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Arden Sep 23
Let's make one thing clear
The future is not female
The future is
Nonbinary it's
Genderfluid it's
Queer it's
Trans it's
Natives it's
*** workers, it's
***, it's
Bi, it's
Pan, it's
Ace it's
People of color it's
People with disabilities
Sunny Aug 26
Despite their protests
And transphobic comments
We went on the date we had planned
Not caring about their demands

Sure, I was nervous as hell
And I could tell she was as well
And maybe we didn't talk much
But none of that mattered when I met her touch

Our hands interlocked in a silent agreement
That no matter what they said, we would ignore their treatment
There were so many things I wanted to do or say
But all that will come on another day.

When I first sat at that table
A sort of aura filled the air, it was unstable
Even though I knew they wouldn't change their ways
My eyes still met your beautiful gaze.
Can he cry
Knowing the winds won’t stop
Feeling his heart pulse achingly
Listening to the sounds in the other stalls
There are others crying with him
He still can’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing the failures will stick like duck tape
Felling his snot paint his sleeves white
Hugging himself in his time of fright
He still won’t cry

Can he cry
Knowing this is one out of too many
Feeling the burden settle so heavily
Breathing in timing to the tapping on his knee
The tears won’t come out

He can’t cry
Knowing it’ll always be the same
Feeling the drain on his psyche
Listening to the silence in the other stalls
He’s still the only one

And the winds still won’t stop
And the clouds will pass by
I’m pretty sure I failed my math test lol
Avery Mar 13
Dear body,
Why have you given me
My widening hips
Thighs growing like a mermaid's tail
A chest I love and hate
Dear body,
Why do you influence the opinions
Because I'm tired
I want to be more than the censored
Parts in the movies
I want to wear eyeliner sharp as steel
Rocking my oversized hoodie
Dress one day
Binder the next
Maybe both
Dear body, you think you control my identity
Spoiler alert: I do
Sam Maye Jan 8
A little girl
clutching a pillow close to her chest
favors both the little barbie dolls and the toy trucks
which confuses mommy
and disgusts the children around her.

In elementary school
a little girl wears pretty dresses some days
then boy clothes the next
after throwing a fit in the store
about not always wanting to wear dresses.

In middle school,
things in the world start to change.
Things happen that open up the little girl's eyes.
It still disgusts the children she's surrounded by
when she becomes he.

He goes through most of middle school
then finds this boy
he's straight.
and for once,
HE feels like SHE again.

High school starts,
She wants to be He still
She wants to be Him.
The world expands more
and in one brilliant moment
She becomes They.
And They becomes all three.
Figured I would kinda pulls together something about genderfluidity.
Ash Jan 3
My gender,
Is a rather unknowable creature
They sweep across the fields of my mind
And, at random times, will pop up and say hi
like this
Hi, your a boy, hide the chest
Hi, your a girl, make a mess
Yo, your kinda like in the middle so maybe, make a burrito

My gender has ADHD like me
It's not helpful,
sometimes it is
See, me and my gender often have a common enemy
They are
Pretty evil
But Gender kinda forgets about them
And then remembers
Then forgets
so off and on I feel uncomfortable in my own body
Usually when I'm not busy
Usually when I am laying in bed at night
That is when they sneak in
Tell me every flaw about my body
From my feminine lips
To my masculine toes
To my neutral nose

My Gender
Either rapidly changes all the time to where I can't figure it out
Picks something and sticks with it for a long time, leading me to think I'm Cis

I am not Cis
Nor am I a Miss
Essentially I am just a confused child
Haylin Dec 2018
i am not an it.
i am not an object.
i have a pulse.
i have a beating heart.
i am made of stardust.
i am made up of skin and bones.
and you still call me an **it.
your mind can't grasp the idea that
i am a strong woman one day
and a strong male the next.
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