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Your crescent moon shape
fits so seamless around me

Nighttime falls and I seek
the boney knuckle wrapped
around my chest

In the silvery cityscape, silence
permeates and I basque in
your peace and sleep talk

Your power over me in passivity
absorbed in the perceived
desire you have for me

Dark, starry nights, early mornings
in which your body, once pressed
with such urgency against mine

became lost in the sensation of
a nervous, covetous warmth

There no longer exists this
sensation, as persistent waning
sent once thunderous waves
into soft rippling and retreat.
as soon as i was sure

i doubted again

because that is the way she
engineered me

it would be easier for her
to invalidate me

i could handle that

but she just makes me
invalidate myself
i really don't know anymore.
Arden Sep 23
Let's make one thing clear
The future is not female
The future is
Nonbinary it's
Genderfluid it's
Queer it's
Trans it's
Natives it's
*** workers, it's
***, it's
Bi, it's
Pan, it's
Ace it's
People of color it's
People with disabilities
Arden Sep 23
guess what  
no matter what you say or do  
my ****** does not make me less
my chest does not make me less
my voice does not make me less
i am what i am and you cant change that  
i am a friend  
I am a lover  
I am a brother  
I am not the subject of your study  
I am not the punching bag for your queerfear
i am strong  
i am everything  
i am still here
uselace Sep 13
loving girls,
is so much more
than anything
they want you to see
it is hoodies
that smell like her,
soft brushes
in the lunchroom
falling asleep
to a movie
wrapped up in each other
being so *******
in love,
that you call her
your stars
an honor reserved
for her
and only her
because your love
is just like any other,
and innocent
and full to the brim
with dreams
of a world
where you can kiss freely
and get married
and love,
without strangers
stopping you
on the streets
because your love
simply isn't "normal"
enough for them
Tawana Sep 12
I had never seen her like that before
But in the bright sunlight, something was lit a new
Her skin glowed and her hair shone
and in that very moment, I knew I was gone.

Because you see I had never witnessed such beauty and it was the first time I have ever seen her not looked at her but seen her. I saw every curve on her body, the fixures in her hips, and the mischief in her smile and in that moment I knew that for her I would run a mile.

I thought to myself I can't feel this way because its wrong at least that what they say, I can't think about wanting to hold her hand as we walk down the street, or bringing her home for her and my parents to meet.

I was meant to like boys and not anything else and I knew that those thoughts I was having I should keep to myself.

But you see it gets difficult because I've realised I don't want him I want her I want her to be the one running her fingers through my hair.

But I can't say that I must hide because I am scared that if I come out because of who I am it can never come to light.
Arjun Raj Sep 3
Where I sit, in a closet full of greys, which aren’t greys,
But colours of the rainbow, gleaming with a diffused glow,
I am not colour blind, but she was, the day I entered her closet,
But now she isn’t, for I have seen her feel the colours,
And sometimes you need not see them, to feel them,
You just have to wear them and see the world outside
through that gleaming diffused glow,
with a butterfly or two in your gut;
you’ll realize that the world is a closet too, that needs to be opened by the might of the strayed,
because the world is colour blind,
just like how she was when I entered her closet.
So, while I sit in here, I wonder what my role is, for I have built a castle in one corner,
just above the drawer where she hides her deepest secrets;
Maybe I am here to show her the light, so that the greys can become the colours they deserve to be
and then her closet can become the most colourful of them all,
and I can watch her be herself, not just in our closet,
but also to the world outside,
For I fell in love with that woman, who is not afraid to be herself, for she can carry any colour with poise, elegance and freedom.
That’s what the world should see and learn, from the most beautiful woman, that I share my closet with.
Izzy Aug 30
I’ve always been peculiar
                                      My poems are self-assured nonsense
Chaos is soothing
                                                    Unique is a matter of perspective
Rita Aug 28
Our thighs touch, salty from the ocean,

which I saw in your eyes when we first met.

I want to touch you, your hands, your hair, strands made of gold,

like the sun that kisses your skin during the summer.

I don't know what it is about you, but it was more than enough,

to make me fall in the abyss of infatuation,

at the beach.
eli Aug 27
my body is a temple
but it is not a home
i am a stranger here

my body is a temple
but it’s a burden
i didn’t choose these foundations

my body is a temple
but i am ready to leave
i am no longer welcome

my body is a temple
but it’s burning down
and i lit the match

my body is mine
i will construct it
and carve out a new holy place
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