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Isabella Oct 2020
i am currently working on publishing my poetry into a collection
i don't expect to make any money
nor do i imagine that i will gain any popularity
but this is an accomplishment that has added motivation and excitement into my life
i know it will be difficult and draining
but wish me the best of luck
if anyone has any tips, please let me know :) <3
I wish to not have a fragile heart
I wish not to tell anyone how I feel
Why is it so hard
Why is it so heavy

Isn't there's an option
To have a cold heart
To not care how I feel
Cause sometimes it felt like unnecessary

Especially when you spill it out
But it was taken for granted
What for
Asominate May 2020
Dates keep changing
Rearranging priorities
For some reason everyone of them's above me!

I'm below them
The worthless me
Unimportant, oh!

Why still can they not see?
Their own actions, priorities
Didn't make the list
Unmissed, amiss, unnecessary

Time comes, time goes
Everyone knows this
All within their minds

Things to do
I still go unnoticed
A year a time

My needs are a mistake
I make them into happy
It's not appreciated
I am in their way, very much
John McCafferty Jan 2020
Given to err, things we not need
Another unnecessary complacent necessity
Take from a friend to give to another
Take it from me those in most need
Think to find a fuller path
Than be fed by idyllic standard greed
(@PoeticTetra - instagram/twitter)
Lies are unexpected
You could have lie to others
But you can't lie to yourself

Lies are unnecessary
Why choose to tell lies
When you could just tell the truth

Lies are usually for the cowards
It doesn't make things better
They mess you up miserably
Steven Bowman Aug 2018
Life is mysterious as we know,
I just can’t overthink a reason.
Fighting hurts doesn’t it show?
Seeing the fights and bleeding.

Ain’t worth those fights all day,
Just don’t think about this fighting.
I see the emergency on the way,
Killed over stupid, you’re dying.

I’m just sorry for all the deaths,
Just it’s ain’t worth those fights.
You just killed to see bloodbaths,
I just saw you carry the knives.

Is it not this way for you ain’t it?
Just you see this good in nature.
You all know never to do all this,
Ain’t worth the fights, so mature.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
In most cases, some problems
can be solved by talking.
...Nuff said...
A stranger's name on skeptic tongues
A taste like blood and foreboding.
The spice of a new kid.

Foam bleeds through the teeth of my peers
Bile green, it’s words and it’s venom
This thing they call “fun".

A game played with barbed wire fists,
Acid, poison, whips, guns and swords.
No rules but they're winning.

They called me Bluebird
I one short, fat, and sad.
Accurate if only I’d fly.

Raccoons and kestrels
Hunt a bluebird til death.
Dear God how I wish I could fly.

Once I was Bluebird.
Existence encumbered.
Stained life released via knife.

Witness, you hungry young hunters,
The blossom of seeds that you sowed.
Bleeding chrysanthemum.

I carved my name into my chest,
The wings broken and defeathered
Of bluebird now red.

Peace feels like longing and defeat,
But I fly on wings of my own
Pray safe from the world.
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