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Lily 2d

We hide ourselves wherever we can
A rainbow spilling over in every crevasse
of our hidden identities

Secret club meetings and handshakes
Blue feathers reaching towards the sky
from our vulnerable heads
Hayley Kiyoko references
whispers in the night from an all girls sleepover
Violet flowers spilling from our hands

Identities lost in a sea of overwhelming fear
Of people finding the hidden door
Opening it up, trying to find hidden treasures
Hidden treasures discovered to be
Rainbow potion

We are united through hiding
We are the hidden ones
launched with so much
It ripples across the air
into my head
dissolving into fear.
I look up and remember
they aren’t talking to me.
They wouldn’t say that to me.
Not because they have learned acceptance.
They just accept the fact that this ******
hits harder than they want to know.
Fear is what keeps their ignorance in check
and keeps me safe.
ness 4d
happiness cannot be seen
through rose-tinted glasses
or with the ***** eye
but mine sleeps next to me
and mine stays close to me
and their heartbeat beats in time
Dec 9, 2018, 3:29PM

inspired by a comic I was reading; I don’t remember which
A mirror image I am,
like anyone else,
being unique in every way
tough my troubles stalk my mind.

Am I wrong,
or possibly misleading?
My life is seems to be a mistake,
more and more
******* myself.
But my problems are more appearing to others...

To whom does one like
more beyond any romantic tale,
and further comes a
different type of love.

He likes him
she likes her
banished from religion
yet no clues are found,
but open in reality
and accepted by people
my problems
So I am not *******, but I am bi, I`m sorry if I mislead anybody with these *** LIFE poems.
Strutting your stuff as you go on your way,
At first glance people call you ***.
You flap your wrist, as if you lack muscle,
But we all know better, so quit the hustle.
With cries such as "fabulous" and "oh my god guys",
Its amazing normal people don't eat you alive.
Even though you feel your heart has good cheer,
Your brain knows, you are full of fear.
Yeah so I decided that I SHOULD do the series. I`m really proud of it so far!!!
You don't know what is like to not love your self,
To be put down cast away and not even have a response from your cry for help,
You don't know what is like to be me,
To build for wall around themselves made of Steel,
Running and hiding is my duty,
Insecurity my pride,
You don't understand what is like to see the whole world in black & white,
When everyone visions are colorful and nice,
Fear and nightmares are my company,
While death is my destiny,
You don't know what is like,
To have your day become night,
No you just don't understand what is like to be ***,
Even though it's slap right in front of your face.
I think I might start a series out of "*** Life". I really have a lot to say about this matter, so why not?
mc ish Feb 10
reanalyzing and realizing
there is nothing in me that cannot be
giggling and dangling
something inside of me does not belong
to the decision this piece of paper has called me
she believes the height of my exposure and the greatness of my pride
will be the death of me
just wait and see
i do not like the love i see
i wish to be More
i wish to be Me
she says that person does not exist
so i will frame her on the wall
i will make contact everyday
i use it as reminder that i will never be what they want of me
all my life, my heart has sought a thing i could not name.
Presence of mind and will of self,
Are the things I shelf.

Through out the day,
I just wish I wasn't ***.

People laugh at and jeer.
They make fun of the *****.

They act *** to try and entice me.
It seems no one understands you see?

My parents are ashamed.
They act like I blasphemed

My dad yells and beats me,
Can't look at me in the eyes.

My mom just sits and cries and prays.
They're christian and hate all ****.
But i am ***** and here to stay.

I am proud of what I am.
They look at me like "****!"

Who is the *** over there?
Who's blood does the *** share?

And I hope that one day a collision of
Love one another like the vision of

"I Have A Dream" by Dr. King.
The injustice is no little thing.

I just wish it wasn't hard,
To hold my only card.

Because really I am tired,
Of telling people to be inspired.

When will it be that glorious day?
For It's hard to be a ***.
Sometimes this poems is my reality, my parents hate me, and I hate my life.
mc ish Feb 1
i will lay back and look up to see rock bottom
i will pretend it doesn't hurt to stay alive
i will be on time
i will not return myself to sender no matter how many times i address the envelope
i can't
i won't
i will pretend i feel the things i should
happiness to see my favorite heart
anger at the news
joy to eat what used to taste like anything
anxiety to look him in the eyes
and imagine the future i used to think id have
disgust at my dissection specimen
i will not wish to be lying there in its place
looking up to see rock bottom
Carter Ginter Jan 24
I love you
And even though I dont always feel things
I know its true
Because there's more to the experience
Than perceived emotions alone
I may not feel the surging rush of excitement
But when I see you're in pain
I want to do what I can to make it better
I may not be present many moments
But looking at pictures of you
Helps calm me down when I'm angry
I may not always reciprocate missing you
But if you need me
I am always here for you
I may have a hard time visualizing a future
But when I think about Colorado
You're there next to me
I may not always be sensitive to your feelings
But I'm really trying
To learn and give you real empathy
Because you deserve that positivity
I may try to push you away
But when I hear For Island Fires and Family
I cry as I picture you and I
Slow dancing under starlight
Because while I don't always feel things
I know how I feel for you
I want our forever
No matter how hard it is
No matter what work it takes
I know life is hard for us both right now
But I also know we are strong
And we are both growing as people
So while it may take some tsime
And it will be hard
You are worth it
We are worth it
I love you Leo
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