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mace May 11
"What beautiful flowers!"
Unaware of how much death & decay took place under the soil, right below.
Oblivious to the pain.

The speaker was a girl with long black hair, walking with another, a person with brown and golden hair, at the base of the hill with a weathered grave on top.

She smelled the fragrant jasmines & plucked off a handful to decorate her hair, now walking away down the hill.
Her companion lingers at the top, gazing at the gleaming white petals, contrasting with shiny ivory.

"Come down!" She calls. But the blonde has seen the engraved rock, secluded by growing vines. They decide to have a moment of silence.

The black haired girl looks back, then rolls her eyes before abandoning them.

The person left standing next reads the epitaph,
Their sunkissed, freckled face turning into gloom.

"Now that I've seen you, I won't let you be alone."

She gently kisses the keen flowers that are curious about her words.
Then turns to lay and nap in the grass and foliage for hours.
a poem inspired by a love poem my partner wrote for me :] written metaphorically about real people/ events
mace May 11
when she leaves for work,
i'm left in the absence of wonderful wild spirit.

i tidy up the covers we slept on together peacefully & arrange the stuffed animals.

they look happy that we no longer dominate the bed with our talking and laughter, they watched us enviously from the floor the night before.

i wipe down the counters lightly, coated with dust, & vaccum the floor. i assume my mother would be surprised at the sight of me after i proclaimed "i will never fall in love!" as a 10 yr old.

i go downstairs and wash our dishes from the dinner the night before, remembering how each cookware served us, & how goofily we waltzed in the kitchen ballroom.

the day is bright and sunny, even if it isn't.

as i take out the trash on my way out, i commute to my house
where she'll be for the rest of the week.
i would literally do anything for her. guys IM SO IN LOVEEE
mace May 11
it didn't sneak up on me
i fell slowly
with every act of kindness where she'd go out of her way for

i could lean on her.

she loves me unashamedly.
but i was afraid and stuck in quicksand
but she pulled me up
again and again
no matter how many times i mistook the sinking death trap as ground

our mutual sacrifice for eachother
out of concern, out of care, just because;
is what love is
just another love poem for my gf don't mind me
mace May 11
she grew up with a beach of sand next to lake
i grew up near a beach with jellyfish & sweet salt air; home.

so one day i will take her to where their eyes remind me of

a honeyed landscape of granual sediment,
millions and millions of years of erosion,

just to look soft & warm to the onlooker

the tide pulling in and out. the seagulls flying above, cawing, while a cool, sunny day shines upon the sparkling waters frothing with movement.

her voice is my ocean breeze.
love poem for my partner <3 late april 2024 i believe.
Arlen Mar 9
Mother told me I was a girl
In the clothes, she bought me to wear
Mother told me I was a girl
In the way she did my hair

Mother told me I was a girl
Because society told her so
Mother told me I was a girl
Because trans people weren't shown

Society told me I was a girl
And said that's all I could be
Society told me I was a girl
But that doesn't feel like me

Society told me I was a girl
That anything else would be a lie
Society told me I was a girl
And I felt a part of me die

Jamie Raines showed me
That I could be a man
Jamie Raines showed me
I'm not too hard to understand

Jamie Raines showed me
Something I'd buried deep within
Jamie Raines showed me
My existence isn't sin

The trans* people before me
Showed me I could exist
The trans* people before me
Showed me that not everyone is cis

The trans* people before me
I owe so very much
The trans* people before me
They have been my crutch
1 month on testosterone, life is looking up :)
Arlen Mar 7
I don't want the kind of masculinity
That drives dads to hide their tears
That tells little boys it is wrong
To express their fears

I don't want the kind of masculinity
That says expressing emotions is wrong
I want to be the kind of man
That knows expressing emotions is strong

I don't want the kind of masculinity
That says there is only one kind of man
We can come in all shapes and sizes
Why is that so hard to understand?

I don't want the kind of masculinity
That pushes me aside
Even if I was born different then some others
I know who I am inside
Arlen Feb 28
This body is not my home
The words you use for me are not my own
So, please don't presume to know me
As you see my passing by
What lies beneath the surface
Is more than what meets
Society's eye
Arlen Feb 21
The name is not quite dead
Sometimes it still falls from my own lips
But one day soon
Things will change
I'll send out the bullet
Then the name can lay
Within the tomb
Cole Feb 11
Past birthdays
Wishing to make it to the next.
Well here I am
Mourning the girl who isn't.

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