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thispanman Apr 29
Dress, makeup
Heels, leggings

Too-big pants, no makeup
Oversized shirt, men's shoes

Regular jeans, little makeup
Sweater, tennis shoes
No gender

Fancy shirt, tie
Skirt, heels
All gender

All these
But I'm
Still me

And that's okay
Genderfluidity *****

Especially when nobody respects you for who you are.
thispanman Apr 21
Oversized clothes
Dresses galore
Both of them
Fit to one gender

Sports jerseys
Baggy shorts
I want those
but I'm a "girl"

Perky dresses
Lots of makeup
I'm told I must
Because I'm a "girl"

Anxiety fills me up
I need to be perfect
I need to be a daughter
I need to be a girlfriend
a wife
a mother

Why can't I be a child?
A lover?
A ren?
A human?

Why do you have to choose for me?
I'm not a girl, nor a boy, but a human who wants to be respected for being myself.
there are only two genders
trans is not real
are you a boy now?
i would be open to experiment, though
you need to have your brain checked
what are you?

i am unsolved.

an unsolved puzzle,
rubik's cube,
the horizon.

everything you can't figure out at first glance,
something you have to squint at to understand.

but i don't need solving,
i don't need understanding,
i don't need to keep explaining.

i am me,
i am unsolved,
and i am happy.
national poetry writing month day 4 - unsolved
Violet Mar 11
"Are you a woman?"
She asks
With such disdain
And my heart stumbles

"Are you a woman?"
He mocks me
And for a fleeting moment
I consider

Truth or lie or silence -
My heartbeat quickens
And in a perfect world
I'm loud and clear -

they say "don't dare,
don't you even go there,
cutting off your long hair,
you do as you're told"
S Kim Nguyen Mar 8
do you remember, sweetheart,
    the night I broke in
and painted the wall outside rose-colored?
through the tiny window,
    you stared at my handiwork
with shining eyes.
though there was a wall between us
    I felt you shudder into becoming,
handcuffs trembling on your wrists.
trembling, trembling,
    then dropping with a clang
as you exploded into stardust.
in the shimmering emptiness of your cell
my seashell ears
echoed anxious music
but I breathed you into
    weightless lungs
and felt the longing of mother sky
For my old high school sweetheart. We struggled with our gender identities together in high school but this poem is based on a moment where we felt free of all that.
Jade C Mar 5
What lies beneath
my pillowy curves, chapstick, strong thighs
hairiness and oceanic longing

I occupy the shadow realm
an androgynous angel
contained in a hyper-feminized body
wave surfing and casting spells with seashells

I enjoy rough-housing and buttery
holding hands and throwing fists
making sand castles and
climbing pointy rocks

when I sip from my thermos of hot pu’erh
a tiger in my belly growls at the seagulls
circling above
sea foam folds like dough

my insides always howling in disagreement
with my outside
I am inspired by the seahorse,
the anemones who exist without binaries

I occupy that entrancing darkness
the liminal realm
just below sea level
a queer body that is limitless and beautiful
Carter Ginter Feb 28
These scars lay on my skin
Delicately placed by surgical blades
Carefully crafted into my skin
They are art
They are a part of me
As always
I love these residual lacerations
This brail across my body
Telling my story for me
To those primed to receive it
The soft pink tissue raises slightly on my right
Agitated and stretched
Red from my inability to afford
Additional healing time away from work
I love these pieces of myself
I love watching their journey
Through recovery and lifting
Feeling the changes tingle across my skin
As my body begins to trust me again
A piece about the scars I have across my chest from top surgery. It was the most life changing moment for me and one of the best decisions I've made for myself
worm Feb 22
tired so tired why can’t i just be a woman why can’t i just be comfortable with she why can’t i just be ok with “girl” why can’t i look at pictures with long hair and dresses and recognize a person why do i have to see my body  bare and uncovered and feel sick why can’t i say the words even to myself.

my identity is based around likeability and avoidance of change i can’t even say i am it’s all “i think” “i might” “maybe i’m” when i know ******* well that i am or at least what i sure am not
and the thought of requesting people to call me something different or even make a change known makes me want to hurl and i can never find the words or the courage so i must continue hearing even my closest friends go on using She and Girl and even the few who know even the only one who knows in person who has expressed full support and willingness to change who has loved me before and will not stop i am afraid to ask to use different words

am i so destined to suffer? will i face this fear and challenge for ever? will i ever be able to look at my chest and torso and not be filled with disgust and will i ever be able to loudly and proudly assert who i am? never have i been ashamed but will i ever allow myself to be Proud?
i was struggling with my gender a bit last night and wrote this.
quinn Feb 19
dear quinn,

it's okay
to tell people

how to make
you feel

they'll call you
by the right name
and the right pronouns.

and if they don't,
they will have lost
a part
of what it is
to be

and that isn't
your fault.

my old name is dead
but i'm afraid to bury it
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