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F White Feb 1
You asked for this door.
One foot through the
Other trembling in the stars.

You can[not] have balance without halfway seeking defeat.

Stone's on the water now.

Float or sink.
Copyright fhw 2019
F White Dec 2018
Heavy days and
Hollow nights
I note the numbers and try
To find the
Copyright fhw 2018
F White May 2018
Today it is ok to hold
Your body at pause
Suspend your animation temporarily let your bones keep
Their shape in peaceful unity to
Breathe in gentle air
The big wide world will
Still be out there.
Copyright fhw 2018
F White Apr 2018
A harsh wind is blowing
Whistling and shrieking down
The peeks and ridges of our collective anxiety
Only live, only hope
I look at you often
Stare into the corners of your eyes and I catch
The tears that shine there
I examine your fingers wrapped
Over and around mine
The thumb that I labeled perfect
My own little spiders tucked under
The warm shelter of your solid bones.
We are two, you and I, but really we are one.
Farther than the sun
Way past the reaches of stars.
Deeper than the ocean.
You sink into my heart and I try to commit your face to a memory that can only exist while there is a vessel.
But no matter the Galaxy Path I am destined to take
The string remains.
This love Is Unmovable.
Copyright fhw 2018
F White Feb 2018
Something of a wasteland lately-
Only elbows, shoulders and ribs.
Tentative and soft about my navel
Yet, above my hips no camel can trace a
Drops in this desert are fleeting and often the bones
Of strangers get in the
People look at me now and
Don't know what
To say.
Copyright fhw 2018
F White Jan 2018
I see your wings.

even if You
copyright fhw 2018
F White Nov 2017
Night and day melt in
A cycle of paradoxical yin
And yang
Up is down,
Sideways is wrong
And stopping is the fear of
The struggle is the
Map when searching for a
Key that you didn't want
to Need.
Copyright fhw, 2017
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