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c a e Apr 30
here she hears the sea’s enticing lullabies
lulling her to step foot
and let the riptide take her,
get ****** in by a greedy whirlpool
only to find a place full of bliss
beneath the sky under the sea
might as well stay there for eternity
with her golden boy

refusal coming to her senses
as she steps foot
beyond the shallow
for contentment along the lines
that separate the sand and the current bind
but no sooner would she find
that her golden boy
isn’t so golden after all
all the gold wearing off,
the crown on his head tarnishing
as he makes his way down
upon hearing the calls of the seas
magnified by sirens’ songs
he holds his hand out for her
but she remains planted
compromising his departure
for someone else’s great arrival
-find someone worth ‘not dying’ for
c a e Apr 28
hey it's 3:56 am and by now we'd be talking with ramblings from our insomniac minds. i promise i'm not ignoring you despite the non reply to your message hours ago. it's actually hurts when i think about how you'd never see this, us more than this and i'm more than grateful that we're friends but can we maybe try to be something more? can you hold me , look me in the eyes and try to see if you could love me, if i can grant you absolution, make the pain she left vanish? sometimes i think you might feel something for me too but i don't know it might just be the haze surrounding my thoughts. can we at least try? i hope you'll answer. call me back as soon as you get this.
-can we mimic two lovers and how they prove their love under the witness of the moon goddess?
Harrison W Apr 16
Smoke it up cool cat
Lie back in the chair
Light a cig and breathe-
In the warm tobacco-
Taste flavors of tar, menthol-
And happiness
Feel nicotine travel
Through the branches-
Of veins
Watch the opaque smoke
Dwindle in front-
Dip head forward-
Get that scent in-
Eau de cig

Coffee finally arrives
Put out the cig
Ground plant into-
Burning ashes-
Pinch the cig-
Pour in cream-
Stir with cig-
Gettin’ the crusty-
Embers into the-
Golden nectar-
Of the gods-
Around around it goes
Drink it up
Is the rough gravel-
On your tongue-
Ground coffee or ash?
Anastasia Apr 10
milk and honey
on your lips
your perfume
sweet and soft
a milky bath
soak it in
dripping from my skin
taste it on your tongue
warm in my arms
sticky and smooth
like the way you make me feel
Leo Mar 13
I pulled my lighter out of my pocket

And dropped it on the floor

Surely accidental

I bent over to pick it up

And thought, “Does this imitate art?”

In doing so, I can say conclusively:

“It might.”
Alex V Feb 16
It's bitter to

bittersweet to fall
Words' Worth Feb 11
If you want to see the truth
See how there is a change in you
And go for it too
Aki Jan 16
how is it I'm so uneasy
how is it that you've been fine
life reveals what it's dealt through seasons
circle comes around each time

you're above
over me
you're feeling the love
craving unconditional love
inspired by Mad Season "I'm Above"
Ivana Rodriguez Dec 2019
You were my red life jacket,
And saved me from the sea.
Kept me calm while drowning
With your arms wrapped around me.

I wish we never parted—
I wish you stayed with me,
And kept being my life jacket,
Providing warmth and safety.

So if you’d like to come back
To save me from the sea,
And be my red life jacket,
With your arms wrapped around me.

Yet another month of crying;
Another month to which I disagree
With your choices, my ripped life jacket,
Like choosing to slip off of me.

Please, my red life jacket—
For once listen to my plea!
Listen to the water’s sirens
Who I called to sing for thee.

The ballade I have composed
For the sirens to sing to thee
Is one to lure you back in
To hold and cradle me.

Though I know you’ll never listen
To my song they sing to thee.
I still have hope you’ll come back,
And save me from the sea.

Once more, be my red life jacket;
Save me from the sea!
Keep me calm while drowning
With your arms wrapped around me.
He makes me feel so safe and I miss him so much being with me all the time
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