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Zack Ripley Feb 3
Whether you're a victim
Of a firestorm, sandstorm, snowstorm,
Remember: hell hath no fury
Like mother nature scorned
The trees are my lungs
The wilderness is my heart
The waves are my song
The beauty is my art

The storms are my anger
The rain is my pain
The mountains are my anchor
The rivers are my veins

The climate is my fight
The roots are my feet
The sun is my sight
The moon is my sleep

The wind is my power
The fire is my fear
Humans are my disaster
So, let me make myself clear

Stop using me as your credit card,
My resources are running out
You are the reason for my scars
I thunder – can’t you hear me shout?

My heart is the wilderness
But there isn’t much left of it
Like a failed romance, I feel weakness
You have made my heart split

I can’t breathe, I can’t cry
I roar with thunder and I spit fire
I am sick, I don’t want to die
Rewild my heart and I’ll be stronger
MyLinh Jan 2
swallowed  in a world of green
creatures hiding below me
watching every  move I make
a line leading me down
to the  green abyss
fear grows as the color deepens
swallowing me as a whole
electricity kisses my hand as a welcoming gesture
my knuckle covered  with small dots
a stain from  the kiss
deeper as i go
the line never ends
as i levitate holding my breathe
nothing  but green surrounds me
cold water shivers down my body
waking up  my  nerves to keep me from being hypnotized
by  the green eyes
my chest contracts
my signal to leave
the green monster lets  me go
as i head up slow
the green lightens
and i see the blue sky draping over me
and as i look down
the  green abyss smiles at me
waiting for me to go back
I  went  free diving today. And the water is green where I am b/c its the Indian ocean. I bumped  into a jelly fish. and the water was cloudy  after  10m you cant see the diver.
Talia Dec 2020
grey misty haze
why pray for better days?
silver hues
lick moist air
in the beautiful world we share
puddles painted on the floor
revealing your unfocused stare
grey misty haze
tickling noses blue
should be enough
for you
why do people not appreciate grey days? do these days not accentuate the vibrancy of the rest, whilst being intriguing and softly beautiful in their own right?
Ellesora Rue Dec 2020
Cry, child
Let your tears bloom
Stop not your weeping
Cease not your sobs
Harm not yourself
Let it out

Remember, child
The inner temple you once held
Break not your mind
Sever not the link
Discard not the love
Let it stay

Become, child
Connected to Mother Nature
Hurt not her heart
Hate not her convulsions
**** not her soul
Let her live

You are a conduit, child
You are the link
You are the river
The blood
The life
Inspired by AURORA's "The River"
Beautiful song, do check it out!
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