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Aug 17 · 51
Stop talking.
The silence hurts less than this.
The loneliness consumes me.
I feel numb, empty.

What have I done?
I should know better.
I didn't think this through.

They won't stop.
I can't stop.
Shut up.
It doesn't matter.

It continues.
I die some more.
I probably deserve this.

Please stop.
What about me?

Shut them out.
I can't.
I try.
I fail.

It's not so bad when I close my eyes.
But I can't keep my eyes closed for long.
They'd get worried.

My brain chemicals I can't confess
Large bodies of people I detest.

It only happens when I'm with them.
I never feel this way by myself.
I only feel lonely with them
I can never be alone and lonely.

The noise,
It continues.
I think I should write in first person more.
Mouths, we speak
As tongues we taste
To die is loss
To live's a waste
The sands of time
The tools we shape
Make us sublime
Seekers find,
A will to seek,
Us humankind
And break the meek.
No stone unturned
The nooks and crannies
Are taught and learned,
Aren't we canny
Finders seek;
I seek to find
That which I lost
And lost my mind.
I'm at a loss
Now that I've gained.
Insanity's fancy,
Mundane's plain
Jul 16 · 123
Wanting You
For your fresh flesh,
I have a craving
I find it best
When you're still breathing

I'm wanting you...
Squirming in my teeth
No humans were harmed in the making of this poem... hopefully.
Searching for a door.
Nothing matters,
With mobile metals,
You pierce my flesh
'Cause you humans
Like my meat fresh
Can't understand,
But I behave.
Hunger pang's sharp;
For flesh I crave.
My body's ready,
I eye your meat:
I want you squirming
In my teeth
BTW in a cannibalistic manner, not sexually (I guess that's worse).
P.S. I'm asexual.
The calorie intake is high
Clouds of cotton candy
Diabetus, why do you exist?
No typo included.
Jun 30 · 247
deeper sleep
fEver dreams
i will drown To the moonlight
the star shInes
and we dance, synced to twinKles
it's Alright if you're mental, a little
cause humans think we're clowns, crazy people

redemption singing
on the voice of a fair maid
my grave's laid
to the below, you point me
don't be 'fraid, to everyone, i'm sorry
i let you down, now it's my turn to hurt me
For lessons to be learnt, some people must die,
Some might have to burn, if too bright they shine,
Whatever you say, whatever you mean,
What if it was you on the other side of the screen?

(P.S. There's an uncommon man in the uncommon letters, if you know him, as humans, we should do better, a shame)
He is with me,
Even to the end
A friend in me
I made a friend
No raincoat,
Life keeps getting wetter
Please, I just want
Them to be better
Jun 24 · 86
Sentience Part 7 (Me)
I look at it,
It looks in love
Everything it
Will let go of.
It's outstretched hand,
Away I flee.
It gave them up.
It followed me
My cells mutate.
Is it you or we
Who contaminate?
Nobody's safe,
Am I the disease?
There's no fulfilment
In immunity
Another body,
Here I am:
I'll die again,
Must keep my calm.
To the air,
The silence screams.
I cannot die
Inside my dreams
I've been acting,
At your will.
You're at peace,
But I can't still.
I've been feeling
Out of sorts,
My "delusions,"
They distort
Created of you,
Created for you,
Created to give credit,
Although it's not due.
Bend at your will,
Never breaking, I do these,
A slave's only purpose
Is to please
I look at him
And I see me
The apple doesn't fall
Far from the tree
I still love you even though you don't know that you exist.
I see your smiles,
It's all a lie,
The wanton greeds
That you deny.
You wear your masks,
You are my "friends,"
So, shame on me,
I've met my end
The end is only the beginning.
Feeling off,
I'm feeling wrong.
Life turned me on.
Of breaths I take
Can't turn me off
Now I'm awake
A series of poems to tell a story.
Jun 1 · 77
Why are you not working
Do you want to get fired?
Run amuck, berzerking
You shouldn't play with fire.

Are we pyromaniacs?
Yes, we arson.
They keep saying that
We're gonna get burn.
Jun 1 · 289
Take Care
I can
Take care of myself,
I would help to take care
Of everyone, too.

You tell me to take care of myself,
But, wouldn't it help
If you
Looked out for me,
The difference in our levels of self-awareness makes it difficult for me to interact with humans.
Every day we die
But some days we die more than others.
You know what I'm talking about.
May 8 · 113
Our poems tell stories,
Isn't that the trend?
They have their beginning
And they have their end

My poems, paragraphs,
Of my life: incomplete.
It feeds me to make them
But aren't I what I eat?
May 8 · 333
It's not Real
Spiralling around.

