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birdy May 11
empty words.
until I found you
to teach me
what it meant
birdy May 9
As if I’ve
forgiven life,
forgotten the child
                                           in me
who had been crying
and never stopped.
birdy May 8
To get
my mind
to understand
my soul.
birdy May 8
when the rain cries
no one notices

been bad for so long
sad for so long

no one notices.
birdy Apr 28
Time ticks away
tying tears tightly
to my tired eyes

bound to me now
till the clock is unwound

knots going back farther
I cry for my father

        Please untie me!
        Untie me,
        untie me from the pain!
        Release the child
        imprisoned in my brain!
birdy Apr 28
The sky fades into the earth,

Between which
city lights and stars
flow seamlessly

impossibly small
hold vastness that I will never know
worlds I will never touch
souls I will never feel.

Seeing all this infinity,
I think of you.

Abstruse darkness
with millions of lights,

But only one is yours
and only one
can bring dawn
to my night
birdy Apr 28
I wish to be enthralled
by still waters,
as I am with thrashing waves

I wish I felt contentment
without the urge
to throw it all away

spurs sabotage
in ways we can’t explain

Stability and boredom,

are they meant to feel the same?
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