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Zywa Nov 2023
It stopped working,

it's fake love, not a real hug:

no more alcohol!
Column "Belofte" ("Promise", 2023, Ellen Deckwitz), in the NRC on November 6th, 2023

Collection "Death on Cast"
In shadows dark, a tale I shall weave,
Of a girl whose heart, you must not believe.
With lips like poison, her words cut deep,
A siren of love, luring hearts to weep.

She wore a mask of innocence and grace,
But beneath it all, a treacherous embrace.
Her touch was fire, consuming and wild,
Leaving shattered souls, broken and beguiled.

She whispered promises, like whispers in the wind,
But they were but illusions, meant to rescind.
Her love was a game, a dangerous charade,
Leaving hearts ravaged, like a shipwrecked brigade.

Beware the deceitful girl, a master of disguise,
With a heart of ice, hiding behind her lies.
She weaves her web with skillful precision,
Leaving behind a trail of heartbreak and derision.

So guard your heart, my friend, with utmost care,
For the deceitful girl's love is not fair.
Seek a love that's honest, true and kind,
And leave the deceitful girl's illusion behind.
It's albout a deceitful insolence girl.
ky Jul 2023
If you start questioning it,
she will too,
and then she'll be grateful
that you made her stop and think about it all
because she'll realize you were never
what she wanted.

But what it'll take you a while to realize
is she wasn't what you wanted
ky Jul 2023
You never loved me;
you loved the idea of me.

The idea of having me as yours,
as someone pretty to say "I love you,"
as someone who was always there
to talk to, to complain to.
Someone to think of.

But now that you have her,
you don't need me.
You never needed me.
You needed someone, anyone,
but I wasn't going to let that someone be me.

You never loved me;
you loved the idea of me.

And now you love her.
(the idea of her)
Jeju May 2023
you tell me you don't know
you don't know whether to choose between
the friend or the girlfriend
why the **** is your girlfriend a choice
telling me you're bored
so i fed into your entertainment
and you loved it
but that was before i knew
i was going to be the grenade in your lives
i thought we had something special
but i'm not even on your mind
and she isn't even on your mind
who are you really thinking of?
if it's not me
or her
what's your new victims name?
giovanna Feb 2022
inteiramente perfeito
tirava-me suspiros
és tão belo, tão doce
tal como uma miragem

com certo atrevimento
tentei lhe alcançar
porém não consegui
pois tal como uma miragem
você nem mesmo esteve ali
Adaptação de um poema que fiz em 2016, o significado é de se apaixonar por alguem que inventou uma personalidade, e na verdade, não era nada do que dizia ser.
birdy Jan 2022
I'm in love
with the idea of it
the idea of someone
I pretend that you are the idea
That you are what I wish you were
But really you're a dream
my dream
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