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madyson shaye May 29
If I was a coffee drinker
I’d balance your body like a rosetta
I’d kiss your cheek with my Colombian coffee breath,
the flavor of our love like your crema on my tongue-
notes of rich chocolate evenings and salty, very salty,
your bitterness like the very first time
notes of my coffee cherry- no, your coffee cherry,
the aftertaste like high acidity
your complexity gets lost on my caffeine intolerance,
but I still feel your finish each time I swallow
I still find notes of you, cupping me
other name: can you tell my ex is a barista

tags are so lame but I must try
Arianna Mar 11
"I'll take spilled coffee over spilled blood any day!"
Thoughts I had while working as a barista.
Arianna Jan 19
"A jack-o'-lantern
Fell in your coffee, ma'am. Just
Watch out: he might bite!"
Joanna Charis Aug 2018
Your hand caressed in mine,
when you brought in my cup of coffee.
You gave a smile,
like a wanderer with an untold story.

The scent of brewed coffee sends a tingle to my olfactory nerve;
it reminds me of you, whenever you serve.

After I left the coffee shop,
it was you who I thought about.
Thinking of seeing you again—-
I smiled, without a doubt.
This was inspired when I was all alone in a local coffee shop and the barista was so kind to talk to me. He was friendly and, my gosh, so charming. *swoons*
Terry Collett Jul 2018
He noticed you'd
cut your blonde hair.

Turned away from him,
he noticed it
from the rear.

You busy
making coffees.

He stood watching,

There was talking
from the cafe;
people moving
to and fro,
coming and going.

He noticed how slim
your body was,
how thin your arms,
delicate your fingers,
moving at their task.

He studied you
as you turned;
took in your pale features,
icy blue eyes,
the thin pink lips.

Now full on
you looked up
to gaze at him.

He flustered
pretended indifference,
but inside he glowed
like a pokered fire.

You turned away
to make more coffees
and he taking his
on a tray,
sat quietly
not far away.
Hello , how are you
What would you like?
No problem, that'll be $2.67
Yes , the prices go up without us knowing
Here you go, have a great day
(are you ok? You good?)
(I'm fine)
Where do you want me?
Ok, I finished, now where?
I just put out milk, are they just guzzling it?
(are you ok, you good?)
(yeah, I'm good)
Hi. Yes. Iced or hot?
ICED or hot?
Have a great day.
Can I clock out now?
See you tomorrow.
(Im so tired of saying "I'm ok." Because then I think about it and realize, I'm not always okay. I'm The only way I know how to.)
Work, can be draining.
Just wanted this out instead of keeping it in.
Terry Collett Aug 2017
Henry sips his latte;
the café is full; a babble
of voices surround him.

The young barista is beautiful,
her large eyes gaze at him,
her lips become flowers
as she speaks.

The other barista is older
and not so beautiful; her words
are half Italian and sound
romantic no matter
what she says.

Henry will order another latte
just to hear her speak again.

The beautiful barista is busy;
the crowd buzz like bees.
Henry And Latte and baristas.
neko-nae Aug 2017
the monotony
of frap
after frappuccino

after frap,
sloshing flavored syrup
up my arms
and fingers sticky with caramel--

we run like hamsters
round & round
and don't stop
'til we're dead--
Barista life is tough.
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