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Feb 1 · 215
F White Feb 1
You asked for this door.
One foot through the
Other trembling in the stars.

You can[not] have balance without halfway seeking defeat.

Stone's on the water now.

Float or sink.
Copyright fhw 2019
Dec 2018 · 521
F White Dec 2018
Heavy days and
Hollow nights
I note the numbers and try
To find the
Copyright fhw 2018
May 2018 · 774
On Rest
F White May 2018
Today it is ok to hold
Your body at pause
Suspend your animation temporarily let your bones keep
Their shape in peaceful unity to
Breathe in gentle air
The big wide world will
Still be out there.
Copyright fhw 2018
Apr 2018 · 763
Love Note To
F White Apr 2018
A harsh wind is blowing
Whistling and shrieking down
The peeks and ridges of our collective anxiety
Only live, only hope
I look at you often
Stare into the corners of your eyes and I catch
The tears that shine there
I examine your fingers wrapped
Over and around mine
The thumb that I labeled perfect
My own little spiders tucked under
The warm shelter of your solid bones.
We are two, you and I, but really we are one.
Farther than the sun
Way past the reaches of stars.
Deeper than the ocean.
You sink into my heart and I try to commit your face to a memory that can only exist while there is a vessel.
But no matter the Galaxy Path I am destined to take
The string remains.
This love Is Unmovable.
Copyright fhw 2018
Feb 2018 · 570
Sahara; Accidental
F White Feb 2018
Something of a wasteland lately-
Only elbows, shoulders and ribs.
Tentative and soft about my navel
Yet, above my hips no camel can trace a
Drops in this desert are fleeting and often the bones
Of strangers get in the
People look at me now and
Don't know what
To say.
Copyright fhw 2018
Jan 2018 · 218
Love Angel
F White Jan 2018
I see your wings.

even if You
copyright fhw 2018
Nov 2017 · 212
Temporary Spoon
F White Nov 2017
Night and day melt in
A cycle of paradoxical yin
And yang
Up is down,
Sideways is wrong
And stopping is the fear of
The struggle is the
Map when searching for a
Key that you didn't want
to Need.
Copyright fhw, 2017
Aug 2017 · 593
The Collector
F White Aug 2017
As your last greens fade and red comes to your lips
as your fingers grow sharp and papery
and your ribs rattle in the wind
and the squirrels begin the escape to your belly
I will come with my lantern and my cloak and set your children free
we will soar on the warmer currents we will kiss frost goodbye. i
welcome our Fall.
For it is the time- living and dying time
when I finally get to fly.
Copyright fhw 2017
Aug 2017 · 950
F White Aug 2017
bone traitor.
Skin viper
Edge Stealer
Ridge maker
Health reflector.
Mirror- you liar!
Rogue on the scale...
Signs that my brain has duped me;
Floating oily in the
Phantom aches
Blood test lies
Powdery remedies pressed almond abandon all cows
Bean curd body snatching
**** the doctor to get a clue

Girl in pain this isn't me so-
Who the **** are you?
Copyright fhw 2017
May 2017 · 1.6k
F White May 2017
We had hope as she closed us up tight.
Mama, will it hurt?
"Hush," on her lips and she sent ants to
kiss our anxious tears.
And she whispered
Just as we fall, so
We grow
Copyright fhw 2017
Apr 2017 · 1.2k
F White Apr 2017
Heart not
Of my heart
But still in my veins
**** dweller, outside
my body
Me, a native invader in a constant

And [t]his will always be
A glass house

not a welcome home.
Copyright fhw 2017
Mar 2017 · 623
Ego, Id.
F White Mar 2017
My heart walks away, for a time,
Just to be safe...
She's a prize fighter, I know how to fall
Down. Rips, fissures, normal wear for 31 years
In the shower silence
In that quiet place she stands and I unfurl
A life is a life, lived, fought, dribbled away or burnt
This one's hers.
So I stay with the cold space in my chest,
And wait for it to return.
Copyright fhw 2017
Jan 2017 · 379
Insanity Check
F White Jan 2017
My fear is a pool
Ripples washing ; the wind is deepening.
This ebbs with the moon if I can freeze my reality
Radio is the enemy
TV is a liar
I wake up every minute wishing I were dreaming.
1984- 2017
a new world awakening and inside
I am
Copyright fhw 2017
Sep 2016 · 1.4k
F White Sep 2016
I mourn for skunks.

