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I walked my walk, learnt people aren't permanent.
Remember this my tree, you'll just die in peace.
Must have been cold to get uprooted for nothing, while they say it's for their own thing.
Would be ironical if they make a diary out of your leaves.
And sure will they in joy, whilst leaving you to torment.

Rot you my trrrrrree.....
A tree that is ignored all through it's life, is the witness of everything that has happened around!
Nicole Aug 21
i heard my friends today
they hated our society, they say
they forgot
the society is them
its us

the mother of all mother
what happened in Amazona
will forever left me scarred
she does not deserve
this kind of cruelty

we destroyed
who saved us all
im sorry
but i lost all my hope
for humanity
What happened in Amazonia just saddens me so much. I dont want to live in this generation. We destroy what gave us air to breathe so much. It hurts seeing mother nature in this situation.
axel Jun 21
when you’re in my arms, thunder roars and the ground shakes, rainclouds pour and waves crash because mother nature is jealous that such a beautiful creature is not hers
Loco Coco Jun 16
I am the mother of all
My temperature is rising
I am falling ill
I want to lay and rest
Let me go
I am dying

My children are dying
My brothers are crying
My eyes are melting
As the sun burns my skin
My body
My life

They're all flashing before my eyes
you cruel people of this life
Choking me to death
your wastes are killing me

why destroy what I have tried to raise
I'm bleeding, I'm red
My children are dying
Let us breathe
My poor soul
Lying on the ground
Disconnected from my body
Stop!Stop! it hurts
I can bare not the sight
Stop killing me

Heal me
or one day I'll be gone
and so will you
Mythical May 30
Rain clouds flooding the sky,
Mother Nature ready to cry,
A storm of unhappiness unleashed.

All her of her feelings multiply,
Piled all into one,
Months of sorrow catching up..

While everyone is shunning her out,
We're not hearing her wishes,
She's just pouring over our heads..

Sung a song of untold,
Tears rolling down the trees,
Flowers smells slowly decrease..

How can we let this happen?
She had given us air to breathe,
A gift to explore living things..

All crumbling down into flames,
Burning and turning into ashes,
A graveyard of beautiful tombs..

Mother Nature isn't happy,
Killing all things with her power,
Hurricanes are stronger than ever,
Maybe she's just PMSing?
Bhill May 17
Mother Nature decided to visit us last evening
She was dressed in her coolest summer coat
She came in walking her pet wind storm
Accompanied by her loudest, thunderous, dark clouds
What was she thinking, disturbing our tranquil, spring afternoon
With her banging around the evening skies
Allowing her pet wind to bet carried away
Leaving behind the largest drops of rain she could muster
I'm glad she decided not to hang around very long
She did, however, leave us her cool coat
And, and her colorful shawl
It's cold this morning....

I love living in the desert....!

Brian Hil - 2019#122
Inspired by lasts night visit from Mother Nature
She can to visit last night.
What a wonderful time.
Yazad Tafti May 5
touch me just enough to awaken a tingling sensation
brush your soft fingers yet long polished nails along the canvas of my body
a shade of sapphire blue
- gems on all fingers yet you bear no rings -
paint me an image that is invisible yet imprinted through frail motions
paint me an image that the blind can see, the mute can reiterate and the deaf can transcribe
we speak braille reading off each others pages
"love, misguidance, illiterate"
you are a book and i am awaiting to place my bookmark deep along the spine of your paperback.
i had it and then it changed ahahah
DT Brewer Apr 27
I’m gonna have some coffee
I’m gonna drink some tea
I’m gonna eat some hot soup
Because this frickin’ snow is crazy

Mother Nature is off her rocker
This is a real pleasure blocker
They are going to have to cancel soccer
This sure doesn’t feel real proper

What’s going to happen to the apple blossoms and the daffodils
Going to have to start a fire to avoid the chills
As you can probably tell, I’m not real thrilled
But I refuse to allow this to break my spirit and will keep my strong will
6 inches of snow forecasted in mid-Michigan on 4/27/19.
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