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Welcome to Platform 6'0, northbound track.
Please, make yourself comfortable,
take advantage of every amenity;
I hope that I can to make your time here perfect.
Your exit will wait for you.
I would offer you to stay, if you wanted,
but no one ever does.
This is, I am, after all, only a waypoint.
However, if I may ask,
when you are ready to leave,
won't you please let me know?
It's horrid to hunt for someone
who is no longer here.
Tormenting, really.
But! Here now,
let me help you with this baggage,
this load you bear.
I am here for you.
No, I don't expect any compensation;
I only hope that, when you leave,
you leave with a lighter heart
and eased mind.
That said,
what would you like of me in our time together?
Forgive me sir, but you couldn't have said? You couldn't have told me you had already passed me by?
Noah James III Apr 2020
Stay home
essential worker
stay home
or be essential.

While home
be essential
working stays
in order to be.

Be home
in your essentials
for you must work
in life to be.

Stay home
essential worker
stay home
You either stay home or you're an essential worker.
J Dec 2019
In the world of colors, I was a deep purple. A dark cloud in the midst of a golden palace - royal tinged with a sadness that blocked rays of light with a deep gray. My dark thoughts twisted around oak trees and into the roots of this one world. It is not be assumed that all was depressing but comfortable. There were rarely rainstorms for the self rarely allowed drops to fall from one's face. Just deep, heavy clouds.

What is this new world that I am in? A big, glass room that reflects the burning sun as it beings to rise. The self has dug its heels into the start of a sunrise. Highlighted with fury, my thoughts bounce off the glass and into my body, jolting with energy. I have yet to see the sun fully rise as I am stuck with the burning sky. One day, the heat ooze out onto the earth and crumble the glass, forcing the self to contend with what comes next. But right now, every inch of my skin is soaking up the blazing sun that it had missed so much. Maybe a full rise isn't welcome right now, but it will be one day.
Yanamari Dec 2018
Tumultuous darkness surrounds me.
It laps around my resting body, standing,
Poised to take whatever step found easy.
Eyes closed.
The sensation of the darkness around me,
It's silence and it's clenching emptiness
Swirling at the chance of stealing another
Position to act as stimuli.

The sensation across my skin muddles my thoughts.
I am who I am.
Eyes closed,
Mind swirling.
Reckless in my environment,
I step,
With the grounds shifting,
I step,
Darkness unceasing;
I step.

If a door passes by,
I open it.
If a hand reaches out,
I pull it.
If ground stops shifting,
I look down at it...
Whether or not the darkness eases,
Arke Dec 2018
my body is dynamic, in flux
you touched me and I was reborn
nerve endings rebuilt stronger
the outside changed too
hair colour through rainbows
makeup for every mood sparkled
sensory systems grew and changed
immortalized by your lips
with your fingers on my skin
connections newly created
yet so familiar and at peace
eyes wandering over your face
one I had loved so intensely
now my moon no longer recognizes
the wrinkles formed at the corners
when I smile or laugh or play
you loved me as I was, once
though every part of me replaced
shifted and altered to becoming
unrecognizable or similar
to when we had first met
I was made new because of you
while you believe I am the same
after everything had changed
Arke Nov 2018
aging their way together;
there was a shade of the person
he admired and esteemed
both within himself and her

a tune that slowed and drifted
became all the more intimate
through youth, silken and willing
which whispered to early hearts

we become and awaken with ardor
when our originals fail to excite
we grow and resemble the other
when one's love becomes requite
Arke Nov 2018
I still feel the warmth your love provides
though now I am alone and you, gone
I still feel you each night by my side
while every day awakes a new dawn
and I find ways to keep moving on

you were every part of me, my star
we saw a future for us alone
so many stolen nights became ours
I gave myself to you and was shown
parts of your body, muscle and bone

I loved you and every bit, my dear
without you, there are merely dull aches
knowing never will I have you near
letting you leave; my greatest mistake
now all I have left is my heartbreak
every verse feels just a little incomplete and less rounded when there are only 9 syllables.
Arke Oct 2018
I'll ride on sparkling rainbows
to sandy shore lines far away
follow the beams and rays that glow
while rain drops form a bouquet

watch me dance through the sky
with the stars, I will sway
while playing with clouds, I fly
I'll learn to lose you on the way
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