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Asominate Jan 2018
00 00hrs Zone
This I calleth can home
Wrecked ship blanket black cover
Marrow remain hidden ever
Fishy human half a myth
Lullaby you to the pit
Bioluminescent eyes
Thinking hazed screening lies.
Mermaid's song, anyone?
Asominate Jan 2018
Your acid gnaws at my wounds
My wounds bloom for the world to see
Your acid's slowly killing me.

Your venom flows in my veins
It cause me so much hurt and pain
Forever, shall it poison me?
Your vemon's slowly killing me
Asominate Feb 2018
Are you there?
Can't forgive the past?

All Jo wanted were friends,
Taught that they could relieve Jo's pains
Every twitch is Jo's fight, against the broken parts in 'm

We sees through Jo's eyes, thoughts twisted with lies,
This mortal prison, his disease's disguise.
A finite of loathing, wolf in sheepish clothing,
We are so sorry, was it us who caused this ?

Jo's can't escape Jo's place, glass room, separation haze,
We don't think that we can control Jo's process and craze
Was locked in and keeped, rest not come in sleep,
We can care Jo here, because that what we're meant to be

All Jo wanted were friends,
Taught that they could relieve Jo's pains
Jo's mind isn't Jo's own, In Jo's mind, Jo is not alone.

We grieve, alone, we're all locked in here, you know?
The Joenymous's life isn't good to be so anonymous,
Asominate May 2
Vague recollections
But the damage is there
The damage is done
With no flesh to spare

The rod has been spoilt
The knife has been soiled
The hammer toiled

But these never mattered
Neither did I
Asominate Nov 2019
Questionable nature,
Emptiness between my ears,
Lies of wanting me around:
Oh, how my feelings flair

Super commit dieing,
Reality won't stop
You gave me a needle,
Now I can make me pop!
Just imagine a human with a balloon for a head with a needle in hand.
Asominate Jun 2018
Dear Work,
I love you, I loathe you.

You got my mind overloaded
Thoughts of you fill my head,
No room for anything else.

Hacked my life and you stole it;
Reprogrammed all my rules,
And guessed my passcodes, too!

And now
I can't act the same,
'Cause, Work, you're a bug I can't shake.
You're pushing my hard drive too far,
All my circuits will break.

Work, you are a dangerous game,
You are a dangerous game,
Why must do you?

You are a dangerous game,
Nothing can protect my brain
From a sadistic virus like you!


You'­re too much of a good thing,
So good, you're bad for me;
Corrupts my memory.

Shocked my mainframe, yes you sting-
In my mind all lines of code
Are glitched up and going wrong.

Sorry for acting a little bit strange,
But now I must do you, whatever it takes,
You're pushing my hard drive too far,
All my circuits might break

If I can't attend to you,
I wouldn't, wouldn't attend to me either.
See "Play" around you.
I want to, want to, wanna just delete her
Sorry for acting a little bit strange
But now I must do you, whatever it takes

I love you,
I loathe you
Asominate Apr 2018
If you want to see them,
Just look up to heaven,
That's where you will find
All the pretty angels

With hearts of gold,
Souls of the bold,
Greatest stories remain untold.

-That's where you will find
All the pretty angels
Asominate Jan 2018
All these keys, but you still not my type,
All this weight but we didn't work out,
All this tape, but you didn't stick with  me,
"Stay with me!" But you left me lonely

All this love has gone to waste,
Of brokenheartedness I got a taste.
All my efforts were thrown away,
I live to hurt another day.
to be continued? This isn't about me
Asominate Jan 2018
We are the void.
We are everything that isn't something.
We are nothing.

I am aLonely.
I am always somewhere.
I speak through her story.
I am her story.
I am the story.
Asominate Jan 2018
Crying, hurting inside
Emotions I tend to hide
Being normal I tried
Which led to my suicide...

Tendencies, it is SO ME.
Alive, I don't want to be
They keep on torturing me
Especially my own family...

Mother, she won't believe
She makes me want to leave
True self I cannot reveal
What greatness can I achieve?

