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Matthieu Jan 11
Compliments compliment a yearning for love
But the leaves leave, like everyone.
Even from earth, space spaces things out

Sullen faces face the rising sun
Eerie silence silently patters the surface
Blue and black suits suit him best

It’s hardly hard to walk among the rest
Seasons season a life of despair
The buckle buckles after years and years

Our clutter clutters our heart and our mind.
However many roses rose from cracks he passed by.
Only his net nets a sense of worth..

Tears welling well into the cold, empty night
A glass of bitters, bitter against the palette
Feelings of dying dyes his kaleidoscope eyes.

Plotting plot notes of a final farewell...
Would his passing pass by everyone’s eyes?
This was an attempt at homonym structuring. I actually found it rather perculiar to push my vocabulary and thought pattern in a new direction writing this.

I didn’t expect it to manifest as a question to the path that we walk and if it was a road built by or for us... so there is some irony to the creation of this little piece.

The excercise was to be more creative in storytelling and using multi-use words without a dictionary or google etc etc.

It isn’t totally perfect and I will attempt an update next week but I hope today you enjoy this for your own pleasure -

Thank you kindly for reading and if you have any suggestions to improve or other multi-use words send me a message! I’d love to discuss :)

F White Jul 2019
I don't write them anymore
I say I've lost my words
But in truth, they never left
Bubbling under the surface of my lips
Like sweet blisters of hope, confusion and rancor
I am really [only] a living dictionary
My thoughts like a river
My mouth like a hose
But you always say stop.
So they just sit, drying up
While I breathe through my nose.
Copyright fhw 2019
PoserPersona May 2018
We lied in bed together
Never catching a breather
You called me.... Baby
You said that... You love me

To blue eyes,
Mistress lied
But I can't really blame you
I do the same to me, too

— The End —