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Yemaya 4d
I'm crying for a girl who never existed.
One who failed but always persisted,
to try and figure out
what makes one woman.
these thoughts about gender felt like a shout,
but this 'girl' was still figuring it out.
Now this person mourns the loss,
of this gender that felt like an albatross.
Ozi Apr 2
I'm confused about myself yet again,
It's not questioning sexuality again, but gender identity that's causing my mind to be confused and to be in pain.
I have a reoccurring dream, a dream where my body was the opposite gender, but I felt no distain.
It's confusing as I'm content in my own body, feeling quite safe.
                      "Does this mean I'm Genderfluid?"
                     "Could this mean I'm Non-binary?"
                                  "Am I Agender?"
All these questions are running rampant in my mind.
I guess until I know, I am staying confused.
But confusion is part of life, we learn that as we grow,
I could be none of the above for all I know.
I know this is not the best poem out there, but I just had to come up with something to get these feelings, these... questions out of my head... But as my friend once said, "You aren't always who you think you are. You never know who you'll be in the future, so be happy with what you have in front of you."
But until next time you lovely readers! Try to have a good day, one love!
Willow SR Mar 6
i am not a vibrant ocean blue
nor as pink as the sunset sky

i am not the daughter you watched grow
nor will i ever be a guy

i am not anything you said I'd be
instead, I am simply me
Willow SR Feb 28
i've lived so long
being told that i was pink
but i've come to realize
i've never seen that colour
within myself
Willow SR Feb 21
Will I always be the sidenote
In someone else's story
The enby kid pushed to the edges
Away from the glory

Will I always be a supporting role
In every tale that's told
Or will I ever get to be the one
With greater representation shown
Willow SR Dec 2021
I'm not quite lying when I say who I am
I'm skirting around the truth
And dropping hints within the sand

I'm not quite sure I have ever met myself
For with each passing moment
It seems I have become someone else

I'm not quite sure I can call myself a girl
For there's a rock within my stomach
That sometimes surfaces with the word
Em Oct 2021
It’s a little weird, knowing what you can be.

When I was young, I didn’t really question some things. They were what they were.

There was no, “what am I?”
That wasn’t a thing because I never realized that you could be something else.

People called me a girl because I looked like one.
People called me a girl because I was one.
People called me a girl, and it never felt out of place.

And that was that.

Ignorance is bliss, in that regard.
You don’t know something feels off when you don’t know it /can/ be off.

Sometimes, I think it would be better to be blind than to spend a lifetime seeing the dents in the wall, wondering if they were always there, or if you made them yourself.
Natalia Oct 2021
My trans body brings me joy,
My trans body brings me tears.
Everyday I put my binder on,
I am equal parts overjoyed,
And stood there in pain.
Joy in hiding from the world,
What I wish to be gone.
Pain in knowing that each day,
They will still be there.

Each time I cut my hair,
Each time I'm called handsome,
Each time I wear boxers,
Each time I wear cologne,
My trans body bring me joy.

Each time I'm called 'she',
Each time I'm on my period,
Each time I look at my *******,
Each time I'm called 'she'.
My trans body brings me tears.

But each day,
My voice is deeper,
My period is no more,
My smile is bigger,
My skin glows.
My trans body brings me joy.
end Sep 2021
you told everyone you had a girl
tried to control every aspect of her world
but what if she didn't feel the same
what if she was they or he some days

somedays, she wants you to tell her she's pretty
even if you hate the way she looks
and somedays, he just wants to laugh with his mama
even if he hates the way he looks
somedays, they need to hear you say you love them
because they don't feel like you do
somedays you don't have a daughter
is that okay with you

you warned her of how boys were stupid
but told her she'd marry one someday
so what if she decided not to
what if she didn't feel the same

somedays, they dream of boys who'll kiss them
even though they hate themselves
and somedays, they dream of girls who'll hold them and want to be held
even though they're a little chubby
somedays, they want to have a partner regardless of what that partner wants to be called
somedays your child doesn't want anyone at all

is that okay with you
does it make you mad
if i weren't normal
would you understand
because this song is about me
it's about how i feel
it's about what i am
fluidity is real

Gerard M Jan 2021
SHE screams in silence
Trying to figure out
If all of HER thoughts and doubts were HERS or not
SHE decided to be a king for a day
SHE figured out that SHE's a THEY and not a HE or SHE
Everyone thinks they’re not a real person cause of THEIR gender
Everybody tells THEM that they’re a SHE almost all the time
When anyone asked for THEIR name they expect to hear something feminine not masculine
They treat THEM like a lady and not as a man cause of the way THEY look
THEY don't miss it back when THEY were a SHE but THEY love it now
THEY know it's going to take time for everyone THEY love the whole world as well to accept THEM for who THEY are
Some of the lines are lyrics from the Green Day song She
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