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TomDoubty May 6
Hidden giver, sighing life into fields of
Wheat’s ears, rolling tide-like to meet the rusted
gate of cracked through orange-ore, resting ajar
guarding the hedge line

Arms out, splaying fingers I divine life here-
God’s flame, burning Barakah, sacred zephyr
warming  fingers, frosted with tired life help them
loosen and live bright
Sapphic ode
Riin Lai Apr 7
Your body
All angles and edges in place of curves
Your neck
Cinnamon, turmeric and salt
Your skin
Wheat-dark like pages of a well-worn book

Your atlas back
Arched like a cello’s waist
Your elegant fingers
Graze the ivory shell of my ear
Your hollow collarbone
Perched like a sycamore branch

Crawling its way up
My pelvis
My sternum
My throat
Until finally hanahaki springs forth
From my welcoming lips.
Riin Lai Apr 7
Meteors are made of three components
Iron, nickel and silicates
You are made of something simpler
Sea salt, angst and

Yet my fingers always fall short
Of reaching you
But if you did ever let me caress the space
Between us
Not just in our lips

You’d come crashing down
Exploding in a kaleidoscope of flames
Orange and silver sparks flying
And I would still hold on
Even if you take me with you.
Riin Lai Apr 9
I could stare at your back all day
Your shoulder blades slice
Like doves diving into rice milk
Am I being saccharine?
Only for you, my sweet rabbit

If I pry into your ribboned cage
Would I find a tanghulu heart
Or a hollow space where I’ve stolen it?
I hope it has found a home in my mouth
Despite the high chance of cavity

At least I have you to fill the empty hole between my lips.
charlotte Apr 6
A fox sits in the forest at the foot of my house.
Each morning
she intertwines with the sunrise, materialising through graceful leaps
It leaves me breathless;
all I can do is bathe in awe.

One morning I extend my hand
and she engulfs me, gracefully
I become whole again. We dash through trees
and fields and meadows

She dances, and leads me gently to the tips of the earth
Her breath resounds against hillsides, and as I fall
I catch almost a glimmer of
light-dipped roses, and golden daffodils.
Juno Feb 16
my tea has grown cold in the time i have sat here
and dreamed of you.
i lay at night
wondering what it might be like
to see your eyes when you come undone
and he's in your thighs

and then i remember
how i surrendered that luxury
when i let go of my heart

what a startle it was
when i looked up and found that i was not alone
before my eyes you denounced my lies
and pleaded with my dying soul

but that wasn't nearly enough
Ash Johnson Jan 23
I'm watching the space girls as they go by,
With their high rise boots and their low-cut shirts.
I'm watching them waltz through the abyss
With not a care in the world.
I'd write thousands of poems for my space girls
If only to watch their lips read a work of mine.
I'd paint a masterpiece for my space girls
If only to hear them speak of something I created.
I'd wear elegant dresses for my space girls
If only to watch their eyes scan me up and down.
I'd compose rhapsodies and melodies for my space girls
If only to watch them bop along to the gentle beats.
If only to know that they listened to my
Music to watch space girls by.
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