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Sing to me, tell me all the things in my ear
I’d want to hear, be my personal Shakespeare
I want it but I won't ask for it
I want you to tell me I’m pretty, and in return I get beautiful
Show me you want me,
but not always physically
And although well get there in a minute  
But show me you need me
Need someone to listen
Be there for you when you cry and baby please don't you be shy
I’ll give you that high that tender lovin no one can deny
Touch me, make love to my body and soul
Allow me to explore the journey and become on as a whole
Conversate with me and more than just “wyd”
Pull all nighters till the sun rises up at 7:30
No need for orange juice sipping my tea
You give me all the vitamin C that rush from fresh brewed coffee
Open up to me, be a book a novel
allowing me to flick through you’re page
And maybe we can work on starting a life together and become old aged
Love me,
I want you to love my love I give to you with no hesitation
Have constant flirtation for the rest of our lives without any complication
And I want you to
Be my medicine, the pill I take and digest that takes all my pain away
Making me forget the hurt that's been done and replace it with pure and utterly true love
And be mine’s, be my person that’s all I ask
This poem of mines is overall about a girl that wants a partnership with a person but asks for something that's long term and not temporary. She wants them physically yes but that's not as important than having a emotionally, spiritually, and mentally connection with them.
Madisen Kuhn May 27
at night, i dream of sun-drenched eggshell walls
baking in the morning like yukon gold potatoes
where we wake unbothered by the encroaching light
i’ll meet you in the kitchen to switch on the toaster oven
the coffee ***, pulling our ceramic mugs from the drying rack
carrying our books with bent covers to the balcony
where you set down thick slices of french bread slathered in butter
and a bowl of fresh, cold strawberries on a small round table
that we found at a sunday yard sale two summers ago
we take turns taking crisp bites in between sips of steaming coffee
mine with raw honey and cream, yours black
our oily thumbs staining the corners of thin ivory pages
i listen to the sound of you reading; of the world waking up
birds singing their sunrise songs; and my heart
slow, and buoyant, and irrevocably yours
Aduain Mar 6
When the sky is black with storms
There is a place for you with me,
When the sea is rough and cold
a haven, safe, to be.

When the road is long and rutted,
I’m a smooth tarred motorway
To ease you along the path
to where you long to stay

When the journey’s never ending
I’m the firelight from home
When the anger’s overwhelming
I’m the calm before the storm

When the wind is strongest
Uprooting all around
I’m the steadfast oak
Stolid, rooted, Sound.

When the rain is pelting
Soaking all around
I will be the shelter,
your spirit will not drown.

I know that you can’t see it,
But I’ll always have your back,
I’m here with you forever
to guard you from the flack.
You know what?
It may not feel real to you, but
It does to me.  
Lies so often that it’s uprooted my own
Sense of sensibility.  

Gentle, loving touch
I feel it deep shivers down my back
The services you render
I haven’t seen
Since I ran Allroy off the track.

Peck rapidly with your thumbs
Although you can barely read.
But here I stay, I care
I can’t explain the need.
Lets walk together,
To the unknown bliss.

Lets walk together,
For eternity in light.

Walk with me,
So I am not alone.

Together for a lifetime,
In pathways that are joined.
A Darkened Mind Oct 2018
The embarrassment!
My mum and dad are holding hands!
They're kissing in public
Laughing as i cringe
They said one day I'd understand

They taught me what love is
Showed me to care for someone
more than I'd ever care for myself.
Showed me patience and understanding

Your other half may drive you crazy
But they are yours.
To laugh with and cry with.
To shout at and smile with.
A partnership.

Love is making memories
Enjoying each others company,
Playing scrabble, doing the crossword.
Breakfast in bed with the morning paper.
Small things to make each other smile.
Little notes and silly pet names

Love is honest and selfless
It's not perfection, and constant romance
But it's unconditional And never ending
Madisen Kuhn Oct 2018
i will wait up for you
i will kiss you at the front door
i will rub your back until you fall asleep
we will walk down tree-lined streets
in cities that are new to me and old to you
we will hold hands on trains, in museums
for years, until there are permanent tan lines
on our fragile, well-lived knuckles
we will find rest in one another
on long days, on slow days
together, you and i
M Salinger Aug 2018
Something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty

and in the face of this
you lose a part of

The words want to escape..
I understand
it is our nature;

it is the human condition
& our shared suffering

but don’t you see?

it only masks the
that come out when
runs rampant
& to win the fight
we must be
& discover
what parts of
our nature need

because I’ve seen you
move mountains
& together
we can move Earth itself

Imagine for a fleeting moment,
the dark side of the moon
and it’s just you & I

summon that same
& fervour

be bold.

in the face of adversity
that is my hope for you,
that you find
your fearlessness
so you can be

The smoke
it hangs low,
a weight in my lungs
like the feeling in my soul

the forests
burn themselves,
and out of destruction,
the new growth is born,
like us

be born again,
let my love
nourish & caress you
scars and all

rise to the
when fear beckons

Lay your heavy head
and tired mind
in my lap
and let your tears
of sadness,
and longing
flow in the space between my legs

let go.

and like that,
I will hold you
& show you the
promises I won’t

let me reveal
my inner corners
as you show me yours,
and prove to you
how tender I will be
with your delicate

tell me,
how do I show you
I am worthy
of all your virtue
& vanity

Something happens for you,
something changes

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty,

resist the temptation
& give into me

make love to me.

lay your lips
on mine
& slip yourself
into the space
between my hips

let me show you
true ecstasy,
let the arch of
my back
show you what
words can’t

let our bated breaths
& escaping moans
be our solemn vow
that fear will never
rule here

let your fingers
get tangled in my hair
as your heart beats
against mine,
as a reminder of what
is ours

have courage
& fervour
to hold on,
when fear
taunts you to let go,
when it smirks
because the intensity
almost burns,
& your soul bleeds
and your bones ache
& your will is

in these dark moments,
find strength in me

because something happens for you
something changes,
a part of your power
a part of your abilities
a part of you

when you’re faced with truth,
and choice,
when moving from known
into uncertainty,
when you’re
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