I keep you safe,
But lose my sound

Judgements collide,
Reality becomes a lie

When would be the last time I die?
May 8 · 678
Every time I look,
All I ever see,
I wish it didn't show:
All I'll never be.

All I never am
What you want of me
Sorry that we're ******
Sorry that I'm me
May 7 · 341
My mind destabilizes
My memory departs
Empty horizons
Dark storm clouds lurk

Laying out the bricks
I'm building up a wall
Now for my latest tricks
Is it you or I behind the bars?
May 7 · 69
New Horizons
Exploring possibilities,
The future holds so much
A spirit of tranquillity
I'm foreign to its touch

Creating opportunities
Extracting experiences
They've never reached the  twos and threes
Much sacrificial expenses
You know
We're good
We both know
How to hold back

Killing machines,
On command, we can attack

Our defences
Sometimes found offensive
Do the crime, pay the time
Pay for your offences
May 7 · 75
Happy Thoughts
Happy thoughts!
Happy thoughts?
Happiness was what I sought.

Happy pills!
Happy pills?
They sure can make my brain rot.

Take it away,
But why bother?
Talking wouldn't make it better...

Happy thoughts!
Happy thoughts?
Happiness, it can be bought!

Happy pills!
Happy pills?
Happiness in a capsule!

Talk it out,
And make me better
Heal me!
Heal me!
Make my mind still!
"All problems are solved with happy pills. "

Happy thoughts!
Happy thoughts?
Happiness shouldn't be sought.

Happy pills!
Happy pills?
Happiness, it sure can ****.

Desolate hopes
Therapy: thunder
Must deny presence of disease
I am cured when you are pleased.
They come in twos and threes
Glistering silver seas
Overwhelming nausea
Worsen anxieties

I feel so far apart
Separate but not separated
How can I rest in peace?
When I am here resting in pieces
May 7 · 103
I hope you are fine,
To know you’re doing well
It distracts of all my constant hell
I won’t get far, but to know you’re okay
It helps me to forget the end’s near for my day
May 7 · 229
Gold Dust
Stays the same
For long
There’s always change

To think
I could hold
Onto what
I considered gold

To know
I’ll never keep
My innocents and sweets
May 7 · 480
R.I.P. Part 1 (Sunset)
The sun had rise
I see the sunset
Approach in a disguise
Of an unfortunate death

Life was a beast,
But to finally be released
Will I finally find me peace?
Or will I just rest in pieces?

The setting sun
Goes down
Though you’re still believing
Time, don’t turn back
‘Cause finally I see it

I’ll finally depart
I’m glad to say I’m leaving
I feel it tears my heart,
I’ll rest, but I’ll rest in pieces.
Apr 3 · 145
A Poet's Soul
Love is for the heart
And poetry's for the soul
One tears you apart
And the other makes you whole

When there's no one to hold you,
You wanna let go,

You're caving in?
Then listen
To the true words of a poem;

A poet's soul,
Straight from the source
In life's storms,
It's a solid anchor

Thoughts are for the mind
And poetry's for the spirit
Thoughts can never find
But the other always reaches

One way or another
If you're ever lost
Read a poem
It'll always be free-of-cost

When there's no one's opinion
To question who are you,
In the dark
A poem always shine through

But would you listen
To lines of the truth?

From a poet's soul
Straight from the source
Raw, unfiltered, very wholesome
An unstoppable force;

Listen the souls of poets!
We write our souls, do you care to listen what they have to say?
Apr 3 · 231
Bending grass and rolling hill
Caress my palms and make me still
Essence of the floras' ester
Tickle my nostrils; nose and pester
Apr 3 · 628
Ring around the Rosie
Ring around the rosie
Pocket full of posies
Now it's too late, I'l never wake
And now you'll never know me

Ring around the coffin
Nobody is certain
Ashes, ashes
I fell down
Apr 3 · 222
Is It
Is it a new beginning
Or an old end?

Is it goodbye to a true enemy
Or hello to a fake friend?

Imprisoned, but...

Is is you
Or me behind the bars?

Are we keeping you out
Or keeping me in from where you are?
Mar 18 · 743
I am having a crisis,
But there's no need to response,
Since I've always been like this
So what else can go wrong?

Being under psychosis,
But you won't notice that
Can't tell you anything
Because you can't handle facts

I know it's a lot
It can be a lot to swallow
But feel my hurt today
To give us better tomorrows

I know it's uncertain
The future becomes unclear
So stop ignoring all the things
That fill your heart with fear

I know, you're a human,
I know, it makes you scared,
Seeing all the work you put into me
With an eye blink disappear

I know, you're human,
I know you are not prepared
But this is the way my life goes
It'll be better if for me you're here
I am my own...
Mar 18 · 417
I am having a crisis,
But you cannot respond,
We wonder why I'm like this
Why was I ever born?

