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5.1k · May 2022
Despised Art
birdy May 2022
My body was art --- not to your taste,
you covered me in criticism.
Your words molding me like clay
until the mirror reflected a shell.

The child inside,
forever lost.
5.0k · May 2022
birdy May 2022
I'm crying for a girl who never existed.
One who failed but always persisted,
to try and figure out
what makes one woman.
these thoughts about gender felt like a shout,
but this 'girl' was still figuring it out.
Now this person mourns the loss,
of this gender that felt like an albatross.
4.2k · May 2021
birdy May 2021
You cannot frame the oceans waves.
Forever changing,
vibrant blue -- ever-changing into deeper shades of understanding.
A never changing struggle between the sand and the water.
I am the ocean -- blue.
4.1k · Feb 2021
birdy Feb 2021
You tell me I'm one thing,
But really you're just afraid that I'm something
You believe everyone is one or the other,
But whats the beauty in that?
Maybe one day I'm
The next I'm
Then the day after I'm
Don't suppress me for being
I am undefinable
3.6k · Jun 2022
Devil is a 'knockin
birdy Jun 2022
The devil is knockin'
cracking up whilst you're talking
all your words are gettin' slurred
too bad your pleas of mercy shall not be heard

You'll pay for all the hurt
you'll sink down in the dirt

"Curse you devil!"

down with you
down to the herd
of all the other evils hell bears
3.2k · May 2022
not meant to be
birdy May 2022
cigarette smoke couch
in an alley
street light flickering
pouring your heart out
but I can't love someone
who makes the world seem small
like you do
3.1k · Apr 2022
The Sun
birdy Apr 2022
Its beams pull at the heart strings, each a different noise.
No ray on a futile descent.
All with purpose and poise.
Each stream of light reinvents,
the palette of colors our earth bares.
Truly nothing compares.
birdy May 2022
she filled my thoughts
hazing my brain like cigarette smoke
her beauty beaten and bruised
her eyes still rang true
shes the kind of woman
you can't ever forget
2.9k · Jan 2022
The Idea of it
birdy Jan 2022
I'm in love
with the idea of it
the idea of someone
I pretend that you are the idea
That you are what I wish you were
But really you're a dream
my dream
2.9k · Apr 2022
Girl Who Ruined Me
birdy Apr 2022
she left me for dead,
her words slitting skin
her careful eye drawing blood.
2.8k · May 2022
water bug
birdy May 2022
the whole valley
blended into a sea of black
stark to the starry blue sky
the mountains are the waves
I am only a water bug
2.8k · Jun 2022
Girl Met Boy
birdy Jun 2022
She longed for his lips
instead the only thing she kissed
was her seventh cigarette
birdy Jan 2022
I can see myself clearer

every part of me working like clockwork.
a machine doesn't have to be alluring.
the mirror holds no expectations
of beauty.
and I'm safe in knowing that

I don't have to pretend.
2.5k · Feb 2021
birdy Feb 2021
Relieve me from this label,
I cannot belong in this cramped space
That you decide I fit in
I don't understand why anyone would want to be confined
To just one thing.
You tell me I'm this,
Not that.
But why can't I be both?
Or neither?
Why conform?
Why conform when I feel so free just being
Why conform?
2.3k · Apr 2021
Fake Girl
birdy Apr 2021
Mirrors like to lie.
Reflecting a 'girl'.
An image of an old self,
a mannequin.
2.3k · Apr 2022
Moment of Pure Terror
birdy Apr 2022
Hands travelling over me,
I'm scared, holding back tears.
My heart pounds trying to fight back, but I'm paralyzed unable to protect myself.
And he holds me as if I were his to adore.

Now I wonder if I can ever be held again.
2.3k · May 2022
Ethereal Woman
birdy May 2022
blue bells for eyes
her name was a song
that made the graveyard hum
for the dead became flushed
her beauty reminding them of life
2.1k · Jun 2022
birdy Jun 2022
Mellifluous red noises
flow out from a violin like arm
with a bow of steel
and a song of death
2.0k · Apr 2022
birdy Apr 2022
Alone on the playground,
counting minutes.
Too much time alone with yourself,
to wonder why you even try.
1.9k · Jun 2022
Letter from the Past
birdy Jun 2022
To Yemaya,

Am I enough?
I've given you everything
I've hollowed myself out I have nothing left to give
my new shell is delicate and fragile
yet you do not handle it with care
Do you not have love for me at all?