Think a little harder, start trying,
Someone you know is dying
Open your ears, open your eyes and try to
Don't let us be lost to suicide

Silent screams,
Not just my dreams,
What I experience's real
It makes me what to ****,
Let this, my body be still
Just a reminder for persons who know someone suicidal, don't keep it a secret. This may be a message sent to you too late, but you can change that. If you ARE suicidal, I don't have much to say on that except tell someone else.
Asominate Jun 2018
Remember, they're locked and loaded-
The emotion you have, try not to show it.

"They can't hurt you again."
You know better than that.
Now shut up,
Now it's time for your circus acts.

Then I sing.

Then I dance.

I will do you these favors 'long as you don't hurt me, "friends"

Then I speak.

I will defend.

I don't know why I do this for you,
You'll just hurt me again.

"Repeat the cycle! Repeat the cycle!"
I won't stampede,...
If you just hold fire?

"Repeat the cycle! Repeat te cycle!"
Why, it's hard to believe...
That you are such a liar!

You lions, you tigers, you bears,
Oh my!
"Don't get too close,
Or I'll try to bite."

It's what you say to get me to cry,
And at this point...
...I think you're right

I kicked you out, once,
I kicked you out, twice,
But you apologised, and I'm the reason that you lied!
Then you threw me back into my cage again.
Now you're back for blood, for my heart again!

You shut me in, I locked you out
Point at me, you screamed and shout
"Look how you messed up and everybody's had enough
And you wonder why everyday I go ballistic.
It's not me, it's you.
You're the reason I go

And you wonder why my goals aren't realistic,
It's not me, it's you.
You're the reason I go...

Without your "honesty," without your promising.
Is it sad that I'm glad that you lied to me.
You proved me right all along
I have to fight to prove you wrong.

Animal instincts, not to be messed with.
I'm so tired of all of this

And then you lions sleep
And you bears start to chow
You are the ones that keep shooting us down
So answer me this!
So answer me this...
Aren't you the one that's always on the prowl?

I'm an animal...
Oh, I'm an animal?
I'm an animal.
I'm an animal!

Faint running
Loud jeering
And you're still leering
And you tell me
"That I'm not ever leaving."

The only way you'll take me back is if you just **** me here.
Go on, and shoot me.
Just shoot me dead.
Asominate Jan 2018
Animals, animals
Here and there
I can see them

They are even
In the air
But most people
Do not care

We must stop killing them
For the wrong reasons
Send all poachers
Into a prison

I love animals
Animals love me
Just looking at them
Fills me with glee

Every single animal
Is a beaute
All of them to me
Are very cute

Animals, animals
Love each one of them
That's your dare.
Asominate Feb 2019
Apart of me
Are the pieces of you,
The beautiful nothing:
Things I can't compute.

Isolated fractals-
Our memories turn grey
Both due to absence,
One dead, one defray

Now you are gone
I don't think I can carry on,
In our separate graves,
Let's be alone, together.
There's no use crying over spilt milk, but I liked the calcium
Asominate Apr 2019
Love is for the heart
And poetry's for the soul
One tears you apart
And the other makes you whole

When there's no one to hold you,
You wanna let go,

You're caving in?
Then listen
To the true words of a poem;

A poet's soul,
Straight from the source
In life's storms,
It's a solid anchor

Thoughts are for the mind
And poetry's for the spirit
Thoughts can never find
But the other always reaches

One way or another
If you're ever lost
Read a poem
It'll always be free-of-cost

When there's no one's opinion
To question who are you,
In the dark
A poem always shine through

But would you listen
To lines of the truth?

From a poet's soul
Straight from the source
Raw, unfiltered, very wholesome
An unstoppable force;

Listen the souls of poets!
We write our souls, do you care to listen what they have to say?
Asominate Feb 2
To be practised are the things to better within myself, I must work my gifts
For if too long they lie there stagnant, eventually they'll be missed
It's been forever since I can remember a poem of mine with run-on lines
I can't remember to, mustn't, but I want to, reality's wrong but otherwise, I'm fine

Going about my daily lives, I strive to make me better than the best
Expectations of perfection, I can't care, I can never be less
Concerning all that I am learning, getting, being, staying here
Hides an appreciation of my disassociations, my delusions, don't hug me, I am scared

