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Steven Bowman Aug 2018
Life is mysterious as we know,
I just can’t overthink a reason.
Fighting hurts doesn’t it show?
Seeing the fights and bleeding.

Ain’t worth those fights all day,
Just don’t think about this fighting.
I see the emergency on the way,
Killed over stupid, you’re dying.

I’m just sorry for all the deaths,
Just it’s ain’t worth those fights.
You just killed to see bloodbaths,
I just saw you carry the knives.

Is it not this way for you ain’t it?
Just you see this good in nature.
You all know never to do all this,
Ain’t worth the fights, so mature.
Lyn-Purcell Aug 2018
In most cases, some problems
can be solved by talking.
...Nuff said...
A stranger's name on skeptic tongues
A taste like blood and foreboding.
The spice of a new kid.

Foam bleeds through the teeth of my peers
Bile green, it’s words and it’s venom
This thing they call “fun".

A game played with barbed wire fists,
Acid, poison, whips, guns and swords.
No rules but they're winning.

They called me Bluebird
I one short, fat, and sad.
Accurate if only I’d fly.

Raccoons and kestrels
Hunt a bluebird til death.
Dear God how I wish I could fly.

Once I was Bluebird.
Existence encumbered.
Stained life released via knife.

Witness, you hungry young hunters,
The blossom of seeds that you sowed.
Bleeding chrysanthemum.

I carved my name into my chest,
The wings broken and defeathered
Of bluebird now red.

Peace feels like longing and defeat,
But I fly on wings of my own
Pray safe from the world.
Nylee Mar 2018
Some pray to not feel guilty
because they know
they've made someone unhappy
not intentionally, no
but for our pleasure, maybe
Right, wrong, don't follow
it escapes our mind till its too late
that it becomes unnecessary
to just say sorry
Lacey Apr 2017
You're not gonna amount to anything in life.
The dreams you let deceive aren't something you should believe.
Nothing means a thing.
Everything is just in your fixation of an imagination beyond compensation.
"Unrealistic" You should listen, stop the flawless movement of your one track mind.
How could you let yourself be so naive?
You think you're so intelligent?
Why can't you sell it?
It's one thing to let yourself fall victim to your daydreams, but it's another to live in the fantasy.
Let alone be the only person taking part while everyone watches you lose your sanity. (granted you haven't lost it already.)
Do you ever stop to think? (or is that only over the small, careless things)
Back to the original statement, do you really think you'll make it?
If so, forgive me for saying what you need to see. (in all honesty I couldn't be more sorry, such pity, really)
How could you let yourself believe such absurd things?
Don't you think you would've learned as the years go?
(you're delirious, helpless, you won't make it, but hey! fake it, be my guest)
this is aimed at no one but myself
this was a no edit, wrote as soon as you think type thing
Al Jun 2016
this is what it feels like
to hold your life in your hands
and feel beneath your skull
a trigger and stand—

you stand because we all stand,
and we stand because we're living;
i stand because i have it all
but it's hard to keep me breathing

and you can feel your heart beat
to the rubatosis of your fears
that shaking, pounding beat
that no one seems to hear—

that shaking, pounding fear
to feed all of your tears,
that numb and hollow smear
on your heart's inner ear:

because there's nothing quite like
nothing to hold you still in place
when you're shivering and quaking and crying
and lost—drowning—in outer space.
because there are absolutely no words to describe what it feels like.
Thomas EG Jul 2015
Labels... They are completely unnecessary. If you want something, then go get it. If you want someone, then go get them. If you love someone, then go be with them. Find out if they want to be with you too, or spend your speechless life wondering.

Find out, or die trying to kiss them. Maybe they'll kiss you first. Maybe they'll insist on having a platonic relationship anyway. Maybe you'll be right, maybe you won't, but it will be an adventure regardless.

Cut all abusive figures out of the picture. This is your picture. Decorate it however you want. Decorate it with whomever you want. With whomever wants you too. I mean, I want you... I really want you.

Could I be the cherry on top of your pretty please? Could I rest on the tip of your tongue? Could I have just one taste of your tongue? Could you hesitate to pull away first? Could you take hold of my hand again? That was really nice...

Maybe you'd surprise yourself. Maybe you'd surprise me too. Well, I know how to surprise you. How to survive with you. How to stay by your side, too.

Could you stay by my side? Could you survive with me? Now, that would surprise me... Will you be my surprise? Because I want you.
Wrote this one the other night! My friend said he liked it, so I figured I'd upload it here :~)
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