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Eva Dec 2020
Needed a friend
I wanted to be alone t(w)oo
Jack Radbourne Sep 2020
If you danced with your own steps
You’d get on better I expect
No gratitude no latitude

In dancing here or there but see
New views unfold and how
Things work advantageously

Almost of course you’ll need
Some company as you succeed
But say now say now

And promise me you would accept
Or could find time for both of us
If you danced with your own steps.
Kelly Mistry Aug 2020
Power comes from many places
In many forms

From other people
From things
From knowledge
From history

My power comes from within
A wellspring in bedrock
Without limit
Without end

I can feel uncertain
Still my power flows within

It has always been there
I know
That it always will be

I don't know

Where it comes from
What it's made of
Why I have it

But it’s there

I do know

Who I am
Who I will always be
While I am also
                    Forever changing
                    Forever growing

I search for
How best to use this power
How to share it
How to show others how to access their own
        Buried deep
        Forgotten but
        Never lost

Vulnerability is the key
To sharing power

Join me
I will share mine with you
Share yours with me
Liz Feb 2020
It is not a question of lust
it is not the difference between you and I
it is a question of trust
and how we can see eye to eye

you are a special human being
one that knows me all too well
and I know that us believing
will make our hearts swell

love is a difficult term
one might say it knows no boundaries
but how can it in turn,
when it's always had such tendencies?

one must know one's boundary
to know how much love can grow
one cannot stay sedentary
one has to let one's vulnerabilities show

So I tell you now that it is not about you and I
it is about we and how we can become strong
just let me with you lie
and sing you our eternal song
Skye Dec 2019
Remember me
The one you didn’t know you needed
All woman, soft tender wet
With curves that made you hard
And drew forth your animal
Remember my ocean
Waters deep you dive into
Liquid sweet to quench you
Remember the fire
That burned my resistance
It burns still
The Phoenix woman rises
Time and again
She lifts you up
For it is now your time
To shine
Slay those demons that pull you down
Remove distractions and noise
Allow the pressure to reveal facets of greatness you have yet to discover
That I see so clearly
Rise my beloved
Rumble with your terror, this beast of vulnerability, wrestle that bear to the ground
And emerge victorious
I will be here upon your return
Nourished within myself,
Empowered in my work and my life
Ripe with readiness
To feed your starving
To nourish your weary
To feast on mutual desire
And remind you who you are
Saudia R Oct 2019
Discipline is not taught in a day
I've been on a vibe. Happiness is everything.
Kristin Marie Jul 2019
Sing to me, tell me all the things in my ear
I’d want to hear, be my personal Shakespeare
I want it but I won't ask for it
I want you to tell me I’m pretty, and in return I get beautiful
Show me you want me,
but not always physically
And although well get there in a minute  
But show me you need me
Need someone to listen
Be there for you when you cry and baby please don't you be shy
I’ll give you that high that tender lovin no one can deny
Touch me, make love to my body and soul
Allow me to explore the journey and become on as a whole
Conversate with me and more than just “wyd”
Pull all nighters till the sun rises up at 7:30
No need for orange juice sipping my tea
You give me all the vitamin C that rush from fresh brewed coffee
Open up to me, be a book a novel
allowing me to flick through you’re page
And maybe we can work on starting a life together and become old aged
Love me,
I want you to love my love I give to you with no hesitation
Have constant flirtation for the rest of our lives without any complication
And I want you to
Be my medicine, the pill I take and digest that takes all my pain away
Making me forget the hurt that's been done and replace it with pure and utterly true love
And be mine’s, be my person that’s all I ask
This poem of mines is overall about a girl that wants a partnership with a person but asks for something that's long term and not temporary. She wants them physically yes but that's not as important than having a emotionally, spiritually, and mentally connection with them.
Madisen Kuhn May 2019
at night, i dream of sun-drenched eggshell walls
baking in the morning like yukon gold potatoes
where we wake unbothered by the encroaching light
i’ll meet you in the kitchen to switch on the toaster oven
the coffee ***, pulling our ceramic mugs from the drying rack
carrying our books with bent covers to the balcony
where you set down thick slices of french bread slathered in butter
and a bowl of fresh, cold strawberries on a small round table
that we found at a sunday yard sale two summers ago
we take turns taking crisp bites in between sips of steaming coffee
mine with raw honey and cream, yours black
our oily thumbs staining the corners of thin ivory pages
i listen to the sound of you reading; of the world waking up
birds singing their sunrise songs; and my heart
slow, and buoyant, and irrevocably yours
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