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kyla May 9
feel how my heart sings for you,
how it's battered and bruised but it still continues to leap at the mere sound of your name.
feel how my heart cries for you,
the day you left, i never felt the same way.
feel how my heart beats for you,
how it takes it's last breathe of the air you breath, the faint smell of honeydew and the sweet pink of your lips forgotten and shoved in it's drawer.
feel how it takes its time to move on,
erasing every bit of the memory you left on its skin until everything is completely gone.
If you focus on the pain
Mild sore aches or strain
Does it fade away
Enough for long as
sun does with shade

Measurements of mixed context

The more we sit inside
Idle minded led astray
Nature's chemistry in flux
Diametrically perplexed
Medication stimulating parts of the brain
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Heyaless May 3
Everything was okay today ,
But I am not okay anymore .

You finally wished to leave ,
And I can't hold you .
I don't have the right to utter the word "STAY" , because I need you .

From the beginning of our story
I was ready for this tragic end .
If you want to let go , i won't hold you back .
I will never chain you to myself.

I fear this day , i will fear as long a i love you .
When someone you love go away !
You die a little bit inside !

I won't cry ,  I'll be fine
I'll take my breath everyday .
Push the lost feeling in my chest !
Till there's nothing left .

I just wanted to hold you until you weren't falling apart anymore .

My aching msytery hides in your stardust glimmer _eyes

Date - march 04/2020
It was a very bad day , but I smiled , i laughed ,i pretend to be okay . Yeah I was happy i guess
dailythoughts Apr 21
This heart of mine
Is funny
Gives me trouble
Handles me well
Reminds me of terror
Is weak
Is full of tenderness
But it’s mine
Amanda Apr 10
Who knows when we will find happiness?

Or where it is stashed away?

Why it takes so long to reach?

If we discover it at all?

My confused heart aches

Are we to stay lost forever?

Happiness appears to be nothing-
A hoax to me
Like bigfoot or nessie
Apple juice Feb 27
Listen to me you’re better than
I so who am I to decide
what happens in life
who am I to say you’re to blame
who am I to know what you’ll never show
who are we to decide
what fait has in mind
for these weary eyes
honey what a prize to have by your side but you’re too arrogant to realize
Sigh those
Beautiful eyes
truthful lies
Hesitant cries
Deceitful ties
Tummy butterflies
Tasteful disguise
patronizing romanticism all for our god given life of prison
I’ve hurt many By my hand without purpose but it was never of spite it was never of rage
I am literally insane and I’m sorry for what I’ve done to all who’ve come my way in my path and stood by even tho It wasn’t right
Renn Powell Nov 2019
will the ache in my bones ever end ?
Tony Tweedy Aug 2019
When was it that I got old and all of the joy was faded away?
Why didn't I notice my hair all over was turned gray?

When did all my excitement all seem to fade and get sick.
I know from all of the candles it didn't all happen that quick.

Why didn't I observe my youth all quietly, unnoticed slide away.
When did the word "cool" become something that old guys all say?

Why is my six pack now sitting much nearer the top of my leg?
Why do I now resemble someone struggling to carry a keg?

Why is it I go to the bathroom while the world all sleeps at three?
And find that I have to sit down, too tired, even just to go ***?

Oh the girls, how we would make love through dawn until six.
The image just in memory nearly kills me recalling such tricks.

Parts that don't work or sometimes ache that cause me to pause.
Long ago after the rescue giving up attempting to sit on all floors.

I need to put on glasses to read as without I am half blind.
But they take more than half a day if I put them down, to re-find.

I'll finish this gripe with whimper and no raucous call out....
I know I'm still writing but I have forgotten what the ****** about.
Our music was much better too....
Sabila Siddiqui Jul 2019
Don’t leave me for him. Don’t abandon our years of friendship for the man you just met. Don’t let him blind you to the extent I am invisible and deafen you to the degree my secrets no longer reach your ear.
But I guess my plead is too soft and late to be heard. Because now I am here clinging on to my heart and tasting the salty tears that roll down my cheeks. I am here reminiscing all the memories we made the time only the two of us spent together. My heart aches with every message you ignore and every outing you ditch me for him. You are fading, our friendship is withering and my loneliness is just deepening. You are my everything but it seems I am no longer yours anymore. You’re my first, but it seems I am no longer yours. For your secrets never find a way to my ear and time in my life.

- I never knew the inseparable could be separable
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