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I never meant to fall

but sunrise greased your chassis.
The crest and fall of your jaw—

the blade and bend of it,
mudslide contouring of it—

dropped me ribless at your feet.

O promising land, crisp field  
of flesh, whose fireflies

steered my eyes in the darkness—
your land, where my eyes had strayed—

scaled over eolian caves, the slick
basins of your clavicle, onto
the hexa hillocks clustered
like honeycomb chambers
on your abdomen.

I never meant to fall,

but the cursive lines of you,
I might have trod with loose eyes—

even now, there is a voice
drawing them to strike
at the aquifer beneath your waistline,

voice of vined thirst,
of torso and tug—
with them, I struck and drowned
after ‘Waist and Sway’ by Natalie Diaz
E Jul 9
Rhythmic patterns in my brain
start to
Similar to the last drops of water
falling from the faucet

Rusty gears grinding begin sounding
Similar to my squeezing thoughts
pressing against each other

The influx of my anxiety
Become the jingling noise of keys
to signal the alarms of overanalyzation

Champagne corks popping like popcorn
when an idea begins to sizzle
no deep explanation for this one. tried something with onomatopoeia for once haha.
Paul Idiaghe Jun 28
Seek deliverance, the church says,

so I rush quavering
& pink to the lit altar of his pelvis,

kneel to its bells’ solemn
calls, choose not to close my eyes

through hum or lament. In his
presence, I am sin, plain

with my devilish horns—red hot
beast, ***** as hell. He moves me

like fins do water—& I move him
onwards. Unfold my tongue

to his sacrament—bread
-stick, grape wine lips. The gasping

wallops the walls like incense,
& soon we tread through clouds, in a heaven

-ly hour or more. If it is my nature
that I should be delivered into, I have found one,

green, between a man’s bent passion  
& mine. Say pray & I will come

to spray his abdomen
with the loose beads of my rosary.
Ahmad Attr Jun 27
You try to hurt me with you words
In all honesty you succeed
But there are many like you in this world
That I have to face to live
I can’t let your words get to me
I can’t let myself stay weak
I didn’t choose this life
But I chose to live it
Even if you end me, in the name of peace
My name will echo in the streets
**** me today
And I’ll live tomorrow
Millions of my people in your heartless world
Will feast and nourish on my sorrow
E Jun 18
body in a rage
blood bubbles rummaging
horns begin to make an entertrance
howls of shrieking agony
veins shattering
with pupils dilated and saliva trailing down my crimson stained lips
your best bet is to run.
get the **** away from me.
Previously unreleased from April of 2021.
E Jun 18
my body is a topic that trails the mouths of a family at dinner
it is the trail of saliva that leaves shortly after breaking a heated kiss
always leaving a bitter taste

but when did you taste me?
when did I crawl into your mouth full of cavities?

existing as I am cements chains in people's root canals
a topic for discussion
my life to debate
trans people being the forefront
it is so inconvenient and sinful
and yet its the flavor on their seething lips

kissing one another trailing more saliva
knowingly trading hate with ones mind and lips
integrating more citizens and normalizing their behavior

transphobia is the topic for discussion
Previously unreleased from February of 2021.
They're simply words
Used to help someone
Live comfortably
In a society
Where they don't
Feel that they belong
Because you decided
For yourself that they don't
Because you were raised
To be afraid of those
Who do not conform
To what you believe
Is a society where
You wish to spread
Your negativity
And futile behaviour
Ahmad Attr Jun 3
My right to life isn’t an agenda
My right to life isn’t as described by your *******
It isn’t a propaganda
It isn’t a part of politics
The fact that we have to justify our existence is saddening.
Kellin May 31
Thin skinned
Like I grew up in a childhood to recover from
Christ the savior
pinned against white walls
and if you're not careful they'll nail you up there too
Zee May 25
Everyone's born like an egg,
Unbroken, whole.
We spend our lives trying to break from the shell,
To free ourselves, to become us.

Some peoples shells are pink,
And they come out that way,
And others come out blue or purple or...
empty, colourless, neither pink or blue,
or grey or any hue.

That's me...I left my safe little shell,
I left my pink home,
Expecting to stay me, and I became beutiful,
Colourless and colourful,
A kalaedoscope of beauty and pain and sadness,
and love.
It's an allegory for growing up and descovering you were trans, not my fave but I enjoyed writing!
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