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Ason Mar 6
Like Orpheus, ****** of lyric and word
I pray my song will not meet thy sleeping ears
But pour through orifice meant for only one,
​My veil be lifted!

Sweet and swift, words of thy present god,
Plead mine eyes set forth without jest,
For backward glance should destroy my love
​If only for my spirit,

Eternal in thy presence but still without,
Eternal in flames from whence thine eyes yet slept
But woken now for my loves melody to take,
​Not the hand of Hades!

Bound is my chain of yearning to which only thee holds the reins,
Thy past with dear Aphrodite becomes my right.
To know where thine love lies true, thou shalt not sway from my lead;
​I turn only for my love!

Where doth thine eyes wander, should mine stray not from thee?
Where hath thine eyes gone before thy saving grace?
This lyre charmed the wrath of death for mine prize,
​Thy love and thy word

With thou in step to this ascent toward worldly pleasure,
Thy love only known without falter.
Mine trust of thine Hades falls as feathers from a dove,
​Thy purity is false

And thus, I must turn to know thine ways,
Praying for the lies of Hades, if only for my spirit,
I turn to face thine histories and met with thine ashes
​My trust forsaken!
Blake Mar 2
Lea of spring
     Of autumns air
     Maiden of wealth
Of raven hair

Bathe my hands beneath your breast
    Arch your side by mine to rest

Kiss your hand upon my back
    Knead your love in what I lack

Love of mine of
    Of mine to hold
     Forget your knave
     Become my gold
gabi Feb 15
i saw
the short reaches of the fabric
revealing the honey slopes of skin
and i try to fight down the blush
before anyone sees
for blood is a powerful thing
and we do not want anh shed
simply because i am a daughter
of sappho
so my face goes in my hands
and when they ask why your dance was my favorite
i say
i liked the costumes
hggg im a *** ***** and this happened in the pep rally today
hetty Jan 27
oh how you breathe, the sweet air that fills lonesome lungs.
the moon may crawl on your skin and still you’d feel the darkness.
it seeps,
oh how it seeps,
into the creases of sleep, between your palms and your eyes.
no crickets, no engines, no breeze
could ever bring you out of your reverie.
your melodic blinks, the wisps of eyelashes dance against your cheekbones.
and still,
you’d let your mind flee.
it’s cold now, my love, close up that window by your side.
sink into the embrace of my touch
from miles away
i look into the endless black sky
and i just know that you see me too.
[in which a longing for closeness is portrayed]
hetty Jan 27
there are some things i will never understand.

you are deserving of the pulse that beats through your fragmented skin.
every echo of your heartbeat proves to me just how alive, how real, you are

i will never understand why the universe thinks i deserve the privilege of existing alongside of you

every flutter of your eyelid,
every flicker of your hair,
every speckled star-dust on your body,

you are real
you are real
you are real

and you are a phenomenon, a diverse wildfire, a soul chasing the wind.
my whole entire world
rests upon your breath
[in which i wished she would see herself the way i saw her]
hetty Jan 27
fingers intertwined, branches of a tree
you looked down to me, greedy eyes, pollen grained
“draw me in” my mind wanders
thighs, or beehives, succulent and alive
fragmented sighs
a deathly sting, honey on my lips
breath on skin, wisps of hair like wings
dizzy desires
“draw me in”
[in which an intimate moment is shared]
dana hughes Jan 5
in the glow of the moon she shines
her silhouette everchanging as she moves

the lights reflect her eyes
her skirt flows in the wind

in the shadows of the forest she shines
her body so still as she looks back at me

there's beauty in her smile, and danger
a flicker of something unknown

in the abyss of space she shines
her claws outstretched to meet me

her eyes are so different now
in her cold grip i still feel her warmth

on unfamiliar ground she shines
her silhouette unrecognisable to me now

feathers and tentacles, claws and fangs
my heart is still hers
yes i'm *** and i like surrealism/monsters. what more do you want from me
dana hughes Dec 2018
walking down, feeling the grass cool my feet, a white dress dragging behind me
clutching flowers as if they can calm my nerves
feeling the weight of my beauty and happiness as it plays my heart like a drum
looking up and seeing my loved ones

and oh

there she is.

the dream ends
i wake up again
but i wait.
i wait for her to step out from my dream and embrace me in her arms
i don't know her name yet.
i can't see her face yet.

but i'll be waiting,
here in my tower.
i'm kind of a romantic, and sometimes homophobia gets me down, so i like to imagine a little fantasy to lift my heart.
dana hughes Dec 2018
i quietly hope after years of despair,
that one night the moon herself will bless me,
will she come down from the celestial eternity,
and take me in her cosmic arms,
will she love me the way i love her,
or will she vanish like the night's dream?
this is about being sad and sapphic lol
Jo Nov 2018
You're not like the other girls I've loved
Your laugh is like the embodiment of summer
Warm weather and flowers blooming
Two girls with sun kissed skin and strawberry lips, that's us
Please don't ever go away my love
I don't think I could stand it if you did
Another repost from my old account
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