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She has only one eye
and everyone wants her to die.
The title she has
is what everyone does.

She glows in the dark
but everyone in the street barks
for they see her as a trap
and all they can do is to rapt.

Pure hearted woman treats badly.
People walk so cleanly showing no dirt.
Pale heart starts to work wrongly,
standing tall like it doesn't hurt.

Looking upon the sky,
wishing that can soar high,
and she only let a sigh
for she cannot fly.
Haylin Nov 9
This world is a huge mess
My life is a huge mess

People yell at me
I'm unloved,
Mentally beaten,
Sleep deprived,

I get anxiety attacks
Because of my dad,
The voices in my head,
And my own thoughts

And all I can say is "I'm fine."
I'm sorry,
I can't do this anymore,
I don't know if I'll ever come back
I'm not strong enough anymore,
I'm losing this fight
Goodbye, I'm done
Mya Baertlein Sep 22
I read the text and then blocked you
then I picked up a blade and put it to my wrist
I see my phone ringing its my sister
I pick up and set down the blade
I picked a marker and made the lines on my arm
the lines i was going to make with you
Maybe a different day
Who are we without it, verses, who can we become with it...
Hope is not a feeling or emotion but the desire to believe good things will happen. A believer knows that their HOPE is solid; concrete evidence that is grounded in the knowledge of facts that cannot lie. Many people think that hoping for a good day or hoping for a loved one to survive but there is no guarantee it will happen. That's is called "wishful thinking" and it is undependable, also it has no power to bring anything passed it.
In my case, I didn't always have it and at one point... I was absolutely defeated by dismay. My 7th-grade year started off great but towards the end, I had classmates bullying me. They belittled me in numerous ways by taunting me with my mistakes and purposely making my life a living ****. I was threatened to be "ganged'' and ambushed on a daily basis, to the point of administrative leave was forced for my safety and well-being but it didn't stop there... My classmates cyber-bullied me to believe this world was a better place without me. Honestly, I had literally no idea from the start it would end up being this bad. I often cried until I tried to end my very existence on multiple occasions. Because I had no Hope and often couldn't cope with what was happening to me.
Until one day, my mother sat me down, talked to me about her story and how her life was similar to mine. I realized I was entertaining my enemies by allowing them to torment my emotions in dangerous ways by practicing destructive habits and I learned to turn their undermining comments into fuel...
My own mother placed a seed of hope in my mind and it bloomed like a Cherry Blossom Tree. I have hoped for the light and the end of the tunnel but now I have restored my sight to my blinded eyes and the desire to live a full happy life Mentally and spiritually. Hope is a sure anchor of the soul and is far superior to that of my world.
Today I am stronger and happier than ever. I have suffered but learned so much, that with Hope, I will always have this feeling of relief.
I am grateful that I found HOPE. Because if not I probably won't be writing this. My story would have faded in the years to come.
They may think they know how I feel,
They may think they know my pain,
They may think they know everything,
But they didn't,
They have no idea what I've been dealing with,
They have no idea what I've been struggling with,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than other girls,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin than boys,
Just because I'm a girl and I have darker skin,
Just because I'm a girl,
Just because I have darker skin,

"Um, why is your skin color looks like the color of an avocado seed?"
My skin looks like the color of an avocado seed cause *** gave me this skin tone, that's it,

"Ayyy this is our black girl!"
Even if they said it's just a joke, they said it's a 'special' nickname for me, it's not how I wanted to be called,

"Your skin shows that you didn't take care of your skin,"
It's not that I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is,

"Novella, you're a girl, no guys will interested to you if your skin is black like this,"
And I ain't interested to picky guys,

"Novella, your skin is darker than my skin, you want me to take care of your skin for you? I know you rarely use makeup."
So what if my skin is darker than their skin? It's not because I rarely use makeup, it's not because I don't know how to use makeup, I just don't want to cover myself with those things and I just wanna be thankful with what *** already gave me,

"Novella, we're in Indonesia, we're Asian and you look like African-American people, *****,"
What's the difference between Asian and African-American people? We just have different pigments, so basically we all are one race, all humans are in one race,

"Ew black girl! She will never get a boyfriend,"
Ew racist people,

Shout out to anyone who felt the same way that I felt,
Stay strong,
We all will get through this,
I know this isn't easy, but I know you can do it,
Don't let their words creeping into your mind,

With love,
"Back off, leave me alone,"

"I won't leave,"

"I swear to ***, just leave now,"

"I won't leave,"




"Cause I know how it feels like, I know how that feels. That moment when you told people to get out, to leave, while deep inside you don't want them to. That moment when you said you want to be alone, while the truth you want someone to realize that you need a hug and a shoulder to lean on.

That moment when you said you're fine, while you're dying inside. That moment when you closed your eyes and hope everything's gonna be fine, but you have a war between your heart and brain. That moment when you act like you're brave, but you felt so scared and you're shaking.

These are reasons why I won't leave, reasons why I stay. Don't tell me you're fine, cause I know you're not. Don't tell me you're brave cause I know you're scared. Don't tell me 'you don't know me' cause I know you. Don't talk to me like I don't know what you feel.

So please, let me stay, let me be a shoulder for you to lean on, let me wipe your tears, let me tell you good things, let me be with you,

Forever and always,"
English isn't my first language, sorry if there's something wrong.
"Your skin look darker than most of your friends, you're an 'asian' girl, you're supposed to take care of your skin so you won't look like 'black' people."

First of all, just because you "said" that I am an Asian girl, that doesn't mean I can't have dark skin.

Second of all, yes I have dark skin, but that doesn't mean I didn't take care of my skin, it's just the way it is, does my skin color bother you?

And last, why should I be ashamed when someone compared me to African-American people?
Why should I be ashamed when someone compared to Papua New Guinea people? We all are human being anyways.
just wanna say it to the internet, this is what I've been through, and people called it "society".
Crystal Jul 31
Im sorry Mum
Im sorry I couldnt make you proud
Make you happy
Make you stay.
I tried
I tried my best to make you proud
I participated in everything
Always got good marks
I tried to make you happy
But you didnt care
You called me a mistake
Wish you never birthed me
Called me all these names
These scars on the top of my thighs
These are for you
To give me the pain you felt when you saw me
But I get it
Who would want me
This is also for my book. ;)
Lily Jul 28
That boy who you see in class everyday,
Yeah, the one with the long hair that covers his eyes
And the dark, ratty sweatshirt?
Do you know what he goes through on a daily basis?
His mom is a ***** addict, his dad is in jail,
And he's the youngest of seven siblings.
The only real food he ever gets is
The “terrible” school lunch, which to him
Tastes like heaven.
The only real exercise he gets is from
Running away from his mom when she's high,
And the only real alone time he ever gets is
When his mom locks him in the
Bathroom for days at a time.
So don't get mad at him for
Missing your group's presentation day,
Or for always asking you for your food at lunch.
Get mad at the people who make
His life at school as bad as home,
The people who talk loudly about his horrible hygiene,
Who laugh when he doesn't understand a math problem,
Who visibly flinch whenever he walks by just for the fun of it.
Get mad at them.
And then get mad at yourself.
Be upset with yourself for having the power
To help this kid and kids like him, and ignoring it.  
Be upset with yourself for talking
About him behind his back,
Refusing to share your food at lunch with him,
And for avoiding him in class.
Be upset with yourself.
And then do something with this anger,
This passion you have built up.
Share his story, help someone like him,
At least vow to never, ever, let something
Like this happen to your child.
I wrote this poem.
What will you do?
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