The squashed, flattened masses
***** mashed, their stripes scattered
Matted  masks disguising unseeing eyes
Through how many fields have they run?
Once sweet babies, small noses, downlike fur
fleeing to their final place from green leafed bowers in a terrible act of asphalt bait n' switch

Let us all grieve the sacrifice which,
Unto the motor gods
Has been served.
Copyright fhw 2016
Jun 2016 · 542
F White Jun 2016
In a  slow, desperate burn, we are falling. Failing.
Too little too late. Too much in the wrong place. Outrage not action.
From the trees, from the sky, we are calling and questioning, bemoaning, condemning.
Our hearts are corroding, our feet slipping, from containing the pain of the
Bridges are snapping, ribs are breaking, eyes are closing.
The pictures we glorified on screen, the peanuts we paid to watch fictional strangers die-
They have stepped out, escaped and run rampant.
We lived the illusions out.
No zombies. No fire. No meteor.
Hate. In tidal waves. Ignorance in brimstone.
Apocalypse is now. We are how.
Copyright fhw, 2016
Feb 2016 · 660
F White Feb 2016
We are comprised of such precious fragments.

Pieces of ourselves that we forget to
Remember and remember to
Copyright FHW, 2016
Jan 2016 · 565
Another Me
F White Jan 2016
Cellophane sits
On the edge of my
Stuck, see- through and
Feel the old sludge of the
Try to
Copyright fhw, 2016
Dec 2015 · 3.9k
F White Dec 2015
Sometimes, looking at you in the light of the kitchen  I want
to run a finger
Down the length of your nose but
I know you'd wrinkle it, and shake your head citing a tickle, but kiss behind my shoulder as soon
As I turn away

When my feet make ice pools in the bed
Toes accidentally brushing your ankle and you **** abruptly, but upon hearing
My sigh, trap them back with your ankles til, martyr that you are, I'm engulfed in
Warmth at your

Sometimes the last trickle of milk is mine, for the coffee,
Silent with your eyes smiling fondly, you look on as I sip, resolutely stirring powdered
Dead baby souls into mug as substitute.

Even damp smelly socks
Greasy hair
Neurotic tears and
Intellectual rambling epiphanies

Even childish blunders, fudging the
Budget or burning the toast

You still call me fond Things.

And love Me.
The most.
Copyright fhw, 2015
Dec 2015 · 435
Secret Domestic
F White Dec 2015
Made you Breakfast Eggs, yolks pooling
Slipped into that Lucille ball coat.
I wear it well
Like Pretty Woman level.

But in the midst of
these folded clothes
Tangled toddler hair and budget restraints

late at night,
I watch over your troubled dreams, kissing demons away.
Yours always, but forever furled in my
Ultimate Soul

Lies a Wild gypsy Queen
Copyright fhw, 2015
Oct 2015 · 2.4k
F White Oct 2015
A panacea,
the band aid word I
slap on conflict

A solve it all

Acronym for nothing and
Diffuser of
All scenarios.

the  more politely phrased version of
The mafia's cry.

But no matter how you slant the saying,
It's still salient- and a parched, bleached lie.
Copyright fhw, 2015
Oct 2015 · 878
Coffee B****
F White Oct 2015
dizzying drips in the espresso's wake
pool of foam on the counter's face

facade of daily blather
hiss of saucer's edge
rusty change scattered loose.

in this,
I find the mystery of human use.

what we're for
why we're there

the arm that pours
the lips that curve

the standing, tired legs that shout

"I serve."
"I did it." and

"I'm  f**ing out."
copyright fhw, 2015
Aug 2015 · 548
Esrever Ni Allerednic
F White Aug 2015
Stuck in the 9-5 of Everyone
Else's life
My undiscovered dreams shelved
Luminous theoretical future
Kisses overflowing interlocked and
Delivered with promise
Transparent truthful question in
this Interim-

Is ' Happy' enough?
Copyright FHW 2015
Jun 2015 · 735
Nataraja- Magnificant
F White Jun 2015
the dance I do with
somehow, deliberately stomping on
my own feet.

stopping just before the gap oh-
I mind it
don't mind if I
do pass right THROUGH it.

shoot the foot? I have holes
to the stars.

