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Luna Wrenn Nov 2020
you're not the author of this story anymore.
i threw away all of your pens and paper
so now if you want to continue to write
you’ll have to use your own blood to continue
to make our memories permeant.
***** your finger with a rose thorn
and let it gush out into a tea cup.
i hope it throbs because I still do.
swallow the knots in your throat
when you start to smear the crimson blood
onto papers because you know its not enough to
write how much you hate my guts.
You’ll have to keep pricking your finger until
it’s shriveled up like prune and it begins to ache deeper.
so you make deeper cuts in other places that you shouldn’t
and it keeps draining the blood from your body and it’s still not enough.
keep trying to convince everyone that i’m the reason
why your bleeding out cause I took away the the pens and paper.
but they don’t know my side of the story because I’m still writing it.
and when it’s all said and done at the end of the day,
your the one with blood still on your hands.
finger-paint the sadness since you can’t try to be a man.

you’ll finally get help and claim that your fine
but someone needs to convince me that i’m still alive.
Oct 2020 · 222
Luna Wrenn Oct 2020
When was the last time you slept through the night without waking up reaching for someone?
Jul 2020 · 192
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
Strawberries fields
Pastel flower bloom
March April May
What did you do?
Honey bee sting
Love bug flu
Tie dyed blankets
I’m not over you
Green Grass blades
Cloud like zoo
Sweet oxygen
Lollipop ooze
Finger paint me
Like the sunsets do

Swallow seeds
Spring, Summer, lucid dreams
Fighting demons
While I sing

Sunburn hypocrisy
Jul 2020 · 297
Daisies ; Demons
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
Cause my demons bloomed like flowers, and I plucked them up for hours.
Jul 2020 · 155
Thunder Clouds
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
I’m tired of waiting for tomorrow.
Will tomorrow be a better day?
Who’s to say tomorrow won’t be as dark
as yesterday.
Jul 2020 · 153
Fire Started
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
If you like fanning the flames,
It's time to meet inferno.
Jul 2020 · 259
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
the person that reflected back in the mirror
wasn’t the same person she used recognize
she turned into a stranger
when she spoke the voice that came out
was different
the clothes that she wore didn’t rest right on
her bones.
though she was unfamiliar with figure she saw
everyone around her could see the transformation she made.

questioning how she got this way.
but knowing that she could only grow from there.
Jul 2020 · 823
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
my nightstand is full of unread books, lavender candles and leather journals.
i like to keep books beside my bed because i would like to read someone else's outlook on life instead of writing about my sorrows.
Luna Wrenn Jul 2020
across from me,  
a god so i thought he seemed.
ink and paper in front of my eyes,
i sketched him out.
and too my surprise
something so frigtening
on the white sheet.
I can’t run now
he’s watching me.
Jun 2020 · 334
Luna Wrenn Jun 2020
you left a bad taste on the tip of my tongue
i've been tripping off the high
you left in lungs
Jun 2020 · 123
Luna Wrenn Jun 2020
did i get too close?
did i feel just like home?
May 2020 · 184
flash back
Luna Wrenn May 2020
I have everything I want. But my mind still visits times we had together. It's melancholy really. A beautiful time shared between us when we  had been so lost ourselves.  But yet we found some type of hope inside our wicked bodies.
May 2020 · 753
Luna Wrenn May 2020
I’ve swam the seven seas, till I almost drown.
I’ve broken my heart so many times that I finally lost count.
I’ve lost my way somewhere beyond the trees.
If you could help me find it….
I’m looking for peace.
Mar 2020 · 196
Luna Wrenn Mar 2020
its pathetic how you could let me
lay here without trying to save me
i’m cold and scared
but this is what you wanted.
you wanted me too be empty
and soon there will be
a void in my chest
soon you can cut
deeper into me
and harvest whats left.
i won’t scream now
because I'm lacking breath
your hands never left a
mark when
i was full of blood
but if you could see
the inside my brain
the damages
had been done.
Jan 2020 · 185
Luna Wrenn Jan 2020
i took off into an unknown place
two lane roads fade into a daze
the earth is painted with rust
and grey
my face is fresh without clay
the freckles take up the spaces where your finger tips
once laid and the wild flowers be me to stay
Jan 2020 · 131
Luna Wrenn Jan 2020
i once had dreams
but no matter how hard i tried never could i achieve them
while the years flew by my world remained the same
and i watched as my dreams seemed to scatter to everyone but me
Dec 2019 · 320
Luna Wrenn Dec 2019
don't run marathons for people who wouldn't take two steps for you
Nov 2019 · 174
the sound
Luna Wrenn Nov 2019
I used to panic at the thought of never hearing your voice again
I’d go back and replay voicemails with my headphones in until I feel asleep, because I never wanted you to leave from my memory
Nov 2019 · 224
Luna Wrenn Nov 2019
will the ache in my bones ever end ?
Nov 2019 · 323
love drunk
Luna Wrenn Nov 2019
was it magic or fate
flowing through our veins ?
whatever it was has intoxicated my brain.
Oct 2019 · 237
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
and i'm swallowing stardust
i'm feeling numb
my heads higher than the clouds
cause i finally found the one
Oct 2019 · 278
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
you speak
in love
every time
you move your tongue
Oct 2019 · 189
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
you are serotonin and dopamine

