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Ashley Kaye Jul 20
when you leaned to take my breath
out from under me
i almost say no but
Your eyes are very blue
Your hair very blonde
and I have the feeling
you would call me beautiful

i go to
highlight the sharpest bones
in my face
color my cheeks,
ebony eyelids
**** caked kisses
speak volumized volumes

If it were just as simple
to grow a spine
July 19, 2019
Jason Drury Jun 21
Veins of sheets,
entangle us.
She tells me,
without sound.

Without pause,
she speaks,
in the backseat,
under frosty moonlight.

She feels me,
in blurry crowds
and through
crisp empty roads.

Follow her voice,
through mornings
painted gray.
She tells me.

Smiles with her eyes,
it's audible,
almost divine,
she glows.

She lets her hair down,
a breath of gold,
sweet and comforting.
You’re safe.

She is there,
solid as stone.
She is here,
for me.
Cassia Jun 18
you never had
a blonde-haired, blue-eyed girl
the one who's sweet on your eye
the sort that you show off to your friends
that loves the world unconditionally
what you had was
a brown haired, hazel eyed girl
that loved you, adored you
but found she wasn't enough.
by the stars, she wasn't enough.
du du du...
Philomena May 23
Brown Hair
Blonde Hair
Blue Hair
Dye it every color of the rainbow
And some more in between
Honestly if I had a dollar for every color I've had my hair I'd have enough to dye it again
Blonde on black
And she’s on the attack
Black on white
And she’s ready to fight
White on blue
And she’s coming for you
Blue on red
And you’re already dead
Mark Parker Apr 30
Sewn together to be torn apart,
bitten, beaten, ripped to pieces.
Put back together with used parts,
over time her quality decreases.
Drifting like petals in the gentle breeze,
the Doll goes where the wind blows.
She knows hell would have to freeze
in order to get a brand new set of clothes.
A ribbon wrapped to cover a tortured head,
wooden buttons and her bow colored red.
Notes of a blonde dolls life.
I’m 5’1
I have blonde red hair
I wake up every morning and pray thanks
I do things everyday that I’m scared to do
I fight everyday against Anorexia Nervosa
I remind myself everyday my happiness is first

This is Me
all for you Mar 12
It was 3 degrees outside
She wore a purple fuzzy headband that seemed to cover her entire head
Her large and puffy grey coat went to her knees
A grey turtleneck underneath
And those clunky duck boots
While everyone else smiled at the weekend at 3 on a Friday
She looked confused
I could only imagine what she was thinking about

It was 58 degrees outside
The headband gone
She has blonde hair that’s up in a ponytail more often than it isn’t
The coat is gone but the turtleneck is still there
It’s striped this time
She still wears the duck boots since the snow is melting away
And there are puddles with every step
She’s smiling and laughing on the phone
Trying to explain directions
I can only imagine who she’s talking to

I can see it
I can see my future in the way her hair is flipping back and forth as she walks
I can see my future in the way her face lights up when she laughs
I can see my future in the way she curls her hands into her sleeves
I can see my future in how she tries to avoid a puddle but then steps into a deeper one
I can see my future in the way that puddle ripples around her
I can see my future in the way the melting snow seems to glimmer when she passes it

I learned she got the headband for free once
When she spent too much money at her favorite store
Her grey coat is a family company she’s obviously loyal to
The grey turtleneck is from the place she got the headband from
Obviously, she tells me with an eye roll and a laugh
The duck boots keep her feet dry, even if they’re not very warm
She looked confused because she was leaving economics, her hardest class
She had just learned a new concept that all of her classmates understood
But for some reason, she couldn’t wrap her head around it

She likes that her hair is blonde
But knows it’ll turn brown one day, like her mom
So she gets highlights put in, knowing it won’t help, but hopes anyway
She’s always wearing turtlenecks because she’s always cold
It’s from the same store as the other one
The duck boots are her favorite and her feet like them too much to wear other shoes
She’ll never admit it
But she steps in the deeper puddles on purpose because she likes how they splash
She was on the phone with her friend from high school
Directing her to the lot to park in
She’s staying over this weekend

I was right when I said my future was in her
It’s in the hair
The jacket
The turtlenecks
The headband
The boots
The confused look
The happy one
The eye roll
The laugh
The puddles
The snow
My future is her
i'm waiting for the day you'll find me, maybe it's someday soon // love always
Dante Prince Jan 27
The words we spoke that night still echo in my brain
Just as the footsteps echo through this empty house
You made my house our home
Now you are gone
Having left me wounded, alone, and to be eaten alive
I don’t understand love anymore
You walked out the door, never looking back for a second
Left me to wonder and wither
Your boots were tossed
I was tossed
I am so lost
Living this blonde nightmare
Where everything I see is us

We were to be ghosts together
Share love forever
And now, I’ll never forget this nightmare
Your strands cling to the floor
All I want is for you to walk through the door
You gave me no reply
I fell so far, hitting the bottom
Feeling like death, this barbaric thing
Eats me alive
I shake and shake
Can not get warm
Why did we let this happen

Now I wallow in darkness and despair
Your blonde hair is everywhere
You know not how deep you cut
Our love was supposed to never die
We were to be ghosts together
Now we are just ghosts to each other
Never speaking again
You scent hangs over me
I can’t stop shaking
You tossed me away
I am as good as dead
Your blonde hair is my nightmare
You’re a ghost
I feel like you’re dead and I was responsible
I can’t fix this and it’s killing me
This cold empty house has strands of reminders of a happier time. A time I smiled effortlessly and loved with every part of me. Now...
Jenn Dec 2018
cigarettes make me feel better about abandoning you
I want a jeep because of when you would drive your mom's
and play rap songs
I want to be what I thought you were
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