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F White Mar 2020
I scramble to tally all
the things about this that are wrong
Clinging to
And clawing at
Careful pieces of
Someone else's song

Ringing harsh around me are these lyrics in my ears
Clashing, ripping, tossing feelings out of my eyes with
Traitorous ******* tears.

Somewhere there is laughter
Somewhere there is death
Somewhere someone is fighting
For their last and desperate breath

And here in our bubbles it's hard to see the trees
But the wind it still whispers
Catching me 'round the knees

You are mortal
You will be mortal
Your life is in a shell
Be grateful for what hits you
And what isn't- so
Guard this well.
Copyright fhw, 2020
F White Feb 2020
Unspeakable yet bursting on my tongue.
Keeping slow poison in my heart and knowing the map to potential misery I hold.
My feet steeling themselves for the treacherous path that I still only truly know.
The frozen moment before the window breaks.
[That...Knowing ...]
This jagged rock lies in my pocket--
everything that touches me feels as though it's about to shatter.
The false illusion that I can protect anyone from sadness.
I am  the eye of the storm.
An epicenter of grief.
Ripples in lava. But alas.

I have become Pompeii.
And no act of Earth
or sky can stop this.

So forward march,
And away we go.
Copyright fhw 2020
F White Jan 2020
Things that are dead
So many ants.
We give and take life so
Barbaric in our uniformity.
Mob mentality
House flies are a game.
Cut flowers, Christmas trees.
Beef in cream sauce.
A culture of mundane murderers.

It's ok.
All the kids are doing it.
Copyright fhw 2020
F White Nov 2019
To the hand that slid to my shoulder
As you began to drift...
Since you've gotten there first-
May I love you in my sleep
As much you love me
In yours.
Copyright fhw 2019
F White Oct 2019
This rawness
The salt of life
In all my wounds.
Of this existence.
The obstacles and trials
Of being human.
Are too much but in one...
the same and
Copyright fhw 2019
F White Jul 2019
I don't write them anymore
I say I've lost my words
But in truth, they never left
Bubbling under the surface of my lips
Like sweet blisters of hope, confusion and rancor
I am really [only] a living dictionary
My thoughts like a river
My mouth like a hose
But you always say stop.
So they just sit, drying up
While I breathe through my nose.
Copyright fhw 2019
F White Feb 2019
You asked for this door.
One foot through the
Other trembling in the stars.

You can[not] have balance without halfway seeking defeat.

Stone's on the water now.

Float or sink.
Copyright fhw 2019
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