I could hang hooks on the wounds I've
pierced in my nervous little soul.

Confident bark, blink and nod.

"Padlocked and sealed," I'll say.

But through my teeth, raw, I know I'm just treading mud
and banking on the Gods.
copyright fhw, 2015
May 2015 · 790
Miranda's Game
F White May 2015
it is time, dear one.

to move ( no longer dally here.)
and stretch your legs into the unknown-
dangle your toes into chaos and
tickle the chin of change.

inch onto the branch of
choices and follies and casually
inform fate that she's got a nice ****

So spill your daring chant
roaring the words of a cowardly
lion as
you sally down this saffron road

no scarecrow here, just the winds of tomorrow

to tell us where
to go.
Copyright FHW, 2015
Apr 2015 · 450
To Do The Thing
F White Apr 2015
it's not often that once is Only
and that last is really the End.

forever is only a little
and goodbye is "in theory."

starts and stops are just in the heart.

memories are in the mind.

and the choice is in my hands.
copyright FHW, 2015
Apr 2015 · 693
Neon Sign
F White Apr 2015
crawling out

I read the newspaper on
your lap predicting

smell the coffee on your
breath keeping you

looking through your
eyes the lens blue not

holding my own eight ball foggy

I can't tell Your future.

but I see Ours.

and it is
copyright FHW, 2015
Mar 2015 · 424
F White Mar 2015
found my heart in
your hands.

didn't even know
it was missing.

but I guess now
copyright fhw, 2015
Mar 2015 · 660
F White Mar 2015
vines on the stone
And you are Here
staring into future mirrors
and pebbles on the path
pass and scatter

grooves run through the sand
and under your feet they
are soft.

so choose now, Fierce One. and
hold yourself aloft.
copyright fhw, 2015
Feb 2015 · 622
Small Heart
F White Feb 2015
if your hands were there,
I would hold them.

if I could just back up off
this ledge
and look you in the eye.
copyright fhw, 2015
Feb 2015 · 462
Right Now
F White Feb 2015
I thought of the giants whom
I planned to conquer when
I'd reached an eligible age:

build a house out of my goals
furnish it with a child in white
rule by 28 with a future bright.

but now in the clearing of brinks and
cliffs, facing the threshold of the sum of
three decades.

I stand, with one boot unlaced,
mirror in hand
a deviant Janus.

I try to block
the bird, as she whispers "Close."

*Meet your knight
or meet the night.
but for love of god
walk a road, ANY road,

before it forks you over.
copyright fhw, 2015
Feb 2015 · 488
a ghost in the wires
F White Feb 2015
I heard your voice on the radio
Today I
Knew I really should have kept
Away it's just the memory
Of  how it cracks.
Could almost forget what the
Real you-
Copyright fhw, 2015
Jan 2015 · 400
a song for Later
F White Jan 2015
miss what it wasn't,
[little dreamer]

forget how it happened,
[little liar]

focus on the Forward,
[little prophet]

but don't discount the After.
[little lover]
Copyright FHW, 2015
Jan 2015 · 645
F White Jan 2015
Blue eyes, but only for me-
Standing fast, holding their ground.

Fluent in every single one of my

**** you, Magician.
Copyright fhw, 2015
Jan 2015 · 1.0k
Lilith's Wish
F White Jan 2015
Reshape the void-
add a backbone
form my lips
mould my sentences
build my breath.

make me human again
rebirth acceptance love hope life future universe positive optimism
Jan 2015 · 636
Strawberry Bolts
F White Jan 2015
Fed sugar lumps to the horses but-
They kicked them out of my hands.

Ran away and left me cold.

Maybe I tried to love them too-
Copyright fhw, 2015
Jan 2015 · 517
The Devil's Hand
F White Jan 2015
Prince of Shapes-
oh you hurtful
living an illusion

flipped me around til my feet
were pointing up

closed off in doublethink how
on earth did I ever fall so...
Copyright fhw, 2015
Jan 2015 · 358
This Grace
F White Jan 2015
Sometimes there
A right way to live to

We beat our bones against
The rock
We hurt our hearts saying we
Deserve this.
We swim up a negative stream.
It's a channel I know well-

Yet False, I say.