It's been a while since I last smiled at a prose of mine made out of deliberation
A fever dream, I scream through my glass casket to a denying nation
Let me out, it festers, a pest, I confess to the caging of a tiger
Repression, antidepressants, suppressed, well sedated, I'm deduced, I am a, the liar

I live to love, I hate to live, but love, a reality, people nonexistent
No matter what happens, as things get out of hand, it stands, the maddening's consistent
Can't see the wrong, just as I'm taught, you awaken, to fix the mixed, you're seeking
Asleep I lie, waiting to die, everything's alright is all I see, I be to once denied, unwanted memories, unstopping, ever fleeting

Of course it is my fault, as usual
Asominate Feb 17
Honey to my eyes,
Liquor for the soul.
The chicken soup has lost its taste,
The peas porridge lies cold.
Skin stretched across the ribcage,
Brains rid of juices; lotion:
Twas a death so dramatic
She died in slow motion.
Dam you, anorexia!
Asominate Feb 18
Beauty's in the eye of the beholder
When I behold you
What I see's beauty.

Already told you
How much you mean
To me.

I'll tell you over and over again
Until eternity ends
You're so much more
Than a very close friend.
I wish I could share this wonderful person I found with everyone, the happiness they bring... I'm wishing you better, Sol.
Asominate Nov 2019
I think of her
She comes to mind
Did you buy him a lizard?

Nancy, dearest
Wasn’t feeling her best
When she sliced through his gizzard.
Not written anatomically correct.
References GHOST’s song “HOUSEWIFE RADIO.”
Asominate Jan 2018
Torn margin, yellow age
Empty whites, nothing pages
Much powder, talcum trees
Birds, endoskeleton, bees
Shredder circling claws reach
Ring, ring, ting, and some bleach
Mula lost, wormful peach.
Recycling ancient books
Asominate Feb 2019
Embrace me tightly
Until I can't breathe
Until all the love I have for you recedes

Pinch my cheek
To draw red water
To coat your surface
Wear me like decor

Wrap around me
And pierce my lungs
Leave me speechless
From lack of tongue

Become the very air
I respire
And love me as
You're made of barded wire
Asominate Nov 2018
What is a beautiful life
Without a beautiful death?

What are beautiful memories
When all we do is forget?

What's a beautiful rest
Without a beautiful wake?

What's so beautiful about giving
For all you do is take.
Asominate Jan 2018
Trying to preserve what's left of me,
In terms of my sanity.

Life: school + work breaks,
I need a break
Life: school + work breaks,
I need a break

Before it breaks me.

I'm not afraid to hurt
Won't let anyone get into my way
That includes all of you,
And also me.
Asominate Mar 2019
Let me die!
Why don't you like me?

So many time I've tried,
Why must hide your face?

I'm searching for a way out,
A way out of here
I thought maybe you could me escape
The horrors of life and all its fears
Asominate Mar 2019
Once again
Here we go
We're playing the blame game
You can't seem
To let go
So it is all the same
But you don't know
Which path down where it came
So, ofcourse I am blamed
The outcome never change
I can never seem to be acknowledged, even when they're in the wrong
Asominate Feb 2018
Close my eyes, I am not forever.
Resonances of heartbeat pounding in my head.
My pains temporarily disappear, time fastens.
Hide my tears for I don't cry.

I thought it's impossible for the Disease to destroy everything.
Chemical pressures degenerates the mind easily.
Uneternal ways are used to attenuate the suffering.
Just close my eyes and wait for relief to be over.

Forgive me, I could not fix myself.
All this distance between other hurts
Can't let me go, my actions cause me pain!

Time's not slowing down, accelerates for sure.
My sanity, it isn't infinite.
Too much imbalance, unable to endure.
Cynanide levels won't come down.
Judgement torn apart without thoughts.
Heart disappears with Disease that mature.
I don't expect too much happiness
Whispers to myself "I hate you."
Do I know that?

Close my eyes, I am not forever,

Separated from you.
Asominate Mar 9
I sit and stare in silence
The ticking of the clock
Won't stop
As everything falls apart through the cracks in my hands

I'm thinking thoughts so violent
I'll give myself the things I deserve,
The nerve
They have to let it come to this, they still don't understand
Asominate Jul 2018
Got bubbles in my heart;
Air filled needle in my vein.
Don’t remember why I really started!
Oh yeah, right, to stop the pain.

