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Karijinbba May 28
When red roses can't bloom
in red silent painful gloom
offer white and pink peonies
with heavenly perfume.
Asleep yet lifeless
Blue eyed baby brother
David's tiny beloved.
His moonlight hands tied.
My hair ribbon held them
in prayer gesture of doom tight.
A dreadful loss invaded me
his life force taken that trauma
stayed a lifetime.
Mother warned do not weep!
Two pangs of pain at five
dead silence my only friend was
silenced speechless in shock
I adored my dad dead shot.
My family taken one by one.
Brother was mine months old.
His life was covertly taken
left neglected in the cold.
How could I hold him
be Mom to baby or feed him?
I was tiny twig six year old,
   fed crumbs for months abandoned
with covert human predators
hating orphans to death.
Wounded at seven came my turn.
Saved by charity with surgery
as I had ran away with nuns.
My sister Delfina was three
luckier then me safer
with maternal aunt gone
but not for long.
In search of love on Earth
I found only misery, betrayal pain.
The predator blackmailed by
his Greek sadistic Medeas
aware of his poisoning
strangling a predator's darkness
sold me out to them all.
He surrended my toddler to be
burned with chemicals!
and my new born with arsenic.
Haralambos Mantalozis
with Kiriaki, her cousin
evil aunt in Piraeus Greece.
26 narcissist sociopaths
He put red roses on my hands;
announing my baby girls
were both dead.
Red roses meant torture!
Betrayal deceit mockery of love
My foster Mom Rose loved me
but just enough to teach malignant
Leonora a lesson on sharing
was butchered on Mother's day
1971 by her bio-jealous Judea
using her grandmother to ****,
to trash me to her attorney mate.
It was Mothers Day in Mexico.
My red roses dropped
with me to the floor!
As the old murdering witch
pushed me into
the macabre bedroom
sadistically forced to look.
mother gone
Red roses mean only death
So please celebrate me
only aromatic Peonies
white and pink will do.
As red roses cause me still
unbearable pain of ugly sin.
I saved whatever was left of me
and my beautiful three daughters
Elena Rose in Greece
And in USA,more jealousy
my baby girl newborn Jeanette
here too victimized
by two jealous habitual drug users.
sterile nurse predators again!
made themselves a certificate
of life birth with my baby girl
and hunt me down a life time
expecting to profit big
murdering me.
Look, I have survived till now
many more covert attempts:
even trackers under my car
weird 2019 staged car accident!
****** for hire continues.
IHSS help for senior isn't help.
Providers from hell thieving
Guatemalan ilegal impostors
Lazy commiting fraud
poisoning water in 2021
thinking I will go
to hospital sickened feeling entitled
luring my left over few valuables.
and stimulus savings
No I am not cursed never
the evil doers on path are cursed
That's why Jesus said
to pray for our enemies
they are needing the prayers
from their victims mostly.
This is the dark face
of America the great apple
where even roses
remain dead silent eons
with painful memories
of deadly secrets.
Poor roses even they
are trashed
becomIng a symbol
of unspeakable evil
Human predator enemy
against innocent
beautiful human beings
Bright as heavenly light!
Envied by the dark
in bad people's hearts.
By Karijinnbba
All Rights-54-2021.
In Japan they are used as a symbol of bravery, honor and good fortune. Generally though, peonies symbolize prosperity, good luck, love and honour

Although commonly known as a symbol of beauty, white peonies also represent shame. Because of this, they make a great gift if you want to sincerely apologize, ask for forgiveness from someone for something you did, or simply express, “I messed
tia Jan 15
The pastel sky strikes forward, no longer soft-spoken
And the birds sing enchanting melodies
That almost lull me back to sleep
But with all the strength in this heart of mine
My body arises and dances with the peeking sunlight
For today is a lovely day for the peonies to bloom
Pink fluttering petals, blushing at my touch
I know they love me, they really do
I leave my home, whose color has gone and died
Eaten up by the tragedy of time
Today my sorrows shall dissolve
Tears mixed with tea
And quenches my thirst of loneliness
The peonies bloom and decorate the grave
And even if my heart pulls at me, I will not cry
I shall celebrate all that is of death and life
For no one, not a single person on earth
Can stop the peonies from blooming, oh so beautifully.
Jet Dec 2020
The color of the cream
As it is bled
from the cows in my dream
Also in red

Unfurling, curling,
bended, distended

A color so bright
It demands a white vase
So tired at night
Cannot lift its own face
dedicated specifically to the Peonies that make up the edge of the cemetery across the street from my house
Zoe Grace Nov 2020
Arranged in neat rows
Colours bursting from the ground
Such a sweet smell
All around us is the sound

Of tittering old ladies,
And boasting old men
Life is wonderful, the sun is bright
Here in the peony garden
my family took a little field trip today and this hit me on the way home
Betty Jul 2020
Delicate beauties
Fleeting birds of paradise
With feathers of glass
Love peonies, they never stay long.
Aquila Jun 2019
I went to the library
and gathered flowers from its garden
to leave in the cement vases
of forgotten soldiers monuments
that they keep
in their front yard.
in that moment,
i felt alive.
it was raining.

it keeps raining.
peonies make me happy
Eloisa Jun 2019
Barefoot and slowly
Still in my satin sleepwear
I’m caught in a trance
Morning Reverie
Donna Jun 2017
Pretty peonies
Resting over garden fence
Smiling happily
beautidol flowers very pretty to see x
F White May 2017
We had hope as she closed us up tight.
Mama, will it hurt?
"Hush," on her lips and she sent ants to
kiss our anxious tears.
And she whispered
Just as we fall, so
We grow
Copyright fhw 2017
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