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Mae 1d
What a simple and plain day.
A cloudy day.
Hoping my pain will go away.
Wishing on the plane, up away.
Gazing and wondering.
Watching the kites hovering.
As the clouds are moving
A smile on my face are forming.
How wonderful it is,
To live a life like this.
The pain didn't exist.
In this dream that I insist.
I told the Genie for my third and final wish, that I wanted my family to be happy.

Then I started fading.
it dripped down your chest
over your stomach
onto my waiting hands
it poured from your mouth
over your lips
onto mine
a nectar for gods
you unified my thoughts
into poetry
with your bare hands
you were yellow
yellow like the sun
like fields of tulips
like the petals
of carnations
your skin sprinkled
with freckles
of cotton
white like clouds
during spring afternoons
i lay underneath
the waterfalls of honey
that dripped down your being
like a sacrifice
like a field of roses
to be plucked
I longed for you
for the spring days
you hid in your hair
and the light rain
in the pit of your stomach
my entire self
hidden in your fingertips

and I lost myself
when your honey covered
my name
Wrote this a couple of weeks back, hope you enjoy
c 5d
I’m laughing
A gossamer mood
With silver threads
Sparkling in the light

You tell me
My eyes are like
Broken sapphires
But I’ve never
Seen emeralds
That compare to yours
The saddest thing about losing the best memories with people is when they become apart of the memories too.
I miss you, Friend.
Mae 5d
staring at the drops,
slowly falling and fading.
everywhere is splashing.
as people are walking.

a beautiful cold scenario.
a moment of peace and serenity.
but when you walk by,
a strong wind in my heart pass by.
Mae Jan 13
starry night,
a beautiful sight.
through his eyes,
I can see beauty inside.
it shines so bright.
the star and it's light.
deep staring.
please, keep talking.
moments, kept.
keeping it in my head.
a beautiful night with you.
this late conversation at 2.
Mae Jan 13
when you've enjoyed doing things
that are prohibited to you,
and consequences are chasing you.
overthinking. unfinsihed
Mae Jan 13
Problems are here and there.
They are everywhere.
Making our minds full and aware.
Her soul to dispair.
Death is nice.
But suicide is not her option
Cause she's not a sinner with delusion.
Has faith without solution.
Reading a collection.
Full of sacred texts.
She has a book in her hand.
Bible is the name, written inside her heart.
Her name is Rose.
Full of Prickles.
She is reckless.
But not faithless.
Cause God is within her
And she will not fall
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