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A M Ryder Oct 2022
Being a partner
Means you're just
Making coffee

You start to
Realize that
It's just work;
An opportunity
"To do"
You're not learning
You're just
Doing something

Then it starts
To mean you're
Not getting by
You're "going"
And it's just a job

Your fellow partners
Aren't just colleagues
They're a company
And you're just
An employee
s1mpl3po3t May 2021
Down at Mary Lou's,
There's a Venezuelan *****,
I'd have married her at 16
If we were south of Mason Dixon,
She's as sweet as cotton candy
She's a Venezuelan fox,
She has all the right ingredients
To be unorthodox.

Down at Mary Lou's
There's a Venezuelan momma,
She looks hotter than Hell
And knows nothing of Obama,
She has a way with coffee beans
A special way to grind,
The brew so stimulating
Oh baby; What a find!

Down at Mary Lou's
There's a Venezuelan beauty,
She blends outstanding coffee
And she really is a cutie,
Whenever I stop by
I feel her Venezuelan heat,
I get an overwhelming urge
Just to have a bite to eat.

Down at Mary Lou's
There's a Venezuelan girl,
She makes the finest Latte'
With a little mocha curl,
Her steam is hyper-pressured
Milk frothing to a frenzy,
I think I'll wait outside for her
To perform an apprehenzie.

Down at Mary Lou's
There's a Venezuelan dame,
She prepares an awesome beverage
While I play a little game,
It’s called watch the Coffee Maid
Tamp the grounds and make some steam,
Oh, this Venezuelan Coffee chick
Is an old man’s sweetest dream.

There's a Venezuelan princess
Down at Mary Lou's,
If I had done the hiring
She's the one I'd choose,
Her charisma is intoxicating
Her aromas even more so,
And when she wears that skimpy T - shirt
I'm just nuts about her torso.

Down at Mary Lou's
Things are heating up,
I keep dropping in for coffee
At three bucks a cup,
And while I'm on the subject
Regarding a Venezuelan Barista,
If she isn't available.........
Might she have a sista'?

A vacation too short
But the views were **** good,
Thanks to a Venezuelan beauty
Preparing coffee as one should,
I'll return again a year from now
And stop at Mary Lou's,
Will the Coffee chick come back again?
If not I'll sing the blues.
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
Your hand caressed in mine,
when you brought in my cup of coffee.
You gave a smile,
like a wanderer with an untold story.

The scent of brewed coffee sends a tingle to my olfactory nerve;
it reminds me of you, whenever you serve.

After I left the coffee shop,
it was you who I thought about.
Thinking of seeing you again—-
I smiled, without a doubt.
This was inspired when I was all alone in a local coffee shop and the barista was so kind to talk to me. He was friendly and, my gosh, so charming. *swoons*
Hopeless Outlet Mar 2018
Hello , how are you
What would you like?
No problem, that'll be $2.67
Yes , the prices go up without us knowing
Here you go, have a great day
(are you ok? You good?)
(I'm fine)
Where do you want me?
Ok, I finished, now where?
I just put out milk, are they just guzzling it?
(are you ok, you good?)
(yeah, I'm good)
Hi. Yes. Iced or hot?
ICED or hot?
Have a great day.
Can I clock out now?
See you tomorrow.
(Im so tired of saying "I'm ok." Because then I think about it and realize, I'm not always okay. I'm The only way I know how to.)
Work, can be draining.
Just wanted this out instead of keeping it in.
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