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Depersonalization as described,
Is the idea that you,
Become more than deprived of you
Imagine a window,
And you're looking outside,
Only you see your life,
Played through your dreary eyes
To completely illustrate however,
Let's step aside,
Now back in time
To when you were lost,
Looking around,
And crying for mom.
But now you're again that child,
Again looking around,
Crying, searching
Only you know mom's not around,
And no one's coming.
It's you.
Only you.
Searching for something.
Even you don't know.
Make this go away
cat Mar 7
my form has long left me
my eyes no more of my body
gone from my physical form
i praise the higher
let me be free of this earth
break the sky into little bits
and let me drift
for my roots have been plucked
and my principles stray
i dream of a place
where i can feel
It's strange how every stranger
Has no face until you meet
No eyes to see with
No mouth to speak through
No height
No weight
And it's stranger still how
Sometimes I'm a stranger to myself
Kristaps Nov 2018
My own soul left me.
Ire gulfed me till I found out,
‘twas seeking a home
julianna Nov 2018
Introduce me to you
Say your name, I have one too
My name is so, so far away
Galaxies can fill the fray
Between what I feel
And what’s my name
I’m dissociating again. My name feels unfamiliar...
CGW Nov 2018
I got all the time in the world to think about time.
I'll fold time over like making origami and I'll stuff it deep into my pockets to be forgotten forever.
When the ball drops and time stops, it wouldn't matter because I'll be locked in my depersonalized mind for eternity.
Looking out through two blurry lenses like my eyes are scratched from the inside out.
I can not see.
I can not see.
I think I remember a feeling or two but I can't wrap my mind around anything because ever time I try to the ball drops and time stops.
moon Oct 2018
i lifted my head and shifted my eyes to your face as you called my name when you sat down across from me.
i felt myself leave my body.
my vision became blurry and all i could see was your mouth moving.
i asked you if you could repeat that again.
"how are you doing?"
i answered with a long, extended "Uuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuum."
the words couldn't come to my mouth,
i couldn't form a two word sentence.
my eyes wandered the ceiling,
like i was looking for myself to come back.
then i answered and you began to talk.
i got closer to your face to read your lips but every word i ever knew left my memory and everything was white.
moon Oct 2018
"where are you right now?",
she asked me looking straight into my eyes.
i felt like i could cry in this moment.
i didn't know where  i was.
although you were right in front of me,
you sounded far away.
"bring yourself back."
i felt myself slipped more and more away,
my existence and sense of reality melting from my fingertips while my mind stayed,
stayed here.
Kristaps Oct 2018
The fester of the past caresses my
skin as a mother would.

Grey ash mint apples - a feast
for a crawl to the flees is a burden
unyielding.  The endless unmotivated hours
ending in blinks serve
as the hard concrete floors for the
cellar of my bedroom.
Each glass mosaic piece
of my 19th-century chamber door
embeds a muculent eyeball of my longing ka.
Red droplet soup in a marble bowl,
the utensil now tied in hair clumps.

Every Ra's breath- a six-eyed sand crawler
on my leg thumps
none Jul 2018
I had split in parts.
I lifted my hand but
it was not me
I spoke words but
it was not me
I existed but
it was not me

I split in parts and
there should be dialogue
between roomates
but I was so terribly frightened
to bother them again
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