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That moment when you’re somewhere between sleep and awake. That moment on a roller coaster as you drop at almost a 90° angle and your adrenaline surges. Your favorite song on the radio in the summer, when your windows are down and you’re singing along. The warmth and comfort that envelops you as you snuggle into bed. A sunrise. The moon rise. The galaxy of stars on a clear night in your small home town.
All of these things and feelings
You are every one of them, combined.
A Psalmist Mar 19
The days seem longer
When hands remain idle
When thoughts are empty
When goals aren't present
When phones aren't ringing
When clocks are creeping
When the sun is inching

But that gives plenty of time
to run away to day dreams.
Sam Dec 2018
He crawled from his van
Hair slicked back like the wind had grabbed it and never let go
"What's up man?"
His voice was shrill, and scratchy
Like a villainous rat from an animated movie
The sound of it honestly sent me into a daze
Trying to comprehend his existence
He'd carved himself a niche
Cleaning the carpets at this lackluster apartment community
I listened anxiously as he spoke to the other maintenance guy beside me
Although my time at this property was short,
I learned of Candido's way.
julia rose Sep 2018
perfectly poised, i paint poignant statures
alive yet devoid, an entrancing actor
diamonds and daggers i dazzled through
a circus girl's cunning, but a heart beats true

pirouette, ball change, waltz and twirl
singsong silly circus girl
my heart is heavy but i cannot weep
my eyes are closed but i never sleep.
girl gonzo May 2018
i am a blade tucked safely in Tupperware
my lonely teeth hidden under clammy pillow
feel these nightmares like they were yours
i could blush with you all night
when my mouth feels dry
it is not from the absence of presence
but from the rotundity cascade
that your hair ebbs as it collides with mine
i'd like to think this folly is something
i can put on the centerfold
a gift too pronounced with an utter
of my masked gravity inside all the
beer you pour into a proud papercup
days shrink into nothingness
flavored soda is bad for you
Helene Marie May 2018
Swimming in my own delusions,
I gasped, searching for breath
as I reached the surface again,
and the bitterly cold air
of reality
filled my lungs
and pulled me away
from the dazing daydreams
that nearly drowned me
ruoxin Apr 2018
Today again passes by in a haze
Tomorrow too will be like the other days
Yesterday’s fatigue only adds to today’s
Much like a game that a sadistic god plays
For what, for why, are we still in this maze
Trapped like the condemned, left to pray
Trapped like ensnared rabbits, left as prey
Today again passes by in a haze
Tomorrow too will be like the other days
Life passing me by, and I’m left in a daze
Low-key dissociation. Recognizing the repetition. Days on repeat like a pop song. Everything feels right, yet wrong.
though thine wife gladly
     (and long time ago)
     verily swept passed
     her final child bearing year

this house broken husband
     genuinely hankers to father
     (yes sire re:to set sea men
     "NOT FAKE," nor NONGMO
     free and reduced)
     and longingly participate
     in parenthood again

     donning baby proof couture wear
analogous (as aye imagine dragons
   fire breathing worth tolerating),
     those who fervently veer

yearning to undergo
     *** reassignment surgery (SRS)
     with unintentional surgeon's delicate tear
aye  thru thoroughly anesthetized flesh,

     (especially ******* under going
     transformational substantial removal
     via said - bravely bite ting the bullet -
     sharp pinching shear)

contemplating, formulating, issuing
     personal specifications to cutting crew
     validating, testifying recapping re: questing
     ******* do not reappear

since significant surgery purport, some hetero
     ****** person might **** sitter queer
yet no doubt a homosexual
     and/or lesbian would ap pear

to understand completely if he/she
     didst unwittingly accidentally overhear
confidential conversation,
     yet warmly reassured the speaker,

     they did not intend to get near
enough to glean enough information
     that said transexual could reduce wardrobe
     with women and/or menswear

and this once distraught,
     distressed, and distributed
     without willingness unfairly
     fated to live stemmed,

     undoubtedly wrought from ****** misalignment,
     would post surgery
     hover off the ground and modestly
     swagger off into the sunset

     (this scenario projection strictly of mine)
anyway he/she could map out in one direction
     destiny describing,
     an upswinging trajectory linear

once future freed where gender now nsync
     with physical gonadal accouterment
unconcerned if urge arises
     to swivel derriere with flare.
matthew scott
highland manor apartments
schwenksville, pennsylvania
she held all my passion
what does that even mean

10 words before
Nick Stiltner Feb 2018
Eyes daze, pseudo-malaise,
The soft lament of wasted days.
Whatever needs be done be done,
As long as none insist on clearing
My veiling haze.

Dim those lights, turn down the sounds
My mind becomes crowded,
Elbows bruising.

The further pushed from,
The deeper pushed in.
Raised voices and wagging fingers
Have no effect but a
Deeper shove to the depths.

Firm hands held haughtily between strangers
A meeting with the spirit lost
To the deep end of the well,
The cracks in bone show age
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