I wish I had a real scalpel-
Something to reconstruct my form
I'll snap on some rubber
Up to my elbow in sanitary protection
Slice my muscle away from my hip bone
Tear a clean line down to my belly button
Open up my nakedness
Unwrap my skin and redistribute me
From my jaw to my shoulders
From my sternum to my pelvis
From my coccyx to my metatarsals

I lost hope a lifetime ago-
Simply an impossible fantasy
I was given a meatsuit too small
A vessel that will never adjust to reality
Up to my fingertips in warm protection
Layer after layer pretending to bulk up
Nothing hangs on my crooked frame quite right
I know what will fit
In the space between my eyes
I'm coughing on all the chemicals in here
And I was always told to go out with a bang

I need to lose this billion dollar industry-
The luxurious parasite that feasts
First on my distended abdomen
Then onto my mal-hued mind
Lastly on my desperate soul
Stab my disfigured thigh with blissful needles
Syringes to reshape this prison
Leaving scars, bruises, bruised
Better than the white mouths
That once kissed my misshapen arms
Up to the wrist in longsleeve protection

So now I'll tolerate alternate forms
Of self destruction and creation
Dangerous coping mechanisms
For my invisible agony and despair
I'll conceal it all with faux angst
Nonexistent torment kept under wraps
I'll settle with cutting the fingers off my gloves
Still unable to hide my hands
Wrote a bunch of poems about my gnc dysphoria. It sucks.
I'm no comic-book character
Gender-less action figure
No superhero or villain or neutral god
I forget about what's between my legs
Corporeal, despite my best efforts
of self-deception
I recoil at the figure in the mirror
The unrealistic reality is disproportionate
Ideal or not, chemicals make me human.
I am not at fault.
I didn't do anything wrong.
Why am I being treated as though I did?

Stop it with the pity and the shame.
I am not ashamed. I don't need pity.
Especially not yours.

Life is messed up, but I am not.

One in five. one in five. ONE IN FIVE
One in five LGBTQ+ people have been mistreated because of their sexual orientation. It's not that hard to find these statistics. Look it up. Look up anything about LGBTQ+ people and I'm sure you'll find mistreatment.
I'm sure you'll find harm.
I'm sure you'll find that they harm themselves.
Because they feel at fault.
It's not their fault that they feel a common emotion towards another person you, selfish, close-minded..

Four in five. four in five. FOUR IN FIVE
Don't talk about it.
The way they were mistreated.
If you don't really get that
If you can't  really fathom that
Almost all of them
Almost every single one of these people that have been mistreated don't even talk about it they don't reach out they don't tell

of LGBTQ+ people in school are bullied
Are mistreated
Are hurt
Are mocked
Are called names
In school.
Yeah, bullying happens all the time over stupid shit. All the time. Wearing glasses, looking different, being gay.
I get it.
It happens.
Nearly half.

"72 countries criminalise same-sex relationships ...
The death penalty is either ‘allowed’, or evidence of its existence occurs, in 8 countries
In more than half the world, LGBT people may not be protected from discrimination by workplace law
Most governments deny trans people the right to legally change their name and gender from those that were assigned to them at birth
Between 2008 and 2014, there were 1,612 trans people were murdered across 62 countries - equivalent to a killing every two days
A quarter of the world’s population believes that being LGBT should be a crime"

Oh hey, just some statistics. Isn't that interesting. Isn't it cool to take a step back and check that out. That's pretty crazy huh? Pretty outrageous. But, you know, maybe if you weren't such a

I did nothing
I tried to stop it.
I tried.
But how can you stop

People are hurting
People are dying
People are being killed
People are killing themselves

Stop it with the pity and the shame.

We are not to blame.
All statistics were taken from this website.
his parents are ascetically grieving
he only wants to look aesthetically pleasing
in his own mind he’s fine, he’s normal, he’s great
in their minds, they ask themselves, ‘what did we create?’
they’re never proud, not unless he’s their perfect little boy
and he’s only that way if he lets them treat him like their toy
she’s bearing weight like atlas with religious and outdated morals
the only way she can speak with her family’s in quarrels
she’s only herself, if they’d just understand
they act like her feelings are emotional contraband
zie’s just hirself
what’s wrong with that
hir family beats hir down with a mental bat
they say that it’s fine
they don’t think it is
what do they expect hir to do, when they can’t even live with what is?
zie cannot be a person who does not exist
all zie can do is just try to resist,
if it’s
the only thing that keeps hir alive
and it fits
zie is never gonna try to come back to this
if they can’t accept them, then someone else can
but who will accept the outcasts, the fallen
who will welcome them with open arms?
it's the lullaby of most transgenders
Mikey Barnes Mar 12
when my mother asks
i tell her
someday i'll have normal boy hair.
something with a short back and sides
that isn't buzzed to a number two
and i didn't do in my bathroom sink.
something that isn't pink
or blue
or grey
or whatever hue i was feeling that day.
something not quite so obviously gay.
something inconspicuous.
something employable.
something a bit more like the boys on tv
and a little less like me.
my boyfriend recently shaved all his hair off and we've been discussing it in terms of a queer rite of passage
Your heart beats
When becoming
Who you
need to be.
This is about coming out
Dear Girlfriend,
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
Dear person who likes me and who I like,

This is to say that
I may not be your girlfriend
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
I may not be the girl who likes you who you like.

This is to say that
I still like you
and I really hope that you still like me
and we are totally friends


This is also to say that
Your girlfriend
(Or if our friends are around and you change a little, embarrassed maybe)
Your female friend who likes who and who you like
May not be as female as you think.

voiDce Mar 7
warmth turns to fire that burns itself out as quickly as it sparks
and were left surrounded by ashes as uncomfortable as they are disorienting

samsara, i guess
a cycle of life and death and new beginnings

we find new people
new hands
new strings to twist together as we try to make something beautiful again

the new hands are stronger than you
braver than you
more curious than you

and they do a hell of a lot more to make it warm again than you

but ill still miss how your hands were

his are brutal, but they get the job done
just fine
Em Mar 4
I feel trapped
Like I can't reach
The peak of who I am
Of who I'm meant to be

Everything becomes an obstacle
My hair
My voice
How I dress

They stop me
Stop me from being perceived
As the gender I feel
The gender I am

If gender dysphoria was a weapon
I would've been shot down long ago
With my brothers, sisters, and siblings
Who died from the never-ending torture

All I want is my name
All I want is for others to use my pronouns
But that's too far away
So I'm waiting for the torture to finally

End me
Ashley C Mar 1
He says he was gonna open the gates to his heart, show the world who he really was.
He was gonna escape this so called prison
He was gonna leave the darkness, in hopes to find someone better
He was gonna blossom like the beautiful flower he was meant to be
He was gonna change his world

But he couldn't be brave enough

He kept that gate locked in fear someone will look at him in disgust, think that it's just his "thing" or "phase" at the moment
He couldn't leave the so called prison
He says the darkness held him better than anyone else had ever
He wanted to blossom, but instead he kept wilting
He tried to change his world, but he was stuck in the same miserable one

He cried for years in that body, that everybody called hers.
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