Being under psychosis,
But you won't acknowledge
So I tell you somethings
Overreact, astonished

Calm down, there's nothing
There is nothing to fear
For you, I'll change my perceptions
It's alright, I don't need prescriptions

I know it's set in stone
The future's always your way
So I should stop making up all these things
For the fun of it, for play

I know, you're a human,
I know, it makes you scared,
Seeing all the work you put into me
With an eye blink disappear

Because you're human,
I exist to be your slave
Your word is how I should go
Since you say so, I should behave
...but I'll become what you like
Mar 16 · 316
I Can't Stop Part 2
I'm not very smart
This is of myself
I gave you my heart
And hope that you help

Keep me together
Keep me from falling apart
But I shouldn't have done that
After I gave you my heart

The pounding sound of heartbeats drown me in their noise
My eardrums on the verge of bursting, but I have no choice
Taken over by the soundwaves, lost in a cloud of rot
My ears are bleeding, because of your voices, I can't stop.
Mar 16 · 420
My chemical imbalances
Make me unstable
Releasing pieces of my mind
So I'll become stable
Still calculating the halflife
Of my sanity
Alpha, beta or gammma,
Would not catorize me
Mar 15 · 297
Static Dreams
Inside my static dreams
Are acid screams

A sphere of broken glass
On alone a string,

If you pull my cords right,
You'll make me sing
Mar 15 · 103
Let me die!
Why don't you like me?

So many time I've tried,
Why must hide your face?

I'm searching for a way out,
A way out of here
I thought maybe you could me escape
The horrors of life and all its fears
Mar 10 · 87
They’re always watching, following me
I can feel their presence everywhere I go
I tried to listen to them, I felt them calling me
So I welcomed them in and let me go
Mar 10 · 155
The past memories sit and stare
With nothing left to do, we begin to share
I say this, it replies with that
Deep down we both wish this was more than a chit chat

It showed me videos of things that already happened
I want to end its life, but it's there, crafting
From leaning on a wall about to crumble
With curiosity, I walk over, hoping it would show me it's humble

It was sharpening a knife, and I wonder "For what use?"
"Will it be another object that on myself I abuse?
I lose myself to my imagination,
To all my destructive behaviours that bring about surreal sensations
Mar 10 · 68
I'm Human, Too?
Don't be surprised,
I, myself, can feel pain
Even without a external reaction

I've always been swallowing my pride,
For so long, it's no longer a part of me
That gives us one less distraction
Mar 10 · 301
Maybe I'm Human, Too?
I have my destructible behaviours,
I beg for your love and attention
Maybe if I became what you want
You'll give me what I need
Even though what's received
Isn't truly affection

I have my addictions
I overdose on dopamine
But maybe if their levels were stable in my body
I wouldn't behave like the ****** I am
And no longer unwanted, I'll be

I have my happy moments in life,
Though I don't really share
Because if I give them away to others
That means there would be less for me
Although happiness never truly is there
Mar 10 · 396
The Moons are all Neon
The moons are all neon
A biohazard still fabulous
The apocalypse is upon us
Let the population die

Together we'll grow extinct
Our species already endangered
The moons are still neon, my love
We'll dance to death in the burning lights
Mar 10 · 112
If you steal my heart,
You'll bury it in your garden.

Don't plant it too deep
Else it would never emerge
To see the beauty of the sky
And your loving face

Shower it in your love
And make it overwhelmed
To die and drown in a sea
Of material items with no true meaning

Maybe its season will come
And it would finally bear
Seeds of emotion,
Seeds of love to spread
To decorate your garden
And whither into the soil it came from

Maybe its season has passed
And you will never taste its fruits
The weeds would find it
And make a meal
Consuming all the life in your garden
And you'll never plant again
Mar 9 · 608
Cold and calculating
There are equations that need to be solved
I've been contemplating
These situations that'll eventually have to be resolved

Some people leave their mark
Some people bring about change
But it won't change who we are
Instead our species's endangered

The consequences arise from when our heart unfuse
Only a matter of time before we blow the fuse
They call it love, only because they see through abuse
One sided relationships always leave the other used

Claws ready to tear every ligament to shreds
Scream at me, my heart is what broke
Dysphoria won't make me find you dead
It's inevitable that I'm going to croak

There's a reason why they call me magician
I'll confuse your mind, I'll put on a illusion
You'll never notice, without me, there's ok in broken
Your thoughts would never be your own, still harmed by all unspoken.
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