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Aquila Venatici Jun 2019
I went to the library
and gathered flowers from its garden
to leave in the cement vases
of forgotten soldiers monuments
that they keep
in their front yard.
in that moment,
i felt alive.
it was raining.
i wish it would keep raining.
I am the element of storm.
peonies make me happy
Eloisa Jun 2019
Barefoot and slowly
Still in my satin sleepwear
I’m caught in a trance
Morning Reverie
Donna Jun 2017
Pretty peonies
Resting over garden fence
Smiling happily
beautidol flowers very pretty to see x
F White May 2017
We had hope as she closed us up tight.
Mama, will it hurt?
"Hush," on her lips and she sent ants to
kiss our anxious tears.
And she whispered
Just as we fall, so
We grow
Copyright fhw 2017
KKM Mar 2017
-you rip up your coffee cups after you're done with the drink just as an excuse to stay and talk longer yet the thought of spending time unchaining your fears fights the red in you to conquer them in groups of 2
-did you forget that you were once an artist who could move mountains into valleys just to brush the snow off them?
-whoever set fire to the blooming flowers you holistically grew in your heart was only doing you a careful favour because you never liked orange roses and now you're watering glowing daises that suit your vibe anyway
-brick walls aren't as blocked off as they seem but the cement keeps them together like the sky is willing to do for you
-stop picking apart the petals on peonies and maybe the stars will stop picking pieces of peace off of you
Allyson Walsh Apr 2016
Silky smooth,
Tender veins,
Numerous petals
Smell sweet.

A spectators gaze,
Floral physique.

Made for my
Just as pretty
As He views me.

The flowers -  
Yet, I'm lovelier
Than peonies.
For myself

Just as I see peonies as beautiful, He sees me as even more lovely.

For my next tattoo. To remind myself that I am just as beautiful as peonies. If anything, He views me as even more lovely.

— The End —