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SoVi Mar 18
                Reminding you
                Surrounding you
Don't crawl
                Following you

Perfect house  
                Blinding you
Polarising pictures
                Mesmerizing you
Pieces of a lie
                Trapping you

© Sofia Villagrana 2020
Phoenix Oct 2018
When I’m not ok but I say I’m fine
I’m not
I think
If I walk into the road I would get hit and it would be over
If I slit my wrists it would be over
If I put that rope around my neck and jump it would be over
If I drank the window cleaner it would be over
If I jumped of the building it would be over
But if they ask I say I’m okay
Renn Powell Sep 2019
maybe the hesitation that ached below my skin
when i met you, was something i shouldn't have ignored.
SmokedMemories Apr 2019
I’m sorry I didn’t come with a warning label as you stepped through my door.
I’m sorry there wasn’t a sign on each room you walked in.
My crazy over obsessive thoughts
My past
My present
I’m sorry for the **** I think
For the **** I feel
The **** I can’t help but I’m just tryna keep it real.
Like when you told me you loved me right after your hand touched my face,
Yeah that love was pretty true.
I can feel it in my disgrace.
“Baby I’m sorry”
“Come back”
“You know those actions weren’t real”
Yeah baby okay, so I just get on my knees and I pray.
To breath and not be tired by breathing.
   (an acrostic )
To breath and not be tired by breathing .
Or to catch one’s breath when about to choke

By slow suffocating and no I’m not joking
Really it’s like a plastic bag over your head
Escaping death is the only natural remedy
A tube connected to home compressed air
That is the fate of sufferers around t’ world
Having chronic asthma it ain’t no joke.

And I have witnessed first hand the fear.
Not being able to breath when you awake.
Do you have that trouble now I hope not ?

No I wouldn’t wish it on any one this day n age
Oh to breath and not be tired by breathing
Tired by just keeping that old body alive

Be thankful if you can boast such good health
Each day count those blessings God has sent

To breath and not be tired by breathing.
I warn you that you may be old someday
Relax and remember this poetic warning
Endeavour to give up cigarettes today.
Death warnings carried on every packet.

By songs and warnings all around about
You listen but one more *** won’t matter

But there you cannot put the **** thing out
Relegation to the designated smoking area
Even though it has become a social place.
A conversation with a fellow smoker is sublime
Though to breath n not be tired by breathing
Having left if much to late to then escape
I see the grim reaper as he comes to get you
Nothing I could ever do again but pray.
God has now granted you relief from pain.
Written by Philip
November 6th 2018
Breathing was difficulties that my wife Barbara suffered. She smoked for much of her life and had to survive her final years on home compressed oxygen
Albuna Sep 2018
You are a good person they say.
You’re going to find someone who deserves you they say.
But he, he isn’t the one for you they say.
He is just playing with you they say.
He only calls you because he is bored and needs someone stupid like you who listen to him, who believes everything he says.

Maybe they’re right...
But my heart doesn’t want to hear their warnings.

My HEART belongs now him...
Sometimes your friends want to warn you.
They don’t want to see you suffer...
Amanda Sep 2018
I cannot ever fight my demons
Each cell in my body has given up already
Now I'm stuck with no ambition
I cried so much I'm unsteady

I should have listened to your words
Worried warnings gone to waste
Although I appreciate the love
Let tears teach lessons on my face
Nothing quite like the sting of tears to remind you that you ****** up
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