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Liyanne May 14
Just like a moth
I'm drawn to your light
Desperate to find warmth
During these cold nights
I have to be cautious
of whats real or fake
One wrong move
and my life is at stake
S Bharat Apr 5
Facade of Love

She loved Butterfly
So much
Its songs she used to sing,

So, I placed one
On her hand.

She screamed
Threw it away.
For it was without wings.

S. Bharat
HeyitsAngel Mar 28
Young teenage girl
She thinks she is in love at age 17
She is very kind
Heart like gold
Innocent thinking no boy can ever hurt her
She was wrong
She went through something she thought she can never get out of
She was scared
This boy broke the way she viewed herself
Because to him she was nothing
She was only pleasing to the eye
But not to be in love with emotionally
She now lives with the thoughts of how awful he was
He won't ever think about how he broke her
With his comments
With his actions
She cried in her room for hours
Afraid of everything
Thinking all men viewed her as nothing
But pleasing to the eye
She was just trying to be happy
If he was so unhappy with himself
Or if he knew he wasn't suitable for a girl like her
Why did he date her
Why did he not express to her his intentions in the first place
But no instead he decided to date a happy
Innocent women
Only to break her
You didn't deserve her
No apology can fix her
You did what you did
Now leave her alone
You are just upset she didn't feed into what you wanted
You made it hard for her to even let another man love her
But no you can go move on with your love life like normal
Because you don't live with any pain
Because she wasn't a hurtful person
But she met someone
A man that was willing to be patient with her
Knowing what she went through
He spent time loving her
Even if she wasn't very comfortable even with a hug
But no he loved her
She got what she deserved all along
A loving man
That is devoted to her
That will give her the entire world if he could
That would make sure she would never go through any pain
Ever again...
Anurag Mar 12
Remember! Those summer days by the shore,
Hand in hand, we walked for hours.
There was no one to stop us.
We kissed each other, you smelled of flowers.
Built castles of sand and water.
The sea was good waves were quiet.
But, at night. It became a cold-hearted monster.
Big waves crashed against our dream bower.
Broke our dreams forever,
And, we couldn't dream further.
Don't have the power to dream more, dream further.
From heart to sole
Skin to bone,
It wasn't your fault
I thought you should know

She turned away
When you begged her to stay.
Don't tell me that you're doing fine.
Cause we both know that's a **** lie.
Stop trying to impress everyone,
Cause they don't care, they never will.

You say he's good, but I know he's not.
He's gonna leave you to hurt and leave you to rot.
And if you really don't believe me
Do I really need to list the reasons;

One, he wants your head
But he doesn't care about your thoughts.
Two, he doesn't listen
He talks like you're a thot, but you're not.

Three, he looks at you like you're something to eat
He moves way too fast, hon I'm sorry, he's got you beat.
That leads me to four, he hurts you like no other.
Maybe it's time to walk away

And love another.
She blocks you out
When you let her in.
She brings you down
When you put her on the highest pedestal.

She runs around behind your back.
Doing things you'd never wanna see her do.
She's going behind your back.
When you never go behind hers.
I shed tears for you.
I shed tears about you.

I tried to put a smile on my face
But it costs way too much.

Your smile in particular
Cost me everything.

Your amazing smile
So amazing, so dreamy.

That **** smile of yours,
Too good to be true.
There's a million lines
That I can't read.
But there's a million sews
That she will reap.
Oh, there's a million lines
That I can't write.
But there's a million sews
That I won't reap.

All I know,
Is nobody's taking his place.
Even though,
She's taking my place.
All I know,
Is that I still love him
Even though,
It's her that he loves.

All I know,
Is he used to set me straight.
And I know, I can't compete
With someone like you
Although I had him first.
I swear, she's a curse,
Cause I had him first.
I had him first.
How dare you go and try
To put everything back together.
Just because you can tell
I'm better off without you.

You had your chance
But you blew it once again.
You and all your lies
I'm better off without you.
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