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Baby boy!
Pretty little thing,
your flesh
is So divine!
Oh yeah,
that's right;
I like to watch it -
i like to watch your flesh:
subcutaneous fat
padding tender hips
Shifting on a creaky framework of bones.
So beautiful,
so divine,
so delicious -
I will have you for my own, Straight Boy,
I will eat you,
your liver,
your Brain,
and finally,
I will devour your confused little heart;
I will bite through the muscle;
and you will watch on
as Blood that pumped
through a brain that pushed away thoughts of hesitant homoeroticism,
and a ***** that rose
For me - INCUBUS!!! -
dribbles down my chin...
averylia Jul 24
Her figure in my bed
relaxes, half obscured by silk sheets;
there’s a sweetness to her uncovered form,
not in a way that is ****** or arousing,
but for how it speaks of comfort in my presence
like we are so adapted to each other
that nothing is strange or foreign to us—
even the vulnerability of nakedness.

And like a goddess, she pulls me in to her chest,
a whisper of soft and beautiful flesh;
there, I imagine us as once born from the ocean,
with pearl strewn hearts and wanton eyes,
as goddess meets goddess among seafoam and silk.
alt title: befriend demons detested.  throw them (a party).

alt title: bury the hatchet / forget it(s resting place).

alt title: cry (less.  feel) more.

alt: love / alt-love.

(alt.) LOVE.
notes on unexpected police harassment & questioning in a public space.
averylia Jul 22
What I feel for you

rewrites the meaning of desire;

I long for your touch like I'm the leaf

awaiting the soft morning dew or the sand

for the ocean waves.

When you touch my body

my heart is rewritten;

encoded with your name, again and again,

until your name is the only one it knows.

What I feel for you

rewrites the meaning of desire.
(this poems rewrites itself!)
averylia Jul 22
Gently, I wake from your side.

I love your serene face on the pillow,

The soft, fluttering eyelashes on cheeks,

The strong, resting hands tucked underneath.

But I won’t kiss you, or touch you for

I don’t wish to disturb your dreaming,

So, I watch, and I smile up at the light.

It happens every morning, this feeling,

and I think just isn’t she the sweetest human?
averylia Jul 22
A new page turns:
it’s midnight
and all I see are dreams and glimpses of her,
the ink from her snake tattoo
dark on her wrist like a passing shadow,
lean fingers layered with gemstone rings,
jade feline eyes swallow me and spit me out.

I want to pull you in,
and trace the ink written on your skin.
It feels like stories to me,
pages and pages of words
transcribed along the flesh of Aphrodite.
And, oh, to touch with is untouchable—
the more I long for you, the more the venom
of longing seeps into my untouched heart.
jay Jul 20
mere strangers are unaware of their own oblivious bliss

engaged by the pieces i have marked as ours

that every yellow flower is only to be held

by the hand that holds mine

that written on every bouquet with baby’s breath

is your name

even the moon that they witness

is the planet that bonded our souls

how clueless they may be, how rude

as they place their own meaning above our own
i'm urged by my heart to be selfish
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