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Mouths, we speak
As tongues we taste
To die is loss
To live's a waste
The sands of time
The tools we shape
Make us sublime
Seekers find,
A will to seek,
Us humankind
And break the meek.
No stone unturned
The nooks and crannies
Are taught and learned,
Aren't we canny
Finders seek;
I seek to find
That which I lost
And lost my mind.
I'm at a loss
Now that I've gained.
Insanity's fancy,
Mundane's plain
Searching for a door.
Nothing matters,
With mobile metals,
You pierce my flesh
'Cause you humans
Like my meat fresh
Can't understand,
But I behave.
Hunger pang's sharp;
For flesh I crave.
My body's ready,
I eye your meat:
I want you squirming
In my teeth
BTW in a cannibalistic manner, not sexually (I guess that's worse).
P.S. I'm asexual.
He is with me,
Even to the end
A friend in me
I made a friend
No raincoat,
Life keeps getting wetter
Please, I just want
Them to be better
I look at it,
It looks in love
Everything it
Will let go of.
It's outstretched hand,
Away I flee.
It gave them up.
It followed me
My cells mutate.
Is it you or we
Who contaminate?
Nobody's safe,
Am I the disease?
There's no fulfilment
In immunity
I've been acting,
At your will.
You're at peace,
But I can't still.
I've been feeling
Out of sorts,
My "delusions,"
They distort
Another body,
Here I am:
I'll die again,
Must keep my calm.
To the air,
The silence screams.
I cannot die
Inside my dreams
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