It got me going straight down-
To the underneath
Soon I will be below the ground;
Safe and sound asleep.
Asominate Jul 2018
I got butterflies as my food
You make me feel so ****
Butterflies' a crazy meal
Now my belly got the feels

You make me die
And make me real
Take me up high
Swim in seas

I wanna go
Where the butterflies aren't
Wish you were not
So freakin' arrogant

I'll try to make it snow
Just to
Keep the butterflies away
Cause when I'm with you
In my belly
The butterflies play
Asominate May 14
Existence feels futile
But what are my feelings?
Wearing a mask of a smile
Death is so appealing

Reality's shattered
Shattered in delusions
My life's a confusion
Of mismatched solutions
Asominate Jan 2019
I don't want to be the chains
I just want to make and see a change
With whatever good judement's left
As priorities rearrange.
Asominate Jan 2018
Unnecessary work of art;
Cursed to write down my heart,
Most of the time, life's hard.
Nonphysical *******, charmed:
I harm, I harm

Unnecessary emotion
Eternal confusion
Darkness and light fusion
No reality, just perception
Used up 'till done
I write my feelings and they're suddenly art!
Asominate Feb 2019
There's chemistry between us
It's written on your face
We're feeling the reaction
It's because I've been displaced.

We work together,
Like an equation,
Stuck here forever,
I can't escape

Now that I've been replaced,
It's a shame, I'm a disgrace
I am not as reactive
I am, well, just misplaced

Maybe our bond was made to be broken.
Maybe I'm supposed
To completely decompose.
Maybe I'm strong, but I don't want to show it
Maybe of something greater I'm composed.
Asominate Mar 15
Woman at the well
Sitting on its borders
Looking down within
She fell, she fell

Buckets come, buckets go
Water is taken
She sinks down some more
In the well, for she fell

Meet her there
Halfway, all the way
Asominate Jan 2018
Topsy turvy
The way you twist and turn me
Don't leave me lonely
Come ******* honey

Upside down
Your spinning me around
Wearing out my gown
Now don't you make a sound

Vice versa
Right now I really love ya
You're so out, really fa
You are my shining sta

In your arms I belong
Of you I'm very fond
By my side you should come
I wrote this when I was young, I think I was describing an energetic dance, but I don't remember why I said 'Come ******* honey' :D
Asominate Nov 2019
The less I feel, the more I do, the less I be.
I have looked and learnt, alas, do you like what you see?
How the tides have turned, now I'm the one who's feeding me
And my stomach burns, within it churns a crimson sea.
Asominate Mar 13
The zebra layed flat across the road
I walked over on its furs
The traffic director signalled us to go across
If we find the need to cross
To my right, on the pedestrian crossing,
The skittles on the wheels were in line, silently
I was halfway there

To my left was a bus, still coming, full speed
Although it shouldn't be moving
I continued walking and it was yards away
I was almost there

Close to death and close to the end of the road.
The director noticed the bus and I continued to walk
It kept coming at me

Once again the story didn't have a happy ending
I walked away unharmed
My heart didn't even race

Behind me, I saw the bus being pulled over
My sister eventually catched up with me and we went to school.

On the ride to, what I went through kept replaying in my head.
Why didn't I hesitate?
My body might have not survived the impact
Why didn't I die?
Was it my fault?
Why didn't he stop?

Hours pass and I still think back
Feeling traumatized by my survival at that cross
It's sad to say
I lived another day
To fall apart, to die and to decay
I'm very sorry
Sorry for my loss.
Survivor's guilt, anyone? Not much, for no one died.
Asominate Jan 2019
I never knew,
I saw her cry:
I felt her tears;
Pain liquified.

It isn’t real,
It’s all a lie!
A fantasy
Of crystal skies!

It’s all a dream
Of crystal skies!