i'm so high

but drug free
Oct 2019 · 377
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
he's a Saturday morning sunrise
he's a best friend
and the love of my life
he's a warm cup of coffee
he's a late night movie
he's everything i wanted
and everything love should be
Oct 2019 · 336
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
that’s the only lullaby I’ll ever need
So keep letting your heart beat sing me to sleep
Oct 2019 · 1.1k
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
you told me you loved me a thousand times
you didn't say it with you voice
you said it with your eyes
Oct 2019 · 308
Luna Wrenn Oct 2019
you saturate my darkest nights
with all the colors that lay in your eyes
Sep 2019 · 326
Luna Wrenn Sep 2019
and if i never find another soul to love, i'll be okay with yours being the last.
Sep 2019 · 220
wild flowers
Luna Wrenn Sep 2019
maybe it will never change

maybe we will still be flowers on the side of the road

still no place to call home

but still flowing in our veins is the wildness and adventure that

we’ve always known to be

we would be gleaming with vivd colors.

still trying to survive

the droughts
the rains
the storms
the heat
the wind
the bitter cold

when winter comes along, and someone doesn’t stop to pick you next and we will be left

to wilt


something once so beautiful and fragile

now lifeless and limp.

r. Powell
Sep 2019 · 187
Luna Wrenn Sep 2019
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
Jul 2019 · 327
Luna Wrenn Jul 2019
we waltz in perfect time at the end of the line

back and forth


with a face full of smiles

with a heart full of ache

that the music will soon be over

and so we will.

but just for an extra moment
i get to hold you near me.
Jun 2019 · 603
mornings i miss you
Luna Wrenn Jun 2019
when do i miss you the most?
when the air conditioner is freezing cold?
or i just burnt breakfast because i got caught up kissing you good morning ?
or when i can't let go of you and its 11:30am and we've already missed the chance to get donuts at the drive thru?
I never thought i'd actually miss you.
Jun 2019 · 334
haunting you
Luna Wrenn Jun 2019
you woke up all alone
in the same bed we shared for 2 years
i bet you can still feel my bones
underneath the sheets
how many times have you  tired to wash them clean.?
Jun 2019 · 652
Luna Wrenn Jun 2019
i think we’ve all fallen down a time or two in life.
it's the ways we’ve chosen to get back up that makes us powerful
Jun 2019 · 280
Luna Wrenn Jun 2019
trying to read someones intentions are confusing , they may look like their staying. But they've already stepped a foot out the door.
May 2019 · 149
magnetic souls
Luna Wrenn May 2019
we used to be like magnets
if we got close we knew we couldn’t separate.
if we got to far apart, there was still a strong
sensation that kept pulling us together.
but we kept breaking down into small bits
and began to scatter.
we lost our strength,
now i’m not sure if our souls will
ever reattach to each other again .
May 2019 · 158
Destructive love
Luna Wrenn May 2019
Like two thunderstorms that came
From opposite directions
And caused mass destruction
That’s exactly what happened when our souls met
May 2019 · 127
Luna Wrenn May 2019
my hopes are so high
i hope they don't crash
because i'm not sure
if they'll survive the landing
May 2019 · 114
fading dreams
Luna Wrenn May 2019
my dreams had faded
like photos that had been hanging
on the walls for too long
once the summer sun
starting sizzling outside
dwindling out
as the seconds went by.
May 2019 · 731
Luna Wrenn May 2019
You taught me a lesson, and that was to never trust again.
May 2019 · 191
Luna Wrenn May 2019
i left my happiness out for too long
its beginning to rot away.
i've forgotten how to put it up,
so its just turn to decay.
maybe i should have preserved it.
and never walked away.
but now forever gone,
and i'm the only one to blame.
May 2019 · 142
Luna Wrenn May 2019
sometimes i miss waking up next to
but if i woke up to a body that wasn't yours
i'd be disappointed
May 2019 · 207
Luna Wrenn May 2019
how do i fix myself when
i don't even know what broke me
in the first place.
May 2019 · 165
Luna Wrenn May 2019
I’ve sunken down into dark holes
That I’ve dug myself.
The blisters are throbbing on my palms.
I know the way out.
But what lies above
Are the things that scare me.
And I’m hoping that hiding will heal me.
May 2019 · 1.8k
Luna Wrenn May 2019
you’ve stolen so much of my soul,
i’m still trying to remember who i was
Apr 2019 · 237
love and lies
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
i was so desperate to hear the liquor induced
"i love you "
that oozed from your lying lips.
Apr 2019 · 269
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
They remind us of the past
They remind us of the pain
They remind us we can heal
They remind us we have a future

Apr 2019 · 233
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
I was missing a few pieces
But every time you tried to
Glue them back on me
They would fall off
And shatter
Apr 2019 · 158
moving into you
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
the room was empty but it was filled with boxes of our things.
my hopes and dreams for us,
your secrets and lies.
you kept them taped up tight,
and every month that passed by you began to unbox them
one at a time.
Apr 2019 · 515
Luna Wrenn Apr 2019
and when i lost you,
it allowed me to become someone new.
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