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Alone in your room,
With no one around

The silence so loud,
You hear every sound

With darkness so black,
Imagination abounds

Your mind cannot think,
Which way is up,
or which way is down

Your breath becomes heavy,
Your mouth becomes dry

This isn’t the way,
You expected to die

Just an imaginative thought about someone deep in depression, all alone in a darkness they cannot escape.
If you are in this darkness reach out to someone, don't be alone.
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basil May 15
i'll never say
"all rights reserved"
these poems aren't
really mine.

as soon as you
with my inky words,
they are
idk. i hope you're doing alright, lovely.

The Company of:
An intelligent friend will nourish your brain.
A loyal friend will safe guard your heart.
A motivated  friend  will fill your life with energy.
A wise friend will show you the way.
A kind friend  will fill your soul with love.
An optimistic friend, will fill your life with hope and inspiration.
A moral friend, will bring a purpose to your life.
A humorous  friend will bring laughter to your days.
A spiritual friend will bring peace to your life.

Hussein Dekmak

My co-worker at Beaumont Taylor Hospital '
Karina Sherwin Bloom' had inspired me to write this poem.
Jordan Hudson Dec 2019
Copyright strike you ***** you stealing my ****
You like my track then steal and wish you lack
The skills it takes to make a beat
Skills it takes to rap like me
I seventeen and I make beats and rap like a beast
***** it ain't clean
I ain't a kid no more
Bout to leave the house walk out the door
Produce these songs, spend my nights by the hours
No booth belong at home with so much more power
Rap slow rap fast don't care I great
I sound unique and trash you say
I rap the way I want
I rap my way so fun
Steal my tracks because I have no name
Stealing my tracks is why I have no fame
Stop holding my *** down
Let me grow up and out aye
I can write my way
Or I'll stay unknown wow
That's right you don't care
Profit is your target it's not fair
Artists like me can't reach up
They sometimes give up
Money and cash is all you love
The makers are the ones below and you are above
We the ones that work you the ones that shove
Control or steal our work what the ****
Back the **** down
Hear us rappers loud
We will take back and shout
We the ones that are found
Step down or I am out
Then we can all be broke
Just go before I choke you out
Chicken Jan 2019
Hunched over
Grief streaming across your face

Some one
Some where
Having a party in your disgrace

So pick yourself up
Dust yourself off

Pick yourself up
Dust yourself off

Let it be a lesson,

Do not feed the vultures.
Owners mess is an expensive little dessert filled with two battling persons, fighting bitterly, served over a copyright issue. Finished with a garnish of mint.

I wrote this a while ago, found it in the drafts.
Alexx Luceanu Oct 2018
Forever debating what I should say,
How to survive and get through the day.
This feeling,
These voices,
remain in my head,
From the moment I wake until I return to bed.
Erected a barrier so others won’t know,
How embarrassing it is to let the pain show.
Can’t change the past,
It’s forever haunting.
Does the future have to seem so daunting.
@copyright 2018 Luke Wallace
Colm Apr 2018
Have you ever had a song repeat?
And turn you a certin way?
For in passing I see
Now that Mayer maybe
When he said
"Would you say what you need to say?"

Such is a necessity
Sometimes I don't know how to say it. Or simply how to ask. Because I put on such a truly confident mask all the time. But at the end of the day, Im just like you. Very much imperfect in all things. *nod*
Wayne H Colegate Mar 2018
I stumble when my tired feet attempt to walk,
I stutter when my ancient tongue tries to talk.
I count the years and fear strikes me cold
I know now that I am afraid of being old.
A wrinkle arrives most every single day
No amount of treatment can make it go away.
Rest does little to appease my constant fear
I think about the other side and shed a quiet tear.
Will I miss my loves, my dreams and such?
Will I still long for someone’s warm loving touch?
Age always works for wine and cheese
But it is a tragic enemy of memories.
Dreams become less important and almost dry
No warmth or promise not even a gentle sigh.
Tread lightly when you wake each morn
Try to recall that special day the one when you were born.
A realilization
If I could fly,
Then I would try.
If I could try,
Then I would not fail.
And when I do not fail,
I can escape
And I will be free
Hey this is what I used to get in, plz no copying
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