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arra Jun 2018
Let the pen kiss the paper
Smudging softly with dark tint
I am full of ideas!
Creating story, reaching the ******
And my hand is burning
Scribbling my thoughts into words, intensely
I know where I am going.
Where am I going?
Lately, I can't focus on writing my poems. It's just, I have all the ideas, thoughts and topics on my mind and when I start to write it, I don't know how I'm going to proceed. My words become blur and my mind doesn't coordinate with my hands leaving most of my writings hanging in the air.
JS CARIE Apr 2018
I'll run out of money, ideas, madness, and sanity
creativity will peak for long instances
But for you,
I will always have words!
At times I won't explain, or think, or even say what I am wondering
feelings will take over thoughts to where only words will express,
unsung, overused and independent,
made up squeezed together letters of nonsensical impressions that will run-on to appear proper
Pages of self plagiarized poetry
half finished expression to ensure you know I am spilling out with the same intuitive passion as many moons before
and until I start to give you new words, a realization takes hold of my pen and will speak up,
"you've already told her this!"
But I'll give it to you all the same. And you'll read it in privacy and feel what I have felt time and again, times 10!
I assure you that I will run out of places, originality and giving.
But for you Annie Anne,
I will always have words
weathered, and gathered
grouped and scattered
Presented for your approval
Squeezed together letters
LifeExplorer Oct 2017
You asked me to write
Something you think I might
I suddenly felt a little bit of fright
For this writer's block I have to fight.

As I put words into this piece
I looked at you with a feeling of peace
Cause after we finished our little feast
You asked me to write a short one at least

It's taking me forever to finish
For I have no idea what to make
You asked me to write this poem
When all I want is to just go home
I wrote this poem after He and I finished eating dinner at Wendy's.  He asked me to write about something.  Well..  here it goes...
Rob Sandman Nov 2016
Theme/Chorus,many voices,(call and response)
is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE WORST THING EVER,is it the worst thing ever?/ITS THE ****** WORST THING EVER!/
Sample Ice-T
"I stare at them blue lines,I think I'mma go blind"

I'm goin crazy cuckoo,finally losing it,
trapped in my gravel pit,rehashing my own ****,
my old ****-still holding me back,
may as well get a pipe and start puffin' up crack,
cos I've cracked,and frankly don't give a ****,
I'm so sick of bangin' my head off this mental block,
its the size of a freight train-Strength of the Hulk,
you really think I wanna ******' sit here and sulk?,
you leeches... keep preachin' deceit,
one more fake smile,OOPS there go teeth...
was that a piece of your jaw on the floor that I saw?
was that real or a dream, I can't tell any more?
each rhyme I write-so ******* tight,
like your first piece of ***-first nasty fight,
first make up ***- first broke up ex,
my mates just stare at me perplexed

when I bare the holes in my soul to all,
I dunno whether I'm gonna get cheers or catcalls,
but don't worry bout that I got plenty of boots,
and I'll kick your ****** ***** til they're bigger than grapefruits,
I'm a live grenade throwin serenades,
So ******* sick I gave cancer aids,
Sandman-sicker than cancer cells in the cerebellum,
Si vis pacem, para bellum ,cause I'm prepared for warfare
I don't advise goin there ,
you'll find limpet mines in your ***** hair,
I'll blow the scabs off the ***** on a filthy *****,
if I have to- I have to to scratch this itch
in the centre of my mind like a black hole Sun,
this mental block has got me all undone...
I swear if I don't finish a track I'll drop dead...
wait a minute...I just ******' well did!

so much for mental blocks Mhmm?
but seriously-y'all ladies and fellas-
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE WORST THING EVER ,
is it the worst thing ever?/ ITS THE ****** WORST THING EVER! /

**"then the beat becomes me,sit in the dark and write a whole ******' LP"
straight fulla hate and smokin hot out the gate you *******!
"Si vis pacem, para bellum"-"If you want peace, prepare for war"
F White Dec 2014
Get out of my
head Oh, you Bandaid
Copyright fhw, 2014

— The End —