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freyja 1d
I often wonder what it must be like
to not feel constantly isolated
by those who claim to claim you,
so-called alliances crumbling
when they realize your nature cannot be changed.
there are no rainbows in pastel skies,
and they love us until we are no longer PG
no longer PC.
love is love until you love like me
cat Apr 3
recite me sappho
through your breath
and beneath your palms
for the girl who spins her words with favour
like cotton candy melting on your tongue
bless your seconds with good memories
and may your peace come quickly and flood

for the girl who spends her aching seconds alone
hold my hand and take my warmth
until we both feel quite alright

my goodnight kisses the wind once again
and may it blow softly onto your beautiful face
for my ex-girlfriend
you were roses
I was silk

not that either of us was better
than the other

but that maybe we weren’t what
the other needed at the time
if it takes too many words
to get this across to you
I hope the wind carries them swiftly
for the pigeons we sent away
never quite returned
and my soul has been begging for a replacement
to send you a lullaby across the sea

goodnight, my love
with all the clouds in the sky,
your brightness has never been dimmed
and my shadows casting on the ground
never have haunted me;
your light is my air, breathing you in
keeping me alive
goodnight, my love
and may the world across the sea
welcome another morning with your bright smile
on my word

what a beautiful gesture
and a wondrous sight
a blessed day
finished with a symphonic night
holding your hand
feels as the sun’s warm rays
feel upon my arms and legs
on a brisk summer morning
welcoming and protecting
turning my dismal days
into the kind
we try to remember
for the rest of our lives
roses the shade of your lipstick
my neck covered in stains
their marvelous color and scent
poppies the shade of your nail polish
your hands clinging onto mine
arms wrapped around my torso
breathing heavily
begging to stay near to me
sunflowers the shade of your lingerie
lying next to each other
whispering into each other's ears
bells-of-Ireland the shade of the room
spinning as we laugh the night away
painting our memories with colors
most vibrant
morning glories the shade of the night sky
filled with deep colors and vast space
losing our comprehensiveness
as we stare out of my window
violets the shade of my bedsheets
tossing and turning in the nighttime
moving closer to your body
to find warmth and security

the colors spinning throughout my mind
as I spend an eternity with you
the endless complexity of hues
Hymn to Aphrodite
by Sappho
loose translation/interpretation by Michael R. Burch

Immortal Aphrodite, throned in splendor!
Wile-weaving daughter of Zeus, enchantress, and beguiler!
I implore you, dread mistress, discipline me no longer
with love's anguish!

But come to me once again in kindness,
heeding my prayers as you have done before;
O, come Divine One, descend once again from
heaven's golden dominions!

Your chariot yoked to love's consecrated doves,
their multitudinous pinions aflutter,
you once came gliding from the utmost heights, to
the dark-bosomed earth.

Swiftly they came and vanished, leaving you,
O my Goddess, smiling, your face eternally beautiful,
asking me what unfathomable longing compelled me
to cry out.

Asking me what I sought in my hopeless, bewildered desire.
Asking, "Who has harmed you, why are you so alarmed,
my poor Sappho? Whom should
Persuasion summon here?"

"Though today she flees love, soon she will pursue you;
spurning love's gifts, soon she shall return them;
tomorrow she will woo you,
however unwillingly!"

Come to me now, most Holy Aphrodite!
Release me from my heavy heartache and anguish;
grant me all I request, be once again
my ally and protector!

"Hymn to Aphrodite" is the only poem by Sappho of ****** to survive in its entirety. The poem survived intact because it was quoted in full by Dionysus, a Roman orator, in his "On Literary Composition," published around 30 B.C. A number of Sappho's poems mention or are addressed to Aphrodite, the Greek goddess of love. It is believed that Sappho may have belonged to a cult that worshiped Aphrodite with songs and poetry. If so, "Hymn to Aphrodite" may have been composed for performance within the cult. We do know that Sappho was held in very high regard. For instance, when Sappho visited Syracuse the residents were so honored they erected a statue to commemorate the occasion! During Sappho's lifetime, coins of ****** were minted with her image. Furthermore, Sappho was called "the Tenth Muse" and the other nine were goddesses. Keywords/Tags: Sapphic, Sappho, ******, translation, ancient Greek, hymn, Aphrodite, Zeus, daughter, immortal, goddess, holy, lady, heaven, enchantress, enchantment, love potion, charm, spell, persuasion, beguiler, beguilement, mistress, discipline, *******, prayer, prayers, chariot, heaven, descent, ally, protector, lust, desire, passion, longing, ***, crush, girlfriend, women, grief
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