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Rosie Toes Aug 10
She believes herself to be broken, but what is broken anyway? Aren't we all a little broken? A daily battle with her inner demons, she is never at rest. How can she fight back? She doesn't have the energy to, she is just trying to survive. She is consumed by all the doubts she has placed on herself, confirmed by the critiques made by the crowd she surrounds herself with. She always seems to choose the wrong kind of love, because that's all she knows.
But she herself is love... and she doesn't know that yet.
I think we all have somebody who we wish could love themselves the way we love them.
Achick May 17
I’m trying find the words to say
I’m trying to figure out the words to write
I need to say something
I feel it in my chest
It’s a pressure that’s weighing me down
It’s a rag in my mouth
Silencing me
Something is bothering me
Something is making me uneasy
Something is affecting me
Something is changing me
Is it for the better?
I don’t know yet
Growth happens when your uncomfortable
Is that why I’m so anxious?
Is that why my mind is racing
Is that why I’m shaking
Something triggered me
I’m thinking back through my routine
I went to work
I was listening to loud music
Now I remember
The protesters triggered me
Looking at each one of their faces as they called me a murderer
Lined up one by one
Condemning me to hell
Screaming blood is on my hands
I work at a women’s clinic
I’m helping women
I’m helping
Left To Rot May 12
F5, F5, F5...
Am I doing good?
F5, F5, F5...
Is she proud of me?
F5, F5, F5...
Where are my notifications?
F5, F5, F5...
Perhaps it's too soon.
S Apr 22
I was there-
I emoted-
I read-
I tried-
But why-
can't anyone-
I mean, I'm not desperate for attention but an acknowledgement would be nice ya know?
Julia Celine Mar 11
There's an exhaustive introspection
In the light behind our eyes
Yet we stay silent in the wake
Of another sleepless night

I will never get there–
The place I need to be
I curl up and find some comfort
Somewhere far away from me
As the early morning sun is peeking
behind the mountains in my backyard,
I begin to romanticize a day where I do not doubt,
a day where I do not indulge in self-sabotage,
a day where I believe I am capable of achieving my childhood dream.
Brittany Ann Jan 29
A lot of times,

I only wish that I could

just believe in myself

to the same magnitude

that other people believe in me.

We are truly our own worst enemy.

Why is that?

Self-doubt is an infectious thing

that seems to spread alongside

the years you age.

And it tends to feed off

the things you like and love the most.

How do you break,

cure that cycle

with the thing others call


Or even with

the thing called faith?
Taylor Dec 2020
The lights don’t work in this room.
It’s been so long
I don’t remember if they ever did.
But it never fails,
I’ll always try.
One flick
with no change
and I look at the switch
as if I doubt my own fingers,
then I try again.
It’s muscle memory at this point,
a lie my brain has tricked my body into believing.
“This time, it’s going to work.”
It never does,
but ****** if I don’t keep trying.
Maybe one day
I’ll actually get it fixed,
but then what will I do
when it works the way it should?
Will I remember
to skip that next step?
Will I finally trust myself
or will I still flick the switch
off again and on again?
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