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Ren 6d
I hated that it seemed you loved me,
when I made it so clear,
that I didn't want you.

You'd never ask me
because deep down, you'd know what I'd say.
I'd say, "Sorry, I don't love you that way."

And I hated that you'd call me darling
because that made it so hard
to keep up my ruse.

You were so dependent,
so reliant,
I was such a fool.

When you weren't there,
I found myself looking for you.
Couldn't stand,
couldn't face the truth.

You will never know my feelings.
You'd never see through my lies.

I'd never ask you
because deep down, I know what you'd say
you'd say, "Sorry, I don't love you that way."
For everyone confused, I'll explain. The narrator thinks that a person is in love with them, and at first, doesn't love the person. The narrator slowly falls for the person but then discovers that the person actually didn't love them at all. The person was only using the narrator to make who they actually like jealous.
YOU interrupted.
                                            your skin
                                            your eyes
                                           your heart
                                          your tyrant
                                        too much love
                                          your mate
                                          closed eyes
                                            my fault
                                           my useless
                                             silent cry
Kleigh Nov 2018
His love makes her fly
Up in the bright sky
Now,she's higher than high
And riding the cloud nine
When he call an angel 'mine'
An angel in heaven
Is already fallen
An angel left broken
As his man left back then
She's like a crushed airplaine
An angel fell on the ground
She was fooled by his man around
An angel wasn't his true love
She was treated by his fake love
We are destined to create a sad story
Pandora Dec 2018
Did you ever love me?
or was it all fake.

Did you ever need me?
or was it a game.

Did you ever want to hold me
in your arms?

Did you mean to leave me
with a broken heart?

i never said I love you
You said it all the time
it turns out words mean nothing
because you had to say goodbye
Pyrrha Oct 2018
You and I were never real
We were just kids who played pretend
D A W N Oct 2018
honey, you cant force a piece
into a jigsaw puzzle
thinking they'll fit.
ChildofGodyay Jul 2018
Plunging holiness.
Plunging thoughts.
Plunging feelings brought.

Fighting not working.
Not strong enough.
How can I fight this fight without a physical sword?

Falling highs.
Calling lows.
I am trying to find a home.
Where I can feel at peace.
Even in the stormy seas.

You provide that.
I know that.
But my heart doesn't want to believe it...
Yearning for something I already have.

Sinful pleasures.
***** sins.
I don't want that.
I don't need that.
I don't want that....
I don't need that...
I don't want this.
I don't need this.

I don't want the darkness covered in light
I want and I need the light covered in darkness.
That pass that thorny bushes and rough walls would I finally be able to get through, and take my crown....
Sometimes dark times are necessary...
Shannon Jun 2018
You told me you loved me,
You lied to my face.
You stole my heart,
And put it in a case.

You locked it away,
So far away.
You own it, you stole it,
It can't run away.

You told me you loved me,,
You lied to my face.
You closed my mouth,
Just incase.

You told me not to tell anyone,
You made me promise.
You made me quiet,
I still broke that promise.

You told me you loved me,
You lied to my face.
You stole my mind,
and entrapped it away.

You bruised me,
You hurt me.
This isn't the way.
Why did you have to
Do it anyway?

You told me you loved me,
You lied to them.
You put on a smile,
And a façade.
They believed you,
And threw my words away.

You told me you loved me,
You still lied to the rest.
I knew you were lying,
This wasn't what was best.

You lied, you pried,
You said you wouldn't do it again.
I cried, and cried,
You still inflicted the pain.

You told me you loved me,
You lied to yourself.
You said you were sorry,
But that couldn't help.

Stop, oh stop,
You did it, nonstop.
You hit, you bit,
I just wasn't enough.

You told me you loved me,
You lied, oh you ******* lied!
You could never love,
With your demons inside.
shanay gsl May 2018
i can’t love you
but what i can do is
giving you false hope,
waste your time,
letting you love someone who doesn’t love and care about you,
play with your feelings like it’s nothing,
letting you down,
i don’t do love,
and i’m sorry
but i’ll never will.
you were just another girl/boy to me, another girl/boy who wasted her/his time with me, because you thought i was capable of love, while i wasn’t.
i’m sorry
Hardik Parmar May 2018
not wanting to leave
is still no reason to stay,
because sometimes though you're here
I can tell you're far away.

I can see it in your eyes,
I can feel it in your kiss
so I'd rather want you to go
than to be in superficial love.
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