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Emma Rose Dec 2018
You came into my life when I was 4
You've never said I love you
Nor hugged me
You never took me out for a step dad date
But people told me I should consider you my dad

You had a kid with my mom when I was 9.
You love her and take her out for dad dates
You always talk about how proud of her you are
Everything she does is amazing
I was left behind and now the babysitter
That's all I ever was to you
So *******

When you announced her birth your family talked of the first grandchild
What was I then?
They never accepted me and neither did you
They want you to walk me down the aisle
A man who came into my life with 0 significance
Yeah *******
Michael Sep 2018
I have lost someone today,
From me they were taken away.
I would love for them to fight to stay,
But that’s not going to happen,
Not for me anyway.

When a loved one is lost,
The heart is ripped in two.
When a loved one leaves,
A sadness builds in me.

Goodbye sweet kid,
Good luck with your life.
If you need me I’ll be here,
But it’s unlikely you’ll call.

I love you lots,
Much more than you’ll ever know.
I can’t take this loss,
But this everyone already knows.
Sometimes you lose people in life that you really need.
Cadence Apr 2018

You were the one that chose to cheat
And now. Now you wanna be with me?
Its you and I, there is no we
Its not my fault that you're so weak
Its you that ****** up, see?
But now you wanna be with me?

Without me you go crazy
Try to take your life maybe
In a hospital bed, waiting
But see, I cant be your reason to be
Your temper tantrums dont shake me
You want me to forgive and forget
Because you "need me" and you havent ****** up lately
Its not like five years of lies invalidates any promise you could make me

Histrionic narcissist, even everything wasnt enough
Even eight different women couldnt fix the depth of your insecurity
So you go to church and claim purity
I can say this with absolute certainty
We are done, you and me.

You are a tornado
And I found my way out
But i cant take her with me
I had to gather what was left of myself and flee
Before your chaos engulfed me entirely

And now there is a blameless girl
With a broken dad
An absent mom and a step-mom whos gone
And you are the one to blame
You are the one who did wrong
The loss of an ex-lover's child can be more painful than the loss of them
F White Apr 2017
Heart not
Of my heart
But still in my veins
Womb dweller, outside
my body
Me, a native invader in a constant

And [t]his will always be
A glass house

not a welcome home.
Copyright fhw 2017
Alaska Jul 2016
He's the light
and she's a black hole.
She thinks he's what she always wanted,
he thinks she's beautiful.
She swallows his light
and suddenly his fire burns out.
She's happy with her actions
and he's blind in the dark.
They fall for each other like
a star that died on its way
to a place
seeming so beautiful
but yet
being so awful.
*-Now it's too late to go back
Alaska Jul 2016
I tried
to get along with her.
I tried
to please her.
I tried
to be nice to her.
I tried
not to make any mistakes.
I tried
to do everything like she wanted me to.
I tried
to look like she wanted me to.
I tried
to behave like she wanted me to.
I tried
to talk and not talk like she wanted me to.
I tried
to become what she wanted me to.
I tried
to be what she wanted me to.

And you
watched me burning
and you
put more wood on the fire
instead of pouring water over me.

-*I didn't deserve this
Alaska Jul 2016
They say,
the ones who love you
hurt you the most.
I don't think that's fair.
Why would I get hurt
for your love,
but you wouldn't have to do a thing
for mine?
If you'd really love me,
you'd try to prevent me from hurting.
But what you do
is hurting me on purpose,
every single time.
And that's not fair.
And that's why I have to leave.
*-I don't think my goodbye would hurt you as much as you hurt me over the years
Alaska Jul 2016
You do not have time.
Nobody has.
You could make time.
Not everybody does.
But if it mattered to you,
as much as it used to matter to me,
you'd make time.
But you didn't,
I did.
You stayed away.
And maybe next time,
when you accidentally have time,
I'm not here anymore.
At least not waiting for you.

*-why wait for someone who doesn't care if you actually do

— The End —