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This isn't the way it was supposed to be.
Things started out so perfectly.
We were so happy, our future set in stone.
Never would I imagine myself alone.

But time after time, you broke my trust.
What I thought was love, you felt as lust.
You locked up my heart but gave her the key.
I watch as you now love her and not me.

I should have known it was too good to be true,
But yet here I am, crying over you.
Now I am left heart-broken and betrayed.
How stupid I was to think you would stay.

You shared love with her, knowing I was the cost,
And I realize now that all hope is lost.
Side note: Your Perfect
Jasmine Reid Feb 17
Am I in love or am I convincing myself?
I would be a fool to be either.
Maitsholo Feb 3
It introduced itself
Its personality was charming
Its character was fun and great
Overall it was sweet

They fell for it

It was fake
It was an imposter
The real one went everywhere with
its brother Commitment
and its sister Loyalty

In the end
They fell with it
It only needed a partner in crime
The reason people fall apart once they've fall in love. It was never real coz commitment and loyalty was not there from the get go
hxzin Jan 15
i struggle to believe anyone could
love me, because she
would only return my sentiment
in texts at 3am and on
intoxicated nights where all i
was, was a body for her to hold and
to plant kisses on high;
come morning time
she would’ve rolled over,
eyes closed, faced away.
im glad i never told her i loved her because
it would’ve been a half truth
a confession stained with bitter melancholy

on being used
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
More fickle than the seasons
fragile like thawing ice

attached with a firm grip
clutching like a baby’s hand.

Desperate but never dangerous
susceptible yet not defenceless
acquiescent, though a fool.

They are the simpleton’s
that embrace counterfeit fables,
illusions of promise

And at the end
that makes them break
Jasmine Reid Dec 2020
I pray for the day you crave my touch more than anything

And I will watch you wither in sorrow

As I have.
Dina Dec 2020
You said you wanted to be an actor
Well you got the part  
You were playing your character so well you made me think you actually loved me
But you didn't, it was all just scene one right?
Play rehearsal to you I guess
because you never cared about, me never loved me
i’m nothing to you just a temporary setback when she’s not there but
even then I don’t exist to you anymore
I’m nothing but a background character
You don’t even look me anymore
and it hurts me to hear that everything go so good between you and her
I want to break down and cry on the spot
But that’s not in the script is it?
It doesn't matter to you, you only see her
I’m fading into the background as I watch the rest of the play  
you never cared it was just one scene in the whole grand play
I want it all to stop
I can’t handle this anymore
I want to yell cut and end this agony  
It all hurts way too much
The plays over and done with
I fell for someone who wasn’t even real
I lost all feeling of reality after that
When the curtains closed and it was all said and done you took a piece of me with you
Now i’m left here with part of myself missing
Part that I’m never getting back
I feel so ******* broken
I don’t want my life anymore, give the role to someone else…
and even after all the **** that happened throughout this stupid play
I still love you…
This was difficult to write but I had a bit of fun anyways I hope you like it!
Jasmine Reid Nov 2020
I’m finding peace
In your silence

I’m finding peace
In your rage

I’m finding peace
In your absence

I’m finding peace
In being silent

I’m finding peace
In my anger

I’m finding peace
In my solitude
I’m getting used to being alone again
Damien Oct 2020
I'm better off when I'm dead
Want a bullet through my head
Paint the floor deep dark red

"I love you" that's what she said
Hurt is all she left me with
I'm better off when I'm dead
whybenzocry Oct 2020
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you think attention is love,
that's why you suffer so deeply.
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