From Yemaya,
February 2021
1.9k · Mar 2022
birdy Mar 2022
You don't have to be beautiful,
to be worthy of beautiful love.
1.8k · Jan 2022
Pretty Ugly
birdy Jan 2022
No matter what anyone says i know i'm pretty ugly
The kind of ugly that's pretty
The kind that's so different its hard to call ugly
Because it's just not comparable to pretty
1.7k · May 2022
Battle of Dawn
birdy May 2022
The cry of morning
Rays of red sun
Marking the death of the moon
1.7k · Jun 2022
She Cost Me Thousands
birdy Jun 2022
Therapist after therapist,
but their bought out kindness
can't wash away the taste of death
that I've grown fond of.
1.6k · Apr 2022
Men down the Alley
birdy Apr 2022
Widow me of your gaze,
ugly *******.
The whistles of birds,
are torture from ***** mouths.
1.6k · Jul 2022
20 pounds prettier
birdy Jul 2022
Each pound gained
my stake in 'pretty' waned
in societies tiny frame
of what's pretty
and what is shamed.
Sometimes I convince myself my worth is based on the scale, but if I lost twenty pounds that would not make me twenty pounds 'prettier', and appearance does not define you.
1.6k · Jun 2022
Lovers in the Rain
birdy Jun 2022
two lovers in the rain
see each other
through a thousand new shades
each rain drop reflecting and refracting their love
into new beautiful hues
and shapes.
1.6k · Apr 2021
Devil's Exception
birdy Apr 2021
All the beauty in the world envies you.
Yet you offer out a hand to any who may need it.
Holy beings dance to your melodies,
songs so soothing they cure a broken heart.
The ground around you sparkles with a myriad of blossoms.
Words so sweet satan himself shows you compassion.
Your silky golden hair eclpises the shine of all precious treasures.
I never knew love could be filled with such certainty.
1.5k · Apr 2021
A Pearl
birdy Apr 2021
A pearl encased in a grotesque shell.
An unknown beauty.
1.4k · Sep 2022
birdy Sep 2022
Make a wish
What if I don't want to blow out these candles
I never want to leave this moment
And I know that once these flames turn to smoke my life will change
Because this means I’ve survived
past the age
I treated like a deadline
birdy Mar 2021
Messy hair and stained white shirts.
The laughing stock of this tiny stage.
Stare at your feet,
Velcro sketchers covered in sand.
1.4k · Jun 2022
My Stranger - Letter
birdy Jun 2022
Dear stranger,

when I was crying on a park bench in the rain, why did you offer out an umbrella? Every other stranger had rushed away as if tears were contagious, but you welcomed mine. Why did you go a step further to ask what's wrong? When not even those I know care to ask. We sat there in the rain until my words stopped and the clouds cleared. Why did you reach for my hand when I left? Are you too in need of a listening ear? I have known you for hours yet I feel with you I am safe, you have a stability about you, like a strong shape. Yet a roundness as well, a softness. If I believed in instant love, you would be mine.

With love,
the person crying on the park bench,
1.3k · Jun 2022
down the alley
birdy Jun 2022
men down the alley
don't care for the person
that they hunt
they care for
the prey like manner
of the scared
1.3k · Jun 2022
I feel crazy
birdy Jun 2022
the way they loom over
watching from cracks in doors
listening from windows ajar

they fear me

trying to discover secrets
about the enemy that resides within
this humble frame

for only I can be my saviour
but only I,
am proposed a foe
1.3k · Jan 2022
birdy Jan 2022
As I grow up,
I grow d

Wondering when
It will all stop.
1.2k · Jun 2022
Mark of Death
birdy Jun 2022
you looked at me
as if I wore a ravens coat
1.2k · May 2021
Garden of Gloom
birdy May 2021
The grooves of a grave.
The gruesome gurgle of the ground.
1.2k · May 2022
birdy May 2022
I briefly reminisce
of that moment of bliss
when she touched my lips
and we were tied at the hip

then torn apart
my poor heart
was vandalized
like despised art
1.2k · May 2022
birdy May 2022
my life has started whirling
down a sink of self doubt
I question everything I love
because my perfect life
has started to crack
revealing all the aches
I had tried to cover
1.1k · Apr 2021
Not Beautiful
birdy Apr 2021
Might your eyes see me,
they will not shout,
1.1k · Mar 2021
birdy Mar 2021
Drown out the laughs with your own internal screams.
Now you wish for that undervalued state of oblivion.
1.1k · Apr 2021
Cycle of Hate
birdy Apr 2021
Poppies grown rosy,
from my comrades souls.
Stained red with their own murderous goals.

Their life force ****** dry, and now it flows,
Into the soil through the meadows.

Crowns of lead bullets adorn many a 'hero's' head.
Many a crying widow and widower longing for the dead.

Young daughters and sons who stand on their fallen's bed.
This is where the everlasting hate is spread.
1.1k · Apr 2022
The Sound of Morning
birdy Apr 2022
The pleasant chatter of the birds,
the mellifluous cries of the herds.
1.1k · Jun 2022
I was wrong
birdy Jun 2022
They ran,
like they had never escaped
from anything before

I was their prison
and it hurts to know
that I was what
kept them up at night

1.1k · Apr 2021
The Last Page
birdy Apr 2021
The inevitable end,
evidence of my souls journey.
1.1k · Feb 2021
birdy Feb 2021
Her perfect smile,
Shines brighter than his.
But he is what everyone expects I want.
He is what everyone expects I need.
But she is so beautiful,
She's everything I desire.
I wonder if she ever sees me
Thinks the same.
1.0k · Apr 2021
Raven's Coat
birdy Apr 2021
Hopes of a future never to come pass.
Cutting of thread leaving a trail of red.
Comforting lies, take on vengeance’s plasse.
Callow certainty leading my bloodshed.

Essence refusing change, oil and water.
Dripping maroon, satisfies my sweet tooth.
Lost track of my goal, now it's a slaughter.
Enciphered desire, immiscible youth.

As I let go sorrow’s waters -- forlorn,
See me with your purest eyes, unerring
Touch of a mother’s hand, I am reborn.
Sins, a raven’s coat, heavens are glaring.

And as I lay my vision ridden red,
How foolish to lead to one’s own bloodshed.
this is my first sonnet (I did it without the iambic pentameter because I'm still learning)
1.0k · Apr 2021
Mystery Man
birdy Apr 2021
Sheathed in golden mist,
mysterious and alluring.
birdy Apr 2022
The girl pacing in the window,
biting her nails
staring at her feet,
as if she were worried
they too would betray her
like the person
who made her pace in the window.
982 · Feb 2021
My Promise
birdy Feb 2021
"Become perfect."
My eyes are glazed over
Delicate glass tears blur my vision
I promise."
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