She never died!
Asominate Mar 2019
The past memories sit and stare
With nothing left to do, we begin to share
I say this, it replies with that
Deep down we both wish this was more than a chit chat

It showed me videos of things that already happened
I want to end its life, but it's there, crafting
From leaning on a wall about to crumble
With curiosity, I walk over, hoping it would show me it's humble

It was sharpening a knife, and I wonder "For what use?"
"Will it be another object that on myself I abuse?
I lose myself to my imagination,
To all my destructive behaviours that bring about surreal sensations
Asominate Jan 2019
I'm running out of moonlight,
Soon it will end, the nightfall
Dawn would break, and I'll live to see the daylight
And fall apart at sunrise

Keep myself together while the moon shines
Cause at the sunbeams I fall apart.
When you work through the night and still not finished when the morning comes
Asominate Feb 2019
Dear little angel,
Don't throw yourself from heights.

Can't you see that you've lost your wings?

The clouds wouldn't catch you when you fall

I  K N O W   T H A T   B E C U A S E   Y O U   N E V E R   C A R E D  E N O U G H  T O   S A V E   M E   A T  A L L
Asominate Mar 8
Dissected lines
A special selection
Death by design
Asominate Mar 12
I'll shut me down
I can't see anything left to save
We collapse and she relapses into all that she gave
An autopsy, an eternal grave:
These aren't the colours that I should see
Asominate Jan 2018
Deep down in the gutters of my soul
Are the hopes and aspirations I have no more
Are the dark desires, the inhuman in me
Are the deadly fires, the path of destruction leads.

Far away in the dumps of my soul
Is the true me,
That which I am no more
I get cooler as the world grows more cold
I am becoming nothing,
Nothing more than a lost soul.
Asominate Jun 2019
fEver dreams
i will drown To the moonlight
the star shInes
and we dance, synced to twinKles
it's Alright if you're mental, a little
cause humans think we're clowns, crazy people

redemption singing
on the voice of a fair maid
my grave's laid
to the below, you point me
don't be afraid, to everyone, i'm sorry
i let you down, now it's my turn to hurt me
For lessons to be learnt, some people must die,
Some might have to burn, if too bright they shine,
Whatever you say, whatever you mean,
What if it was you on the other side of the screen?

(P.S. There's an uncommon man in the uncommon letters, if you know him, as humans, we should do better, a shame)
Asominate Nov 2018
If this is what defines me

Asominate Feb 2019
It's putting thoughts
Into my head
I thought
That's what they said

Not real,
It didn't happen
Now look who's
The last ones laughing

Conversions that goes unheard of
By everyone except me
But I was there,
I sw**r,
These aren't the colours I should see.

I want my mental soundness,
But there are so many sounds
Most of them do not exist
Too late this was found

My state of mind we detest
But my delusions don't give me rest
And they refuse to confess
Again I fail the retest
For reasons like these I don't trust myself
Asominate May 2
Looking at the wall
Something is missing
It doesn't have my brain stains

I am so appalled
How the knife doesn't glisten
With blood straight from my veins

Straight from the source
Of course
Let nature run it's,
Nature run it's,
Nature run this

Reality's a lie
A preoccupation
To see me die

Get out
Or die trying
I've fell down
And I'm trying to give myself
The things I deserve
But who are you to listen to the delusions of a defective mind?
Asominate Feb 2019
Desire is dope
I might get addicted, I find
If I become dependant
And let it take over my mind

It would become my everything,
I would want nothing else
I would take desperate measures
To feed the cravings of myself

I don't think I want to go down that path
And when you ask, sweep it under the rug
Desire is dope, but no thanks,
I don't do drugs.
Don't do drugs, kids
Asominate Mar 8
Flesh sees flesh
Spirit sees spirit
It takes one to see one
But no one's there to hear it
Asominate Nov 2019
The darker darkness:
All that's there's to be found.
I hark my harness
For you, I'm pleasure-bound.

The darkest darkness;
Of the beyond, I yearn.
I loathe your caress,
You leave me here to burn.

The loneliness consumes me,
I give of you my love.
You treat me as a ******,
I never feel at home.

Distorted sorts of beauty:
What our friendships are made of
But because it's my duty
Ignorance goes unknown.

Is nothing wrong?
These friendships are one-sided!
I play along,
I can't seem to fight it...
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