system
Am only saying a word to a wise one,am no preacher
And am no teacher

Kings and Queens
Charmine Jun 2021
Royal in castle
With the royal sun and dew.
Shining in the light of the day,
Love of us will never fade.
HTR Stevens Apr 2021
Standing tall among men was he,
Very humbly he called himself a 'refugee'.
He was the Queen's Consort, oft full of wit;
Yet in humour, he pretended to be a twit.
Some thought he stood among the gods,
Busy with so much he had no time for the Land of Nod.
In life steps behind the Queen he would always be;
At death carried high before the Queen and for all to see.
All the many good works he had done,
The world only knew at the set of his sun.
Anemone Mar 2021
let the swords clash
let the shields fall
hold strong, hold the line
and protect them all

let my blade be my guide
with my brothers by my side
though the battle may be ******
we will never back down
we will stand by each other
defending our crown
AnnStacia Mar 2021
Your hands move along my spine like you know me
Did you know me when I was 16
I think your lips once touched me with a taste of whiskey while you drew a tattoo on my back that read property of Drew
Darling I open myself for you to take me to the rose garden of dreams where roses turn Blue and I turn into a princess who screws you
Licking cinnamon off of you and coming alive on top of you
You pulled my dress up in the ballroom and penetrated love
Now your lips **** on my flower every night
Your eyes wander the crowded room
With kings and queens dressed to the nines while your pretty face sits between my thighs
Did you know me before this life
I think your body hugged me after that party for the queen
They’ll never know who
You are
You’re a man who needed teaching but taught me instead how to ***** like princesses do
Is it true that the world was built for you
Cause my days are devoted to you
Darling I’m drunk and seeing stars that resemble you
Licking you and becoming a woman on top of you
You pulled my dress up in the ballroom and penetrated me like bad men do
Darling it’s true..
I was made for you
Lying in a  blossom field
on the grass between lavenders
The sun is shining right on me
while a breeze is touching
purple royal flowers tender.
A heavy scent is in the air
Ascending up to heaven
I close my eyes  pretend to sleep
while  being quite enchanted.
With you lying here next to me
tenderly caressing cheeks
I am in lovers heaven.

Lavender color of the royals, lavender rose the flower for enchantment.
Traveler Nov 2020
The deeper the dreamer
The more dramatic
The dream
Go back to sleep
Chaotic scene

Royal gardeners
Fertilizing passions
Snakes of a fruit
Angelic reactions

Intoxicating pleasures
Resolving dissatisfactions
A collective conscience
In poetic fashion

It was good
And dreamt
Dream reality
For us
Slumber on!
Traveler Tim
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