A spark- it's all you have.

Small butterfly- save your wish.

It's not too late.
Copyright fhw, 2015
Dec 2014 · 420
F White Dec 2014
And in the calm water, there
sits the seed of a story:

Green under blue -
the tale of a fish who flew,

Because the tree came to her.
Copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 590
A Timecard Possessed
F White Dec 2014
the speed parallel of Me-These-Days
is the blur of sun
and the slide of cold night.

and they taunt me, those stars
as they wobble on the wall
and the shadows tumble in my sight.
under my lashes, the darkness grows long

in my inside out mind
in my upside down heart
learning to love lose and forget you
is this flawed art

I have to work to remember
and struggle to stop
shutting my brain down
like a tapped out, close-to-retirement beat
copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 779
white heart
F White Dec 2014
The World: an enormous
place where nobody quite
Copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 529
Dead Horse
F White Dec 2014
Get out of my
head Oh, you Bandaid
Copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 1.0k
F White Dec 2014
Snow is falling-
covering up the memory of
copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 734
F*** You, Disney
F White Dec 2014
Let's talk about love and how
It isn't
Turn the trumpets around, angels
Rip those roses, petals apart
Inside out
Lay low for the vicarious, while they're
Still doubting
For heartache is brutal and
Also causes Gout
*not scientifically proven
copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 1.2k
F White Dec 2014
like ******* crumbs you're
still on my tongue the
stomach ache I can't

the old haunt I missed
before ever stepping through the

the scrape on my knee ghost
of which still stings

and for a while still,

I  may cry at normal
copyright fhw, 2014
Dec 2014 · 381
Vanishing Point
F White Dec 2014
Too right-
a cup so full
cannot hold
cannot comprehend
focus or push back

a cup will spill, trembling
when held in unsteady fingers
knuckles white, nail beds stark

a soul pushed
a soul stretched

has no balance left
copyright fhw 2014
Nov 2014 · 601
F White Nov 2014
In time, you will walk on

my fingers will become stars
my lips, branches
my heart, brittle moss
you will go away from me gently

and grow upon this loss
Copyright fhw 2014
Nov 2014 · 766
F White Nov 2014
Sometimes I feel like a walking calamity.

sort of unfinished-
like a painting missing just that last daub.
Like a sketch instead of a snapshot.

I'm clothes that don't totally fit.

I feel ungrateful- often.
Smarmy and altruistic.
A vain liar.

the princess ideal is not for me
nor is the martyr

but lately I feel I wear both the dress, the cross and the crown.

Invisible stigmatas staining my palms.

Bearing everyone's burdens but my own.
When did I decide that was my job?

Who chose to put me in this role?

If I am in charge of my own destiny, why did I choose such a lousy one?

in the final fight,
I won't walk to the light. I'll brandish my umbrella for the storm cloud.

I've painted on the silver lining for others. They've eaten my words.
But this is something I cannot swallow.

Oh life- you bitter pill.
Copyright fhw, 2014
Nov 2014 · 2.2k
Big Potatoes
F White Nov 2014
Drove my sleepy heart...

Today, all I could give you was coffee

but you've already got more than that,

when you're ready to wake up.
copyright FHW, 2014

Author's Note: he never did. Unfortunately.
Nov 2014 · 727
Loess & Gannet
F White Nov 2014
I can make my voice strong
but the truth of that falsehood makes my throat burn
I am losing ground

slip-sliding over gravel
boots into wheels and I am back
and that control
is not over you
and it's not over me

it's just lost in space floating
between my pillows
and my quiet thoughts at night

the balm that I hope I can bring by turning off the light does
not quench

sleep does not smooth and
the jolt of decisions overly made
hashed and delayed

has my existence catching itself at the door

I don't want to be human anymore.
copyright fhw, 2014
Nov 2014 · 1.4k
Darkest Peru
F White Nov 2014
So Stuck.

Mire of Muck.

Inside my Blood.

On top of my Soul.
Copyright FHW, 2014
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